How to Cancel Your Cable Service

If for any reason you are looking to cancel your cable service, you are likely going to run into some issues with customer service. When you call a company and say you’re going to cancel, they will put you on the phone with a retention specialist, who’s job it is to do whatever they can to keep you. They will try their best to give you discounts, add extra services to give what you are already paying a better value, and make the overall cancellation process more difficult for you, whether you are completely canceling or downgrading your services to save money, or just canceling to switch to another provider. If you have no luck with the initial customer service agent, stand firm with your cancellation, no matter what they offer. If you start having a problem, ask to speak to a supervisor, and restate your case. Do not give up because eventually they have to let you cancel your service.

The staff here at Cancel Help understands the frustration that can be involved in canceling your cable service. We’ve reached out to several of the most well known cable companies providing service in the United States to get to the bottom of how to cancel your service, and any early termination fees you may have to pay as a result. If you are month-to-month, rather locked in at a bundle rate for one to two years, then you likely will not have to pay any fees as long as you return equipment. If you agreed to enter into any kind of service contract to save money, simply changing, let alone canceling your service could lead to fees. The policies will differ from company to company, and we’ve done our best to take the guess work out of it for you.

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