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    How to Cancel Service

    Curves is a women’s only gym that operates in small locations throughout the United States. The gym focuses on a 30-minute circuit with a repeating music and exercise sequence that plays constantly throughout the day. Gym goers can hop into the cycle whenever they like and follow it for one full round for a complete workout. Curves does not utilize free weights; only circuit machines are used. To become a member of a Curves gym, you have to sign a contract. The Curves forum explains how to cancel that contract.

    The Curves forum lists the exact means of cancelling your Curves contract posted via corporate headquarters. You can read the forum post without signing up for the forum here If you are a month-to-month member of Curves, you can cancel at any time by letting your Curves gym owner know you wish to cancel before the next payment date. You also have no additional fee to pay if you have been a member of Curves for more than one year and you did not sign a new contract. At the end of one year, your membership immediately changes to a month-to-month – so no fee.

    If you are in the middle of a one-year contract, tell your gym owner that you’d like to cancel. You will be charged a $10 fee for each month you have been a member of the gym up to $50. For instance, if you have been attending the gym for three months and you wish to cancel your Curves membership, you’ll have to pay a $30 fee. However, if you have been a member for 10 months, you will be charged the maximum fee of $50 to cancel your membership. This cancellation policy is for members who use the check draft to pay monthly.

    If you have a yearly contract, you will be docked $10 for each month remaining on the contract so your refund will be reduced by the number of months left on the contract multiplied by $10.

    Each Curves gym is owned by an independent franchisee. According to Curves, the franchisee has the right to refuse your cancellation request at any time.

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    Yes, there is an early termination fee associated with cancelling your membership early. See the above explanation.

    Early Termination Policy

    There is no designated early termination policy. If you are past the first year, your contract is month-to-month and no Curves club can force you to stay in the contract, but if you are in the middle of a contract, they can force you to pay off the remaining months.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    This depends on the Curves owner. Some owners are willing to work with clients and others force clients to stay in their contracts until the very end even if they move away.

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    21 Comments on “Cancel Curves Membership
    1. would like some information on curves that have still been debiting my account even after i thought my 12 months was up and had not bothered to contact me in 8 months as to why i was not attending their facility

    2. i personally think that curves is not a good program as it requires you to buy food that is expensive, also who in hell can go to a place 4 or more times per week. and it s too expensive. I do not think i should be penalized for the program not working for me and I want to stop it.

    3. I think it is awful when they know you are ill, and become unable to physically participate in the program,and they still take your money. To me that’s stealing from the member. And there’s nothing you can do.

    4. I canceled with a doctors note, which they told me I could do. They didnt tell me that it was going to be just a hold on the account. They supposedly emailed me that I will be put on hold, rather than cancel. I feel they just stole from me. I was never told this was happening. I feel like an idiot getting pulled into this contract. Now, I will have to pay overdraft fee’s, borrow money. etc. Will never go back there. Too expensive for what they offer.

    5. I’m thinking of cancelling my Curves Membership, I was so hyped about joining Curves after I signed the contract realized my Curves is only opened from 7am and from 8am – 12pm on the weekends. The bad part is I live in a small time and this is the only Curves in our area. I work from 8-6 so when am I supposed to workout on these ours and to top it off the staff is always gossiping about members. I will cancel my membership and shut down the bank account the funds are drafed on. I really do need to workout I’m paying for a service I”m not ussing.

    6. I signed up about 6 months ago and was very motivated to go everyday. I was not working as much and did go the few times that I could. I started working 7am to 7 pm so that being said I could not make it to my curves location in time. I called to cancel the other day since my contract will be up and I was told I had to go in and bring in a letter. I am a little upset I can’t just sent an email or fax since I moved 20 miles away from that location! I did find another gym called youfit that only charges me $10 a month and provides a section for circuit training.

    7. I have just lost my job and went into ask if I could cancel my memebership due to financial hardships and was told no, you are locked in for another 6 months so you may as well use the time to exercise. When I explained that I will not beable to honour the payment I was told well it will be debited. I feel after 6 months I should have the option to cancel, or at least pay a months fee and be let go.

    8. I want to cancel my membership, as I’ve not used it since June/July 2013. I have tried calling, since I can no longer make it to Curves during the hours they are open, and can get no one to answer the phone, or call me back after leaving messages. I will try to send them a letter and see if that will help. I knew I signed up for a 6 month contract, and have no problems paying for that. It’s ending in December, and I don’t want them continuing to draft my bank. If that doesn’t work, maybe my bank can help me by blocking their drafts, or something. Hopefully that won’t be necessary and they’ll accept my letter as cancellation. Fingers crossed.

    9. I joined Curves just two months ago but now we have a YouFit opening close by. They are open from 5:00 AM to midnight. Plus it’s only $10 a month. I am going to try to cancel my Curves membership even though I know it will cost me $100. In the long run I will be saving money even if I have to pay the cancellation fees.

    10. your info is incorrect. I signed a one year membersip in 2005. Last week, I noticed a charge of $39 on my husband’s account. I immediately called the bank and Curves has been debating his account since 2005. It appears they created a check using my husband’s bank account using his routing number and they created a check number. I WAS NOT on this account. Curves TYPED my name on the checks and submitted them electronically. Curves fraudulently took close to $4,000 since 2005 from an account they were not authorized to debit. They say I DID NOT cancel my membership so they were able to continue this. It is unbelievable. I understand the owners of Curves are Christian’s. Really.

    11. I just cancelled my membership, I was pretty ticked off to find out that another $50.00 ( WOW ) I was not using the service for a month prior because we were away, I don’t think this is right!! Will I re JOIN I think not!!

    12. I’ve been a member at my local curves for 5 years. I joined because of the flexibility of hours and the fact that I can attend at my own time. The local owner has run several “promotions” at the site and sells things like Avon to raise money for the cancer society. However, she has embraced this Jillian Michaels kick to the point that it is impinging on the after work times available to work out and insisting that if we don’t do Jillian “we can’t come”. That’s well and good to offer an alternative program, but she is adamantly embracing this new kick to the disgruntled members who cannot or will not roll around on a dirty floor and do moves that are hard on various joints. I could not believe that an owner of a business would embarrass a customer by publicly chastising them and be so stupid as to insult a paying customer. What kind of business owner would ignore the wants of their customers to suit her own agenda? This is certainly not good customer service.There are several women in the club who do not want to do Jillian workouts, and we are being forced to reschedule our entire evenings to avoid these times, which are every other half hour every night, between 4:00 and 6:00. I don’t know what the issue is that we can’t just march in place between machines, but she is insistent that we do Jillian and has told us that we can come another time. Well for those who work, the 4-6 pm slot is the only time we can come. She is ruining the whole experience for me and I want to cancel the membership. She’s the one who changed the rules after the contract was signed in January. What are my options?

    13. I joined curves and then had some health issues but knowing I was stuck in a one year contract I let it ride thinking it would end after one year. I just noticed the withdrawals were still coming out of my account and discovered that I had to give 30 day notice to cancel. I think this is very fraudulent of a company not to have to renew a contract that is forced to be one year to begin with. I would not recommend curves to anyone as they are not a reputable company the way they operate. The fine points are not explained so stay clear of them for this reason alone.

    14. I joined the Curves in my city in February. I was soooo excited to lose weight for my daughter’s wedding in May. I met with the owner, who NEVER mentioned that if I cancelled I would need to pay a penalty. She DID say, “Oh! And if you need to cancel just give me 30 days written notice.” I was very unprofessional and did not look at the contract I signed as I trusted this person. Mistake #2. The first was joining. I asked about a trainer and the owner said everyone there was a trainer! Wellllllll, does that count the 20 something that was at least 70 pounds overweight and couldn’t lead anyone in the Jillian Michael’s workout? Or maybe the 70 something who wanted to just chat about her grandchildren? Or maybe the one success story who walked around and didn’t make any suggestions to anyone about how they were doing the machines ineffectively. Wait! Maybe that was because everyone there was just “putting in time” for a social club. I couldn’t even move around the machines because people just sat there and chatted to their neighbor. I did talk to the owner about it and her solution was for me to come in at 7:00 am!! What????? Anyway, I cancelled. They are charging me the $10 fee which comes to $90.00!!!!! I was paying 49 a month. BTW…I am 63, had a hip replacement and only needed to lose 15 pounds and tone up my mid section. I was motivating myself……The Jillian Michaels workout consisted of watching the video and BEING watched by everyone else just hanging around on the machines. Done and I wouldn’t recommend Curves to anyone. Even at my age, I’m going to Crunch were I got a trainer that actually trains.

    15. I am about to try to contact Curves to get out of my contract and if they don’t honor it, I will go to the corporate office if I have to or my attorney general. I joined Curves to get in shape and to have a relaxing workout. I have been bullied and chastised now two times I went by an associate. They criticize you openly and pick on you if they don’t think you are doing an exercise or doing the machine like they think you should do. I just want to be left alone and exercise how I want. The first time this happened I got mad at had an attitude with the associate and then was avoiding going the days she worked. Today she was there and I lasted about 1/2 hour of her picking on me for the way I should squat and bend and then telling me not to wear sneakers from the outside in there and then again getting on my case about how I was using a machine. I finally told her I am out of there and walked out in the middle of my work out. They bully, insult and chastise people and I have read reviews that other Curves do the same. If this is the curves concept, they can take it and shove it. I have been to many gyms through the years and have never had to go through what I have been through here and this is the most expensive one too!

    16. I put a stop payment on my monthly withdrawal & today there was a voice mail on my phone saying I have to fill out forms in order to cancel. That’s fine that’s why I came on this site to see if I could do it on line. The message also said that I have to pay a bank fee of $20 that they were charged. There is no way in hell they were charged $20 but that being said if they show me proof I will pay it. The message also said I would be going into collections! Really?? R u kidding me?? If that happens I will make sure that I tell anyone that will listen not to join this Curves location. I joined the Spruce Grove Alberta Canada location.
      As the #5 comment above I feel the same way about the gossiping. Also I was never shown properly the circuit it was a very rushed experience & the instructor couldn’t wait to get back to chatting it up with other patrons. I felt guilty asking for help after that.
      All the comments above are negative so shouldn’t that be telling you something or does Curves not care about their name even though they are franchise owned.

    17. I hate curves. The owner who “signed me up” told me nothing of what the contract stated nor told me the consequences of canceling the so called contract. The machines are in bad condition, the works are stuck up and to their selves and they expect me to pay for their crappy service? Think again.

    18. I hate curves. The owner who “signed me up” told me nothing of what the contract stated nor told me the consequences of canceling the so called contract. The machines are in bad condition, the works are stuck up and to their selves and they expect me to pay for their crappy service? Think again. I will never tell anyone to go to Curves.

    19. I join curves in Sept 2013. Been an active member from Sept 2013 til Jan 2014. Stop working out because of a new job and I did informed the owner. I didn’t have a problem paying for my one year contract that I sign up for. But, why is my account still been drafted each month after a year. Don’t want to renew my contact and will never set foot in that place again. Bad business

    20. I proceeded to cancel my membership during my first month, out of the 12 month contract I signed up for. I reviewed my contract, despite agreeing to the 12 months. I wrote them the 30 day cancellation letter. I was then told I had to pay 15 for each month that I broke my contract for, within the 12 month contract. So..I have to pay 165.00 to cancel. None of this is stated on my contract. So far, based off of everything I’ve seen online, it looks like it should be a maximum of 50.00 to cancel. So what gives? What a crock!

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