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    How to Cancel Service

    DirecTV is an alternative to cable television companies in many areas, but it is also known for one of the longest mandatory contracts in the business. Customers may be lured in with a monthly price that’s more than half that of cable services, but the fine print often says the price comes with a 24-month contract. That means the customer is locked in to that service for 24 months even if the price of the service is increased during that time.

    Customers who need to cancel DirecTV service should call 800-531-5000. Tell the customer service representative that you’d like to cancel your DirecTV service. If you have fulfilled the initial 24-month agreement and you have not entered into another agreement of any kind, you may be able to return all equipment and cancel without problem. If you are currently under a contract with the company, you will likely be asked to pay early termination fees.

    If you want to read more about cancelling DirecTV service, visit the website at:

    Is There An Early Termination Fee?

    Yes, the early termination fee for DirecTV service is $20 per month for every month left on the contract. That means if there are 20 months left, you will be charged a minimum early termination fee of $400. In addition, all equipment must be returned to DirecTV at the expense of the customer. The customer service department will have more information on how to return equipment. If equipment is not returned, the customers will be charged equipment fees for each piece.

    Early Cancellation Policy

    The early cancellation policy for DirecTV is simple – customers are not allowed to cancel early. If you cancel your service you will pay an early termination fee. If you don’t return the equipment, you will pay an equipment fee for each piece.

    There are reports in customer service forums that customers are forced to pay early termination fees if they move out of the area, whether by choice or due to a work transfer, even if service is unavailable in the new area.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    The customer service department will not likely work with you if you cancel your contract before the time minimum is up. It is also important to note that if you call to upgrade your receiver or other equipment, you will likely be signed up for a new contract from the beginning.

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    1. Whatever your choice may be, Directv seems to be the sports dominator! If you cannot not live without sports, then Directv is the clear winner! Hands Down! Imagine watching the football game with crystal clear clarity! Picture what your friends will say, when you have Directv, and they come over every sunday!-^

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    2. It is going to take a week and a half for a service call. In the meantime our TV’s will not be working. Is this a common practice?

    3. I had the most unpleasant experience with the Customer Service call center at DirecTV.
      My 2 year agreement with DirecTV is expiring this month.
      My plans are to go with another provider that better meets my needs. DirecTV forces a customer to call in to cancel service. No real problem though it is more of a hassle. When I told the representative of my plans, the conversation quickly became adversarial and hostile. The customer rep would not take NO for an answer and kept getting more and more belligerent. I was finally connected to a supervisor who accepted my cancellation request.
      DirecTV’s interaction with customers is so unprofessional. Beware of their cancellation practices.

    4. I think that this company is the biggest rip off there is out there! How can the American Public continue to use these crooks???

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