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    How to Cancel Service

    Boost Mobile is a no-contract cell phone company that provides cell phones, cell phone plans, mobile Internet and data plans for customers who are tired of having to deal with a long-term mobile contract. Boost is available in many metropolitan and surrounding areas, but smaller towns are not typically covered by the Boost Mobile coverage map.

    Cancelling your Boost Mobile contract is simple – don’t pay your bill. But, what happens if you want to take your number with you to another cell phone company. You may have to pay a pseudo early termination fee to Boost Mobile while you are waiting for your cell phone number to be ported to another company.

    If you wish to contact Boost Mobile about cell phone porting or cancelling your account, call customer service at 866-402-7366. There have been multiple complaints about the Boost Customer service department, so you may have to be patient when making the call.

    Information on service cancellation with Boost Mobile is located at:

    Is There An Early Termination Fee?

    Boost Mobile does not charge an early termination fee, but if you want to port your cell phone number to a new company you may have to pay two cell phone bills until the port is complete. That could end up costing as much as a small early termination fee. You should definitely contact customer service before canceling your Boost Mobile service to find out if you need to maintain your account until the port is complete.

    Early Termination Policy

    According to the Boost Mobile website, all accounts are pre-paid. This means you pay for your account in advance and you don’t have to pay an early termination fee because there are no contracts with Boost Mobile. If you have your account on auto-reBoost, you’ll need to contact customer service to cancel the automatic payment.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    There are no cancel fees associated with cancelling Boost Mobile service, but there is a fee if you choose to reactivate service. The reactivation fee is $10. If your account sits idle at $0 balance for 60 days, the account automatically cancels at no charge. If there is no use on the account for 90 days, the account automatically cancels at no charge.

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    48 Comments on “Cancel Boost Mobile
    1. Boost Mobile customer support will not talk to anyone that wants to cancel their phone service. They just hang up on you. I do not recommend having phone service with Boost Mobile they are so uncooperative. I have called many times and sent emails without any cooperation from Boost Mobile. Do not have phone service with Boost Mobile unless you just want problems.

    2. you can not cancel the phone service and they will keep charging you even though you do not have service. Do not do business with Boost Mobile!

    3. They will turn your phone service off and just keep on charging you for service you do not have. They will not cooperate with anyone that wants to cancel.

    4. I understand changing your technology but raising our rates from 10cents a minute to 25 is stealing
      The whole family now has ATT phones

    5. I called and the rep told me that he couldn’t cancel my account because it was “active” and they didn’t do refunds. He said that I should call back on the day my next payment was due! I told him that was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard and to cancel now! He did…I will be watching to see if my credit card is charged next month.

      • Really? The whole “don’t pay for 60 days” thing actually works? That’d be awesome cuz waiting to get thru to customer service? Aint nobody got time for that! Lol

    6. I knew from previous comments that I was in for a rough ride when trying to cancel the Boost account. I had gone in with the Boost phone and cancelled the automatic payment but couldn’t find a way to actually cancel the account. Thank you “Gretchen” for that toll free number. First I picked option #3 because I didn’t hear the first option and the woman there asked “why are you cancelling this account?” After telling her why, she said, I’ll have to connect you with the department that takes care of that. The next person said, “Why are you cancelling this account?” After telling him why, he said, “I need to connect you with the Cancellation Department.” I said, “The woman who transferred my call to you said you ARE the Cancellation Department.” After a long pause at his end, he said he’d transfer me. The third person asked “Why are you cancelling this account?” After explaining and giving her my Boost phone number and password, she said, “We don’t cancel Boost accounts. You just stop paying and after 60 days on non-payment, your account is dropped.” I told her I had tried to cancel the auto-pay and she said the account does show the auto-pay was cancelled so now I’ll be checking my account to be sure the monthly fee isn’t charged. No-one should buy a Boost phone … but I’m sure people won’t see this message until it’s too late and they’re already stuck with a Boost account. Anyway, call 1-800-467-0890 and you’ll eventually get it done … or just don’t pay on the account for 60 days, lol.

    7. guys, boost mobile is a PRE-Pay service. There is no need to cancel. Simply stop paying the bill, in 60 to 90 days of no payment the number will be put back into a pool of numbers that can be used to activate new phones. This is how all prepays work. If you are having trouble with autodeductions logg into your account at and change your plan to the daily or min by min plan and simply not use the phone. Most cases you can do things yourself, just take the time to attempt to do so.

      • it not that easy. even if you change you plan to the daily it still stake 60 days to cancel the number..then you are without a phone for 60 days. you can not even try connected the phone to another service until boost mobile decides to cancel or drop your account.

    8. What a nightmare to get this done. I got this number from a comment above CALL THIS NUMBER
      1-800-467-0890 the lady tried to put me back to the automated system but don’t let them tell them you want to be taken off auto boost payments and need to cancel. They transferred me to a gentlemen who helped me right away.

    9. What can i do to deactivate a phone thats supposably is till on use..because some lady sold me her phone n i dont have no contact with her n i need her pin to deactivate….i need help!! What should i do?

    10. Thank you to Gretchen for providing the customer service # 1-800-467-0890. I was on Auto-Reboost and couldn’t change to manual payments on my account so I could just not pay it; in fact it said I was on manual payments already, even tho I’ve never made a manual payment. I called the number above and was put through to a gentleman who took my details and cancelled the auto payment. He said I would receive a text saying I’d been unenrolled from Auto-Reboost, and not two minutes later I did. Easy.

    11. I just changed my contract from a monthly plan to “Pay as you go” and don’t have any funds added in my account. I read that if you change your plan, it automatically cancels your Auto Re-Boost, so I’d have to manually add funds here. I plan to just not add any. I think they will eventually remove the account after a certain period of inactivity.

      Anyone else done this?

    12. If you get charged to your bank account, just have the bank cancel the payments. that’s what they told me at boost today and I’m sure it will work

    13. Boost mobile is like any other company that get too big. The cant micromanage at any level of customer service. They work off the principle that why the fuck should we care about losing a customer, when there is 2 more waiting to fill their void. As a CEO I would feel like a robotic sheep that follows the typical pre scripted direction for life. They are NOT soulful, creative, compassionate, personalities, they really are one dimensional in their mentality. They could care less about complaints, they are like most politicians,a body with no soul. I am so happy I am not like them. I would like to get them in a boxing ring for charity, and bust their fucking nose, break their jaw, and show them what a real man can do. They are pussies, and if they are a woman ceo, then they fuck cock without emotion, they get the same pleasure from dildos.

    14. iv been a boost customer for 6 years an had n trouble with service. well i lost my service on 10/29/2013 called boost an now there telling me theres no service in my area wtf where did it go ? so screw boost im done with there lies an bullshit,

    15. I’m trying to “unenroll” as the “reboost” payment is supposed to go through today and I switched to Republic Wireless (a much better company BTW). First I tried the “change your plan link” and checked “manual pay”, but it won’t let you change to manual pay, it says: “We’re sorry, but we are unable to process your change request. You are already enrolled in this same Boost Mobile® price plan, payment option, or add-on. Please review the request you entered to make certain you selected the appropriate options.” thus claiming I was already on manual pay. In the morning I’ll try the number given by Gretchen above. I also just called my credit card company and told them to refuse any charges from Boost Mobile, but they tell me it can take up to a month for these to take effect. I would not recommend that anyone give their credit card # to these crooks. They seem to do everything possible to keep you from cancelling the autopay.

    16. oh man… I had boost mobile for like 7 or 8 months and I liked it until I wanted to switch over to Verizon and now my boost phone still has the same number that my Verizon has… some people cant text me and its super annoying because I think they are still going to my boost phone… I hate it and nobody helps on the phone!! and you cant put a phone that you bought on boost’s website onto another plan! ugh!!

    17. I was very displeased with the coverage of Boost Mobile, so I’m switching to straight talk.

      To end your account, simply don’t pay for 60 and your number will be cancelled, or if you have auto payments like I had, call the support number and ask them to remove your credit card.

      The talk with the representative only took me about 2 minutes and the card was deleted, so far so good.

      I’ll check within 20 days if they took out a payment, but I doubt it.

    18. Total kudos to Pamela! I used the number she gave and got a live person! If you can even believe it. I asked to unenroll from auto reboost anzd refused to give answers as to why. They said I was unenrolled and that my card on file was deleted. Lots of work for a little Peace of mind. 1-800-467-0890 use it. Now just have to watch my account die.

    19. Thanks again everyone for the advice. After trying to call the main Boost line, I could not get through to a human… even after the old trick of pushing 0 several times… that just made the system hang up on me, every time I tried. Thanks again to all who recommended that number 1-800-467-0890 – went straight to a person who transferred me to who I needed to talk to. Just a bit of time on the phone from there, but a relatively painless procedure. Just make sure they take you off of autopay – then if they don’t officially cancel your service but instead just let it run out, no prob, so long as they’re not going to charge you again.

    20. I switched from Ntelos to boost about two weeks ago. Iwad the worse two weeks of my life. After many failed attempts to access internet and many other websites to be told there was no internet service available I said SCREW BOOST. I had switched to boost to save money. Well you get what you pay for with them. THEY SUCK AND I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND BOOST TO MY WORSE ENEMY. UM SO GLAD I DIDN’T GIVE ANY CREDIT CARD INFO AND DID NOT DO AN AUTO PAY. I’M BACK WITH NTELOS AND THAT’S WHERE I’LL STAY. When next bill is due I’m just not paying it. GOOD BYE BOOST MOBIL. YOU SUCK

    21. Boostmobile is a ripoff company! I just made a payment and hours later bought a iphone 6. Cancelled payment online and when I called to get my account number for T Mobile representative and transfer my number over I was told I can get money refunded. Called back and new representative told me since I cancelled my service I can’t get back my payment! !! Now if I had cancelled the payment and still ‘ve with them that would be different! They are some money hungry dishonest
      company! Don’t do buisness with them! Also, their reception is horrible!
      Losing $45 hurts but a nice investment with T Mobile:’)

    22. I have been using Boost mobile since way back when they were the ONLY pre-pay I found with a smartphone. Customer service was never their strong point, but to be blunt, who cares? It always worked for me. Now I AM switching to Ting, but only because my usage is so low that it just makes more sense, but if I end up “best buds” with THEIR customer service department then somethin ain’t right.

    23. They game me a free month then informed me be email that they will be charging my credit card at the end of that month. My card number was changed because of another unauthorized charge. you should report them to a consumer agency.

    24. just canceled my account, told the lady my phone was stolen and got transferred to a gentleman and told him phone was stolen and he reported it so that phone couldn’t be activated again and he canceled it all and was so helpful. i just called 1-800-467-0890. I will be using boost mobile again. they were helpful and a great service just sucks someone stole my brand new phone and didn’t return it.

    25. boost i got 2 phones from boost took them back in 4 days for refund i was told no refund said i just lost my money so don’t go with boost

    26. Here is how i cancelled my boost account quick and simple.
      Step 1 call number 866-402-7366
      Step 2 press 0 to speak with someone
      Step 3 say your credit card has had a fraud alert so you would like to cancel the auto pay till the new one arrives.
      Step 4 do not enroll again.

    27. i had the same problem but my phone was broken i was unable to use there service, i just had autoreboot canceled so i wont be charged. they person told me there unable to cancel service. so this is the best way to make sure your not charged.

    28. I have spent more than 3 hours trying to close my account as I no longer want or need it. Online doesn’t work (bad web page) and calling doesn’t work, you get the circular phone transfer run around.
      Never again for me and I will post this to all of my email contacts.

    29. I cant cancel my payment ANYWHERE. It charged me an extra 45$ for nothing. How do I cancel the transaction to get my money back to my account?

    30. Hello,my phone was stolen an i now have it back.i want to cancel to stolen account and start a new one….

    31. Contact the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Communications Commission or FCC, call 311 on your phone and report your issue, local politicians and political parties, any consumer advocacy group with a legitimate track record, Consumer Affairs, local television stations that handle advocating for the little guy, I know it is difficult but exhaust all resources that may possibly address these matters legally. Good luck.

    32. Took forever to figure out I had to click add money in order to get to the area where the credit card info is stored so that you could edit or delete that info. No more auto pay.

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