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Breaking up is never easy, and that’s as true of service plans and contracts as it is of relationships. Sure, you were happy with your cellular plan a year ago, but maybe now it doesn’t make sense. How do you cancel early? Will there be penalty fees? Penalty, or “Early Termination Fees” (ETF’s) are especially common when canceling a phone plan. This information can be surprisingly difficult to come by.

Typically, companies aren’t happy when you want to cancel service early. It can be surprisingly difficult to delete an email or Facebook account, even when the service is free. Users may be done with the service, and want to completely cancel the account, but some of these companies do a lucrative business trading personal information (anything from gender to favorite TV show), and they want to maintain contact, even with unused accounts. Fortunately there are tricks, and we’ve used this site to research cancellation policies for leading service providers. You shouldn’t be stuck with a plan or service that you don’t want.

In addition to contact information for the cancellation customer service department for leading brands, we’ve compiled a quick-look fact sheet for penalty fees and other pertinent information. Looking for how to cancel a cable account early? If you did sign a contract and you’re looking to get out of it, it’s in your best interest to begin negotiations with as much information as possible. We’re also looking to establish an open forum for consumers to share their experiences with cancelling various services and contracts. Did a particular trick or tactic work well for you? Was a certain company extra rude about early termination fees? With your feedback, we hope will become a one-stop resource for consumers looking to cancel.

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