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    How to Cancel Service

    Comcast is one of the leading cable companies in the United States. The company also offers Internet and phone services for residential and business customers. Comcast customer service, like all other cable companies is more than willing to see new promotions to new and existing customers, but once the deal is signed, they may not be so thrilled about cancelling your service.

    If you need to cancel services with Comcast, call the customer service department at 800-XFINITY. If there is a remaining time minimum on your current contract with Comcast, you will be required to pay the early termination fee for the contract unless you can convince the customer service department to waive the fee.

    If you are ready to cancel Comcast service, but want to read more, visit:

    Is There An Early Termination Fee?

    There are early termination fees associated with many of Comcast’s services. We read through the Comcast forum and there were early termination fees up to $1,500 for some cancellations. We did find verification in the residential and business customer terms and conditions of early termination fees if the customer has agreed to a minimum time agreement by accepting a promotional price for services. However, each promotion has a different set of terms and conditions thus customers must read the fine print to find out the particular early termination fees for each package.

    Early Cancellation Policy

    According to the terms and conditions of Comcast service, customers can cancel month-to-month services at any time without an early termination fee, but we’re not sure this is the case. We read of customers being charged early termination fees for business accounts after five years with Comcast.

    If a customer cancels a promotional plan that was entered into with a time minimum, the customer must pay an early termination fee as outlined in the contract for service.

    You must return all equipment to Comcast to prevent additional fees for non-returned equipment. The fees for equipment will vary based on the age and condition of equipment and may be more than the early termination fee.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    We are not sure the average customer will receive much help from Comcast customer service. Just one of the threads on the Comcast forum reaches from 2010 to 2012 talking about early termination fees and how some customers were charged more than $1,000 in fees.

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    50 Comments on “Cancel Comcast
    1. I am having to close my business and dissolving my LLC. After 1 1/2 years with Comcast triple play for my business, they want to charge me over $1400.00 in early cancellation fees. As an LLC, do I really have to pay this fee??? Also, because the cancellation form states, I would owe that fee, I refuse to send it in so that the service gets cancelled. I don’t know what the best way is to handle this.

      Anyone have any suggestions?

      Thank You!

    2. 99 out of 100 times i had contact with comcrap has been a horrible frustrating experience. today, i called to cancel the service because of a rate increase. i was assured by leif that the price will remain as previously quoted. he also fixed my showtime issue and gave me hbo and blast upgrade for 3 months-this was a positive outcome- NOT–only to find the same speeds and showtime still not working–I called and chatted for the last 68 minutes to no avail. they fucked that up as usual-(just call and chat with them and you will know what i mean)these people can’t get it together- the ceo should be hung by his balls for allowing his company to torment the customer. i can not wait for the day comcast got bankrupt — you can not stay in business treating people like this–there day will come and i will laugh so hard knowing they can no longer treat people with their inferior service

    3. The worst company ever!!! Installed Business Class Comcast on 5/3/2013, signed 2 yr agreement,wish I hadn’t. My business website has been unavailable online since 5/14, thanks to them. Lost income. I Will not recommend anyone to Comcast.

    4. Comcast is the worse company ever…. They make huge mistakes and you will spend hours on hold to request/fix their mistake. After 2 years, I am so done with comcast. I had DirectTv for more than 14 years and I have never had the aggravation I am having with comcast.

    5. This has been a nightmare dealing with Comcast. Speaking to their customer service is like getting lost in a maze in hell. We cancelled their crappy service within the 30 day money-back period and we are still getting billed. Plus to further illustrate their incompetence, the paper bill has one figure, and their automated billing dept. states another.

      I’ve had it. I’m reporting them to the BBB and the FTC.

        • Mikey’s probably a ‘Bagger. The get a masochistic thrill out of being screwed over by The Man, or, in their words, “participating in our glorious Capitalist system that was ordained by Jayzuss.”

    6. Don’t ever try to cancel business service. You will never reach anyone. However you will continue to get billed. If you want to ad service, they are right on it. Business service sucks

    7. Every winter I house sit for my parents, who have Comcast. I am only there for two months, a few days a week. I always have issues with the service every year. And when I call customer service to deal with it, I always get the run-around. I end up spending half my day on the phone talking to several people, and on hold… It’s a nightmare. So we tried to switch services, just to find out we have no other choice! They are the only service available in that area!

      So, now I am moving to an area that also only has Comcast! I tried to suck it up and just deal, but today when I was trying to ask questions about the service (primarily about cancellation fees because I may have to move again), I could not get a direct answer. They were pressing me for information that I did not want to give, like my full name, current address and phone number. They should only need the address of where I will be needing the service, not my old address! I do not want to deal with these people. But it looks like I may have to. What can I do?

    8. I totally agree with Brett’s comments, there is a alim chance you can get hold someone on the phone when you try to terminate an account, in my case it is a business account. I moved out of state where there is no Comcast service, it is not customers fault if you don’t provide services in this area, so why should we have to pay early termination fee. When Comcast emailed us a termination form to sign, the ETF is on there, if you sign the form you are trapped. I can’t believe a company can survive much longer with this kind of attitude to their customers. oh yes, we still receive their bill monthly with our balance cumulated.

    9. I am cancelling my services, it seems they take away the channels I like yet raise their monthly fees. just not worth it, money not well spent.

    10. i have been with comcast FOREVER and i moved last year from one apt to another,called got reonnected no problem, i moved again this yr and COMCAST RECONNECTED me again only this time they they added my previous bill from over a yr ago.i have since cancelled my service.

    11. I am attempting to cancel just one aspect of my service. Has anyone gone through that with them before? if so how did it go? Also, I’m pretty pissed off because I have automatic payments set up for the 8th of each month and last month it didn’t come out and unfortunately I didn’t notice it. However I did not get any notice saying “hey you’re bill has not been paid.” The only reason I found out that it was not paid was by going on their website and it saying that I owed a lot of money. Needles to say I was not very happy at all.

    12. Comcast seems to be raising my bill… This started when I moved I got my service but no longer received bills on my emails just in the mail… Well in the mail they break down into 4 categories internet phone cable service charges and taxes. The internet says I have a modem and the internet charge the cable says I have a HD receiver standard receiver and a DVR receiver stating the cost per each item and the total owed but doesn’t include why my total is up 50 bucks and the voice says the monthly charge I go online try to sign in they changed my comcast email they changed my username they changed my password without asking or even telling me they would be doing so. I go in the chat tell the lady I need my information she asks me for my information then asks me fore my SSN I told her she didn’t need that I gave her enough information she said I’m going to send out your pin through the mail to verify it’s you asking for this information I explain to her I wouldn’t be asking for it if you left it a lone… I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks with nothing so far I get a call about an outstanding balance I tell him it’s great he called I’ve been trying to view my bill and have been waiting for a pin he tells me it could be 7- 10 days I told him it had been over that. I told him my issue and that I wanted to see my bill he told me I could see my full bill in the mail I told him it doesn’t make sense it’s missing information he said well that’s what I see I told him well can you explain it to me piece by piece he asked me for my credit card…. I told him I wanted to know about my bill before I pay it he said that I had to pay it first??? I told him well I guess I’ll be canceling cause that kind of mentality brought us Obamacare…

    13. Signed contract with business comcast and never heard from them again. Meanwhile for one year continued to pay my phone bill with integra. One year later comcast sends us bill for one years worth of service. Both companies insist they are my provider but comcast can’t provide proof and fails to call me back. Long story short, made decision to trust integra and now comcast is asking for all three years full pay of contract which is 10,000.00 ! I feel like there is no protection of the consumer with these telecom companies.

      • Contact your states consumer protection agency. Every state has one as part of the Attorney Generals office. They hold the business license to Comcast to operate in your state and file a complaint.

    14. These people are terrible. I was lied to by a salesman. I have called and called and no one at Comcast will do anything. I don’t know how these sales people live with themselves. They sure are dishonest liars. I agree with all the name calling and it is crazy that they are allowed to abuse people with their lies and tricks. They want over $3.000 if I cancel the terrible service that was suppose to be so wonderful. I keep having the internet go out everyday that I try to use it.I have never in all my life had a 3 year contract for anything. If you encounter these people call the police.

    15. I just tried to cancel my Comcast service. I’ve been a customer for at least 10 years and am WELL past being in contract. I was informed that I needed to give Comcast 60 days notice to terminate service. For me this is essentially a $150 termination fee. What an epitome of a bad business practice!

      Anyone have any tips on how to avoid this?

    16. I moved my business to a new location over a year ago I was assured my Comcast would move with me. When the other business installed Concrap my calls and internet got dropped,and the wireless system is even worse.
      Today when I called to cancel my service I was told that I signed a new contract at my new location. I told them I signed an econtract that was the continuation of my service, and that this econtract was needed to update my new information.Brandon, told me no it’s anew contract and the cancellation fee will be $899! I have had Comcrap one year and 3 months in this new location, which is 2 years and three months total. $899 to cancel! WTF !

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    18. I hate Comcast. I was told by two reps that I could seamlessly transfer my business account to new address. This did not happen. Have been working with now 15 different people to get early term fee waived. Email arrived today telling me that they won’t do it. Bastards!!! Such poor business practices. Going to attorney and FCC. Too many other people with the same issue. We need to unite!!

    19. absolutely the worst company in America.. their customer service is horrible. their service is horrible and their hidden charges are absolutely a disgrace

    20. I have a home security system through Comcast and also have internet cable. I have tried to cancel my cable and internet service because they are charging such outrageous fees and was told I cannot cancel because I am under contract…for 3 years due to the home security. All I want to do is cancel cable and internet. I’ll keep my contract for security, but then the price of security system will cost more then the bundled amount. Makes CENTS Right?

    21. Here is how you fight them.
      Contact your Stars Consumer Protection Agency.
      They are attached to the States Attorney Generals Office.
      They hold the business license for Comcast to operate in your state and can apply the pressure you need.

      When you file, provide as much documentation as you can.

    22. I too have had issues with comcrap. I agreed to a 2 year deal for $138.00. Triple play deal. I get my bill for 164.23. What the hell. I called and talked to customer solutions and got no where. My bill with them has not been stable for as long as I can remember. Their two year agreement is poopy. They charge you for a service that sucks. When I had Direct… no problems. So after two years I’m out and not going back to them. They have lost me forever. Very frustrated with the unstable billing every month. I will be contacting Stars Consumer Protection Agency. I have all detailed info that we talked about and how they went back on their deal with me. Lets all work together and make this wrong right!!!

    23. What a disgraceful excuse for a company!! I will be suing them and putting in complaints with the BBB and anyone else who listen!!!

    24. they are horrible company. can someone tell me why the states still let this kind of crappy company even exist?

      it has been a nightmare dealing with them. I signed up for $110 double play. then we ended up with $150 bill. they put us into a totally different package I signed up for. then when I called them, it suck your half day with them and they yell and yank on the phone but would not do anything for you. They play you like a monkey. So horrible. So we would be stuck with them for 2 years and I am so regreted that I switched from Directv. will never go back to them. I kept that piece of paper says $99 a month and I will file complaints.

      Hope they go out of business. And wonder how those people can sleep.

    25. Comcast is the worst ever, I went in the office to ask why my bill went up $30 and the person there just said I’m not sure and they only thing he could do is take $5 off one of my boxes. I went on line and spoke with a customer service rep and she stated if I paid my bill they would be able to provide me with some promotions. They have the worst customer service and charge the most. The internet is so slow, I cannot use the internet on my desktop. I am cancelling and not ever going back. I would not suggest that anyone ever go to Comcast. My sister was a manager there and she quit. When I had a problem with having a movie placed on my bill for $5.99 the customer service rep and supervisor said they could not remove the charge but would send me coupon for 3 free movies. I told her I don’t watch movies on Comcast. I told her I know she could change anything she wanted because I had family members a sister and niece who worked there and you could make the change. Comcast is HORRIBLE.

    26. Since 3/12/2015, our bill pay service accidentally paid Comcast an over payment of $8,584.00 instead of our standard monthly payment of $85.84. I have constantly called Comcast billing in Denver for date we will receive the refund of $8,501.07. Since the error occurred on 3/12/2015, we have been told by Denver billing that refund check will be sent in 4-6 weeks. As of 4/17/2015, we have received no refund check. The $8,584.00 was taken from our small retirement account. I am retired from equity consulting. I will close Comcast. I filed complaint with FTC today. Is the California Attorney General’s office more enforceable? Your help appreciated. With business practices that Comcast has, they will surely fail. Donna & Doug

    27. This company is the worst I have ever had. We have had seasonal Tv/internet service with them for the past 6 winters for 3 months each year in Florida. This year they tell me I have to pay ETF because I have a contract. I never ordered or signed a contract. I have been calling and chatting with customer service since Mar. 30, 2015 when all equipment was returned. Do I have to contact a lawyer and the Better Business Bureau to get this problem solved? I never want to do business with Comcast again!

    28. I have had Comcast internet since 2005. In December 2012, I decided to upgrade and add TV. I let the person know I was moving and was told there would be no early termination fees if I moved to an area they do no service. That is not the case and they are hitting me with huge fees. Plus somehow the $89 promotionally bill was always over $130 – not sure how they’re math works since we were not renting anything with OnDemand.

    29. Comcast is horrible! I had Dish before and wish south better. I went with the triple play “$99″ deal don’t be fooled not one bill had been anywhere near $99. Plus the cable sucks, it constantly randomly pauses and changes the channel when you are in the middle of watching a show. Then we are moving to another state outside their coverage area and they are still charging me $250 termination fee! Is it my fault they do not cover everywhere?
      Bottom line stay away form Comcast!

    30. People ,,,
      As soon as you get a person on the line to
      talk to ( if you’re patient enough to wait )
      RECORD ALL YOUR CALLS ! ,, They record us ,,
      so why can’t we record them ? . That way if
      they give out false or incorrect information ,,
      You have proof . Get NAMES ,, ID numbers ,,
      and RECORD your calls .. Remember the guy
      that did it and posted on YouTube and it
      was all on the news ? .

    31. worse company ever, i called to because my bill was so high, she talked me into staying with a price of 129.00 with all fee and tax’s. i asked her 3 times if my monthly bill would be 129.00 with all free and tax’s and she said yes, each month it was around 160.00. every bill i called and chatted ( about hour please each time.) they stated they would have a supv. call me 2 times, never received a call, the said they would fix my bill never did. turning them over to the BBB. Comcast needs to close down. they are not truthful or helpful.

    32. I am a business man in California ,the last 8 years I came a cross with a lots of business contracts legal papers in businesses….never thought for one moment the biggest internet and cable company in united state can put more lies in there contact to legally milking cash from there customers !!! What is their contract with customers? at anytime they can change terms and rats or services and if you don’t notice that in 30 days (since we don’t have anything else to worry)no problem we’re done!! as no choice to say anything…furthermore today I just try to done grade my service pack for internet and tv ,to only internet …it was consider as termination on my contract and charge in cancellation fee.. as I try to explain for 40 mints to lady operator I am not cancelling my services just changing it …she got pretty fussy! after talking to supervisor and noticing I have two more accounts with them and it will be effected by my forestation in long run …he accept to a charge of $45 change my account to promotion one for 12 month with no contract.I personally think the contract is nonsense when I have only choice of agreement to all possible changes they do.Everyone needs to take this very Sirius getting $25 off from S200 package just giving them right too keep you in for 2 years or pay hundreds of dollars as a punishment.after all it’s only a luxury service! not a commodity.

    33. I have had ComCrap since December. The X1 piece of crap box. I have had to replace it twice with me driving to the ComCrap store and this company trying to charge me for installation they did not perform either time. Adding over 60 to my bill each time. They charge me extra fees each month that have no meaning and the math is often off a few dollars as if no one will notice. My bill is due on the 3rd of the month and on the 15th the cut my service for being past due. Not even two weeks. So I tell them they can cancel. Im not paying all the fees they are trying to charge me for this crap service. Now they are trying to tell me it will cost me over 1500 to cancel. I say see me in court cause once I show a court the work over this company gave me, no judge will make me pay these thieves.

    34. Need Help!
      We used Comcast Business for over two years. Now that I asked to cancel the service I am told that I need to pay for additional 60 days. They are claiming that my original contract was automatically renewed after two years and those are the terms.

      Is that legal is CA?


    35. I don’t understand why one cannot cancel a service that does not provide the service they advertise. I’m asking because tomorrow I am going to start cancellation of my account. Although after reading these posts, it sounds like it’s not going to be pleasant. So many of the features I am supposed to have simply don’t work. How can thery hold me to a contract they can’t honor.

    36. COMCAST have cutted my Internet Service directly to my Lap Tap more than a week ago. I think that is a abusive act. Now I want to cancel this service.

    37. Worst installation fees. Art doesn’t have any of this craps. GOD forgive them for continued financial abuse of customers.Been trying to Cancel by the 30 day time limit and it just won’t let me cancel still. Gotta be backed by crooks!

    38. We currently have comcast, and have had multiple issues in the whole 9 months that we’ve been with them. 6 times are services haven’t worked due to their crap equipment and each time they charge us to fix their issues. Our current issue is that we called them and told them we are moving, told them we need our current service deactivated at our current house and our new service activated at the new house on on 11-22. This us currently 11-5 and our services are shut off. We just spent the past two hours on the phone with them, we were hung up on 3 times, we were denied being allowed to speak to a manager 4 times, and they want to try to charge us to have our services turned back on…..this is their mess up. I want to go with another company and I don’t want to pay anymore. Idk why they charge people based on a contract. We sure tge hell didn’t sign any contract. Better business Bureau may be getting a call.

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