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    How to Cancel Service

    The 24 Hour Fitness company provides club memberships, classes and personal training for individuals who want to get in shape, lost weight or both. In order to utilize gym space, you have to purchase a membership to the club. Memberships are sold as a binding contract ranging from 30 days to three years, depending on the contract you choose.

    You can learn more about the available contract terms for 24 Hour Fitness memberships on the Member Types page located at http://www.24hourfitness.com/membership/member_types/.

    If you need to cancel your service, you may want to start by placing a freeze on your account. The freeze policy states that customers can freeze the account if they are medically disabled, awaiting transfer to a new job location or you have been deployed as active duty military. The minimum timeframe for an account freeze is three months and the maximum timeframe is six months.

    There is no mention of how to cancel your 24 Hour Fitness membership and gym memberships are notoriously difficult to cancel. You can call 1-866-308-8179 to cancel your membership. The customer service representative will walk you through the cancellation process. You may be asked to provide verification of a move or medical condition if you are cancelling for that reason. If you simply wish to cancel your membership and you are still under contract with 24 Hour Fitness, you may be required to pay the remaining months on the membership of pay a hefty cancellation fee.

    If you need to send verification information to cancel your 24 Hour Fitness membership, you can send the required documents to:

    24 Hour Fitness
    Member Services
    PO Box 2689
    Carlsbad, CA 92018

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    We believe there is an early termination fee associated with cancelling your 24 Hour Fitness membership, but there is no mention of a fee on the company website. We foraged through several online sites where customers have complained about cancelling 24 Hour Fitness memberships. It appears there is no cancellation fee, per se, but the company requires a 30-day notice of cancellation, so you will be charged an additional month’s fee after you cancel. In addition, when you sign up for a 24 Hour Fitness membership, you are required to pay the first and last month’s membership fee, so the company actually keeps two-month’s fees when you cancel your membership..

    Early Termination Policy

    We could find no early termination policy for 24 Hour Fitness. We found a long list of customers that claimed the policy states customers must give 30-day’s notice to cancel, but not all cancellations were processed as requested.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    The 24 Hour Fitness company will work with you to cancel your membership, but you will be charged at least one additional month in the process. After cancelling, we advise you to call back within the next 30 days to make sure the company did not freeze your account instead of cancelling. A freeze is only temporary and your account will be charged again after the freeze is lifted.

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    26 Comments on “Cancel 24 Hour Fitness Membership
    1. I think itsa all a scam the payment before and after you dont ever get it back because it takes 30 days to cancel.I want to know when I put in my cancellation does it go right through and do I get up to the 30 days until it ceases? If not its a money making b-shit scam

    2. So I was a little worried after reading these posts. I wanted to cancel my membership because I get a better workout at home with my beach body DVDs. To be honest I’d much rather workout in my own home then with a bunch of random people. So I called the number listed above, pushed the button for cancel membership expecting to be on hold for ever and within a minute a foreign lady answered. She had me verify a few things, asked why I was canceling it, tried to talk me out of it. I guess she started hearing my frustration and backed off. She said it was cancelled as of today. I doubled checked with her that there won’t be any fees and no more money will come out of my bank. She said I won’t be charged another penny and that was it :) I guess it wasn’t so hard haha thank goodness I was worried..

    3. Every New Year you will inevitably find more people in the gym. People take New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get in shape. They often make a resolution that they’ll join a gym and go a certain number of times a week. This is a fantastic resolution when people have the willpower to stick to it, losing weight, getting fitter, increasing strength and improving appearance are all great things that we can do. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t stick to these resolutions, they may stick at it for a couple of months but eventually people lose that initial determination.:

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    4. I called the number and canceled my membership, I didn’t have to pay any extra fees or anythings. I’m glad I got it taken care of with no hassle.

    5. The number worked fine, I called right at 9:00, didn’t have to wait very long to be helped. She tried to talk me into staying, but I stated that I was only interested in cancelling. They prorated my remaining days and I got a slight refund.

      All-in-all, very easy to deal with.

      Sorry 24/7 but your gym is just too crowded.

    6. I was able to cancel my membership within minutes. It was very easy and the representative didn’t push. No cancel fees.

    7. 24 Hour Fitness doesn’t have “contracts” so you are only on a month-to-month basis with them and can cancel at any time. However, you will lose the “last month” that you paid for up front, but you will still have that month to access their clubs since you paid for it already. You will not be billed for another month after you cancel, but you should check your bank account for the next couple of months, anyway. If you pre-pay your membership for one, two, or three years, you cannot cancel and you cannot transfer this membership to anyone. You are just stuck with it. They do not refund pre-paid memberships after 3 business days (could be more or less days depending on your state). Make sure you get a confirmation number after you cancel as verification should there be a mistake later. NEVER sign a contracted monthly gym membership with a company that will send you to collections if you cancel before hand. 24 Hour Fitness doesn’t do this but many gym chains do. Do some research first.

    8. Just called. After being on hold for about five minutes, cancelled quickly. Of course they asked why, to which I explained a new baby is on the way and I haven’t used the membership enough to justify the expense. She did ask once if I wanted to freeze or lower the price–told her not right now, and she processed the cancellation. Overall the process took about 10 minutes. Also, I am told that I’ll be receiving a prorated refund and that with a payment currently in process, if it continues I will receive a refund on that as well. I will keep my eyes open for that.

    9. My husband’s new job came with a free work gym membership for our family (not 24hr fitness). I have been a 24hr fitness member for exactly a year now. I called my Austin, TX club to ask for address to send certified cancellation letter to. She told me that I can not send a letter or make a phone call to the corporate office for cancellation. I mentioned that I had sent a request for cancellation online already, but wanted a verified mailing address for Member Services. Again, she insisted that I couldn’t cancel by contacting the corporate office. SAY WHAT? I called the number you have listed above (was on hold for 11 min, and the system hung up on me). I called back and was on hold for 8 min. I explained my situation to representative. She said that she was cancelling, gave me a reference # (after I asked for one), and that I had a month that I can still use the gym as I had recently paid for the next month. She also stated that a cancellation email would be sent to me. I did receive this email within 2 min. of getting off the phone. I still plan to send a cancellation letter to their Member Services address just in case. I also plan on calling my credit card to ensure that no further gym dues are taken out.

    10. EASIEST way to cancel without hassle…tell them that you are moving to a foreign country…Japan, Saudi…wherever! It only took me barely 2 minutes to cancel, no questions asked! :D

    11. hi, i am a member of ballys fitness, i asked them to cancel my membership and they told me to contact 24 hr fitness and i tried but couldnt..plz help me out.

    12. I want to thank all the super trainers how generous to me and helping me along. In particular please thank Ryan.
      I find at this time I would like to withdraw my membership at the gym. There have been sum events that kept me away from the gym so very long. I personally had cancer surgery, a very close member of my family had passed the way and I moved as well as my parents and I also am on my own way getting to finishing up . I want to again thank all of the individuals. Your people made everything so pleasant. I hope all is well to resign my membership at this time.
      Molly (Mary Ann) Layton

    13. Hi can anyone pleaseeeee tell me how to cancel 24 hr membership? They are the worst gym ever,I keep tryin to call and I am on hold for 10-15 mins at a time and then I get cut off. Is anyone having this problem?

    14. Back in January 2015 my daughter had a sport injury, signed up with 24 hour Fitness in Walnut Creek, CA to work out which was all fine.
      I can’t remember the type of membership or if it matters. They said we can cancel anytime and to put it on hold when she is away at college so we won’t be charge. They now say it is $10. a month while she is gone and the full monthly when she is home even if it is a few days at a time.
      I asked to just cancel and they said it is about $250. to cancel because we still have 5 months left. I said I thought they had told us we could cancel at any time without a fee.
      Really frustrated college is expensive enough and there is no time or money for this. Can you help? Thank you. BJ

    15. Be willing to stay on hold for a long time but they do pick up eventually (20 minute wait for me). I took Mikki’s advice and told them I was moving to Japan permanently, they cancelled my membership promptly and without argument or hassle in the space of about two minutes. Even sent me a confirmation email so if they continue to charge me for any reason I’ll have that as proof that I did cancel my membership.

    16. I called to cancel but they said i have to pay $195 for the cancellation fees even i told them i am going back to my country they don’t care they said they will still charge me $10 each month because i still have left 6 months.Really disappointed them.Why they are giving a hard time who went there and made money for them.If someone would like to cancel then they should not have a problem since it’s not a contract.I will go change my bank card that’s all i can do.

    17. I called and canceled my membership in July. They are still charging my credit card (Aug and September). On hold again. My fault for not getting a confirmation letter of cancelation…………

    18. called and canceled my membership in July. They are still charging my credit card (September October). On hold again. My fault for not getting a confirmation letter of cancellacion, now call again and wait for over 30minutes:/ smuchhhhhhhhhhh…

    19. On hold for over 30 minutes trying to cx. Membership. Village location in Houston does not keep pool clean.
      Elevator and shower were out for a long time.

    20. Was on hold for almost 20 mins, When they finally answered they said I would have to pay a cancellation fee of $202.00 WTF!!

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