18 Comments on “Cancel Amazon Prime
  1. On the 14th april i had 79pounds taken from my account by amazon prime. I did not authorise this and feel when I i
    signed up was not aware there would be a charge. Therefore i would appreciate that you look into this matter and i would also like to cancel this subscription. I will wait to hear from you or for the money to be refunded back into my account. As I am not a frequent user of Amazon I would not benifit from this service.

  2. Very disappointed unable to return book and unable to cancel service as money has been taken but no account has been open for prime and I still do not know how to cancel the service

  3. Very disappointed with your services unable to return book and unable to cancel the service the subscription has been taken out of my account but I have been given no memberships information and due to my disappointment I would like to cancel my subscription

  4. I got my Visa bill and you have charged our account for $ 99.00 dollars for your Amazon Prime.
    I do not want it at all. So would you place take it off of my account .
    Thank you 5/5/14
    Joy Luker

  5. I thought I was going to receive the free trial of amazon prime. I just received my billing statement and see that I have been charged $105.93. Can you please credit that amount to my card and supply me with the free trial
    Thank you

  6. somehow i got charged $99. out of my bank act which bounced my rent check. I did not and do not want any Amazon Prime and not sure how this happened i need that money back like today. plz thank you cyndie

  7. Not sure how I became a member amazon prime, my cc is showing a charge of $107.
    I do want prime at this time. Plz reverse charges and cancel my account. Thank you

  8. One year prime member ship is $80.00, but I notice thAT $99.00 IS DEDUCTED FOR MY MEMBERSHIPSHIP. How is this so and I want to know how to cancel the account. I was not giving an alert that trial time is expired.

  9. Please cancel my membership for amazon Prime. I didn’t realize it cost so much. I can’t afford that. I have just retired. Thank you

  10. I terribly disappointed in your deceptive ways to lure your customers. My account was deducted $99.00 for an Amazon Prime fee. I want a refund!

  11. When trying to place an order for a relatively inexpensive item which came with “free shipping, I was asked if I wanted to sign up for a 2-day free trial for Amazon Prime. It appeared that I could not get the free shipping without signing up, so I clicked yes. Within a few minutes, I realized that there was a charge for this service and I tried to cancel it. When I finally found the command to request cancellation, I received a notice that there is a $254 cancellation fee. This is totally fraudulent. I will challenge any charge that shows up on my credit card. I don’t think I will ever use Amazon again.

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