Cancel Curves Membership


Cancel Curves Membership

How to Cancel Service

Curves is a women’s only gym that operates in small locations throughout the United States. The gym focuses on a 30-minute circuit with a repeating music and exercise sequence that plays constantly throughout the day. Gym goers can hop into the cycle whenever they like and follow it for one full round for a complete workout. Curves does not utilize free weights; only circuit machines are used. To become a member of a Curves gym, you have to sign a contract. The Curves forum explains how to cancel that contract.

The Curves forum lists the exact means of cancelling your Curves contract posted via corporate headquarters. You can read the forum post without signing up for the forum here If you are a month-to-month member of Curves, you can cancel at any time by letting your Curves gym owner know you wish to cancel before the next payment date. You also have no additional fee to pay if you have been a member of Curves for more than one year and you did not sign a new contract. At the end of one year, your membership immediately changes to a month-to-month – so no fee.

If you are in the middle of a one-year contract, tell your gym owner that you’d like to cancel. You will be charged a $10 fee for each month you have been a member of the gym up to $50. For instance, if you have been attending the gym for three months and you wish to cancel your Curves membership, you’ll have to pay a $30 fee. However, if you have been a member for 10 months, you will be charged the maximum fee of $50 to cancel your membership. This cancellation policy is for members who use the check draft to pay monthly.

If you have a yearly contract, you will be docked $10 for each month remaining on the contract so your refund will be reduced by the number of months left on the contract multiplied by $10.

Each Curves gym is owned by an independent franchisee. According to Curves, the franchisee has the right to refuse your cancellation request at any time.

Is There an Early Termination Fee?

Yes, there is an early termination fee associated with cancelling your membership early. See the above explanation.

Early Termination Policy

There is no designated early termination policy. If you are past the first year, your contract is month-to-month and no Curves club can force you to stay in the contract, but if you are in the middle of a contract, they can force you to pay off the remaining months.

Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

This depends on the Curves owner. Some owners are willing to work with clients and others force clients to stay in their contracts until the very end even if they move away.

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