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    How to Cancel Service

    Cox Communications is a major cable company in the United States. They offer customers Internet, phone and television services, which are often packaged as bundles. The bundles come with lower prices than the individual services cost the customer and often those lower prices are locked in for one to two years if the customer signs a contract to maintain service for that length of time. You may notice that signing up for new service is much easier than cancelling your service.

    Cancelling your Cox Communication services requires a call to the customer service department. There are service departments all over the United States, so you’ll need to look at your bill or visit the Cox website to find the phone number for your local office. Once you’ve contacted customer service, they’ll likely try to convince you to keep your service and may offer a reduced price or some special deal to stay on with the company. If you are under contract for a special promotional deal, you may be faced with an early termination fee.

    Learn more about cancelling Cox Communications service at:

    Is There An Early Termination Fee?

    There are early termination fees charged by Cox Communications, but the amount of those fees is difficult to ascertain. We found a document for Fairfax, VA Cox Communications that mentioned an early termination fee that was reduced for each month the customer kept the service before cancelling, but no dollar amount is listed.

    We found another document that stated Cox Communications charges the total amount that would be due if the customer maintained the plan for the duration of the contract. For instance, if the customer signs a two year contract for a service that costs $20 a month and cancels with 10 months left on the contract, the early termination fee would be $200.

    Early Cancellation Policy

    Some services offered by Cox Communciations are month-to-month services, which mean the customer is not responsible for an early termination fee. Other services are provided with a contract, and usually a lower price, for one to two years. If these services are cancelled before the contract has expired, the customer will pay some sort of early termination fee.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    We visited several customer service forums and learned quickly that customers are not happy with Cox Communications. One business customer claimed they were charged a $3,000 early termination fee when they moved a business to a location that was not covered by Cox Communication services.

    We’re not sure customers will find the service they are looking for or manage to get out of that early termination fee by talking to a customer service representative.

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    19 Comments on “Cancel Cox
      • EARLY TERMINATION FEE.Cox is only concerned about making money on hook up and termination.Sales drive these “customer service person” fleecing as the later.The 2 yr contract should not not be offered,until that customer has shown 6 months of uninterrupted service.But the upgrade shows that”customer service” is capable of increasing sales at the company thus they become a valuable asset to Management.It’s all sales driven sweat shop mentality that causes this with no regard for the customer.Either pay the fee or you’ll be interrupted.This is America, there is other choices I hope

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    2. I changed to Cox in June and have had to call FOUR times for TV issues. The TV is out again and I have to start the process over. I would love to change to Direct TV but I would have to pay a cancellation fee since I signed a contract for phone, internet and TV for 2 years. I am really disappointed in COX!

    3. While living in Va. earlier this year, I order cable TV in which I plan to move out of state in a few months at that time. I was told that would not be a problem if I was moving out of state. So, when I called to turn off services for cable tv; I was told that I needed to show them a utility bill from the state that I was moving to. Moving to another state takes time to receive a bill. When I did received my first utility bills, I contacted Cox to find out what they needed and where to send the proof, no response from them, I was still receiving bills and now receiving sort of threatening letters as to my ability to not have service with Cox anymore, so I call them, they put me on hold almost an hour and then told me If I was in the military and showed them my orders, was the only way to receive an early termination fee. First of all, where I live at now there is no Cox services here, and I am a senior citizen who does not have money to give away to Cox cable for early termination fees. This is wrong, and I will file a complaint. Who is going to stop this kind of treatment to citizens who are wrongfully charged for services not received? Thank you for reading my complaint. Shirley

    4. I can’t stand Cox Communications. We had them in CA and had nothing but problems. We then moved to AZ and had the same experience. I ended up canceling the TV portion of my service, but kept the internet and phone. I was still charged a cancellation fee. I find it so silly for a company to charge an early termination fee to someone who is STILL a customer! Now I am going to cancel the rest of the service over this $190 cancellation fee. It doesn’t make business sense for them to charge me $190 for cancelling the TV portion of my bill (which never worked) when I pay ~$110 a month for phone and internet. They will end up making more money just keeping me as a customer of internet and phone as opposed to upsetting me about this fee and cancelling all services… do the math… they are going to lose ~$1300 a year over that $190. Crash and burn Cox!

    5. Never Use COX! They charge so much.
      I move from Cleveland to Columbus in Ohio. They don’t have service in Columbus, so I have to cancel the service. The customer service guy said I just need to pay early termination fee for about $190, but they bill me a bill $650 to pay. It shows include equipment fee $450 and early termination fee $200. I argue that and they said I have to pay because I can not return their equipment.(in fact, the equipment is dusty so I threw away)
      Do you think a cable equipment is worth $450?
      Don’t use COX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. I can’t believe people complain about this. When I signed up, COX CLEARLY STATED to me that I was entering a contract and that if I decided to terminate early I would be held accountable for early termination fees. Who doesn’t listen to that? I mean they clearly tell you at the time of your order because they have to. I cancelled 1 year into my 2 year contract and got charged $140 for the term. Who cares? It’s better than the price each month for the rest of the year I didn’t want which led me to cancel in the first place.

      You want the cheapest price and these companies know that. This is exactly why cheap bundles are cheap. They come with these strings attached. If you don’t ask and don’t think to ask, you better believe you’ll be taken advantage of.

      The only company I had experience with that didn’t charge was Time Warner and they just got bought so I’m sure that will change.

      Yes it is completely stupid, so find out before you agree to take the bait or you just agreed to take responsibility.

    7. Cox billed me $152. for last month normal is $107. Called customer service they said to take remote and cable box to the Cox Solution store, there wouldn’t be a charge for early out on my cable, and I could keep my internet. this was about my third box,lot of problems in the last year.Returned the box & remote to the store they said I couldn’t get out of my contact that I signed, I said show me the contract that i signed, they couldn’t show me a signed contract, there was no signed contract, so they say it is a verbal contract, then the manager shows up (half asleep)Sales rep.quotes me a $50.buyout immediately I said I will pay the buyout, I grabbed my wallet to pay and instead of taking the money he said oohh you will have to pay $150. to buyout,the $50. quote was a verbal contract to me or anyone else, like their VERBAL CONTRACT, the manager took sides with his sale rep. So that is proof they are joined IN THE COX COMPANY.

    8. I moved to another state that does not have COX and was charged an early termination fee of $190 dollars. I was also told that moving to a state that does not offer their service is not grounds to be released from the early termination fee. I called them back in April to find out what my final bill was which was 27.51. I paid the bill. Then I ran my credit and they had sent me to collections for non-payment of services plus the early termination fee.

    9. Cox internet service is terrible and price is too high
      Their internet service is 40% slower than what they advertised. I will never comeback to them again.

    10. I returned my cox boxes and cancelled service on 5/14/2014. I was due a refund of $249.78, and it’s August 2, and I still have not received my check. I called on 8/1/2014 and the service rep stated they mailed the check on July 25, 2014. Of course I received four “We want you back” flyers but no refund. I was a customer of cox for over 15 years, I will never use their services again.

    11. Just want Cox to know how disappointed I am at them with this early termination fee and was told from the beginning that there was no contract and I could cancel at any time! So for the $130.00 termination fee that would pretty much guarantee no future service from me! And I even kept the internet! Boy after I do my research on other local providers this will also change! Thanks for running me off Cox!

    12. the worst cable company! Expansive and incompetent.
      I had cable and phone at first, but the cancel cable tv, kept the phone and i had to pay $100 more because i canceled the cable…. Now i got fed up with the non working phone system that they offer…and they refuse to fix it! I canceled, even if the term fee is $280! Life is better withoutCox.

    13. Had Cox internet at my business for 16 years,Paid $59.95 a month. Sold my biz and they transferred account to home address, Already had COX BUNDLE at house for $202.My bill went to $127.95 on transfer from biz!!! Just got a bill for $6314.74 for Jan. thru Aug.!!! They must be CRAZY if they think they will see 1 red cent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. It has been 8 weeks since I’ve moved into my townhouse and my cable is fuzzy and weak. Seven techs gave me lame excuses about changing bad wiring inside the unit as well as the line from the pole to the townhouse needs replacing. Cox has used every excuse to deter me from getting this work done because it is their dime. After scheduling approximate 6 appointments, it is still not fixed. Their latest excuse? There is a line in the neighborhood that needs to be buried and is scheduled to be done in two weeks. Thereafter, I can call back and schedule the outside line to be repaired (why is that my problem!) and then they can rewire the inside of my townhouse. Really? How stupid do they think I am. I HATE COX CABLE. I HATE THEM. I HATE. COX.

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