8 Comments on “Cancel Amazon Prime
  1. somehow i got charged $99. out of my bank act which bounced my rent check. I did not and do not want any Amazon Prime and not sure how this happened i need that money back like today. plz thank you cyndie

  2. Not sure how I became a member amazon prime, my cc is showing a charge of $107.
    I do want prime at this time. Plz reverse charges and cancel my account. Thank you

  3. One year prime member ship is $80.00, but I notice thAT $99.00 IS DEDUCTED FOR MY MEMBERSHIPSHIP. How is this so and I want to know how to cancel the account. I was not giving an alert that trial time is expired.

  4. Please cancel my membership for amazon Prime. I didn’t realize it cost so much. I can’t afford that. I have just retired. Thank you

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