Cancel Ballys Membership


Cancel Ballys Membership

How to Cancel Service

Bally Total Fitness is a fitness club with locations in big cities across the U.S. Potential members have multiple membership options, including a biweekly plan with no long-term commitment and a paid in full plan that allows the member to pay the entire contract in full with no risk of blind contract renewal. If you find yourself stuck in a Ballys membership and you want to get out, you may find it a little more difficult if you don’t have one of these two memberships.

Cancel your Bi-Weekly Membership: Visit your home gym and ask to cancel your Bi-Weekly Bally contract. You paid the first two weeks and the last two weeks when you enrolled, so there should be two weeks lee-time before your membership is cancelled. There are no details about the specific paperwork required to cancel the no-commitment membership, so read through your terms and conditions for specific details.

Cancel your Yearly Membership: About 60 days before your membership is supposed to renew, visit your home gym and make sure your account is marked that you don’t want to renew. Again, there could be specific paperwork involved with cancelling, but those details are not available to anyone other than Ballys members.

Cancel your Monthly or Corporate Membership: You’ll need to refer to the terms and conditions of your membership to learn how to cancel monthly and corporate Ballys memberships. These plans are only mentioned in passing on the Ballys website here

Is There an Early Termination Fee?

There is no early termination fee for the Bi-Weekly no-commitment or the Yearly membership. The Bi-Weekly membership requires no long-term commitment and the Yearly is paid in full for the entire contract period before the membership is started.

Early Termination Policy

If you’ve entered into a Ballys membership that required a contract, you will need to contact your local gym to find out if you can cancel the policy. There is mention of cancelling contracts due to a move out of the area, but that is just mentioned in passing in the FAQs section. According to the FAQs, members should contact 1-866-402-2559 to find out if they are eligible to cancel a policy after a move. Other possible reasons members are allowed to cancel mid-membership include health reasons and death of the membership holder.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

Ballys is one of the few gyms that offer memberships with no long-term commitment, so that says a lot for the customer service department and company as a whole. There are various complaints, however, on customer service forums in regards to cancelling service agreements and collection agencies charging customers five, 10, even 15 years after the cancellation was supposed to have taken place.

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