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    How to Cancel Service

    Dish Network offers television and Internet services, typically with a two-year contract. The two-year contract or 24-month agreement as it is commonly stated on advertisements, is the cost of getting services at a lower rate. For instance, customer sign up for an introductory rate that is 50-percent off the normal rate for the first 12 months, but after the first 12 months the customers have to pay a much higher price or face early termination fees. Either way, Dish Network is getting their money out of the deal.

    Customers with a Dish Network contract need to call 800-333-3474 to cancel their service. You will be asked personal information about your account to verify your identity. The customer service representative is trained to keep you on as a customer, but keep telling the representative that you wish to cancel. They will then calculate the total early termination fee based on the length of your contract and the number of months left on the contract.

    Visit the Dish Network website to read more about cancelling service at:

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    When you sign up for Dish Network services, you are signing up for a 24-month contract. The standard early termination fee is $420, which is reduced each month by a set amount not listed on the Dish Network website. The longer you keep the services, the less you will have to pay in early termination fees. There are other fees associated with early termination, including:

    • Dish’n It Up: $240 maximum
    • HD Free for Life: $240 maximum
    • Equipment Fees: from $50 to $400 maximum, depending on your equipment

    Early Cancellation Policy

    We could not find a detailed early cancellation policy for Dish Network and according to customer complaints, there may not be one. We found claims of a three-day grace period, 14-day grace period and 30-day grace period; none of which is stated on the Dish Network website.

    Technicians that come to your home to install your Dish Network receiver and dish are contracted out by Dish Network. There have been thousands of complaints over the years of techs promising grace periods and no early termination fees only for the customers to find out later that these claims are false. All customers must read the fine print of the Dish Network contract before signing any paperwork.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    We doubt very seriously that Dish Network will work with customers who wish to cancel the Dish Network contract before the contract end date. Customer service complaints report customers being charged anywhere from $50 to $700 for early termination. The fees are often listed as contract fees and equipment fees. There are even customers who have paid the early termination fee to Dish Network only to be charged for monthly services after the service is disconnected.

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    1. I signed up for Dish a few months agon and I lost my job 2 weeks ago. I am unable to afford my monthly dues and contacted DISH to explain my situation. I was informed that I will be charged a $400 termination fee regardless. I asked if i can make payments of $50 a month to pay the discconection fee and was told NO! So I have no money for car gas, food and basic utilities but DISH wants the entire $400. Contract or no contract, i there is no money, i cant pay $400. I didnt foresee lossing my job therefore i did not forsea having to terminate DISH services. I really liked DISH and would have returned the services once I have a steady income again. There has to be another way. My options at this point are either: 1) terminate and be sent to collections- never return to DISH again, 2) keep paying monthly bill for next 2 years even though I cant afford it (not an option). There has to be a better solution. HELP!!!

        • The only way i got out of paying the whole thing up front was i opened a credit card with no apr an payed my termination an final bill. An make payments to my credit card. Dish network said they would not raise my bill been with them since 2013 was paying 40.00 now 2015 im paying 180.00. My parents have them an been with for 9 yrs an their bill has not even went up a dollar they pay 40.00. Im done with dish told them their service sucks an their crouckered to their customers an surprised they are still in business.

        • I tried that and the manager suggested that I find ask the person who lives in my old apartment if they wanted to subscribe to dish and that would get me out of contract. I replied are you serious and he said yes. he said ask a family member, stranger etc.

          • No actually apartments do not need to allow dishes to be attached to their property. They are private property and the owners can impose rules that state no dish services allowed. They are not allowed to state that you cannot have TV service of any kind, but they can restrict who you use.

        • FCC rules state apartments and condos MUST allow residents to get DISH service. They can tell you where to place the DISH so that argument really does not work.

          • This is not true for private residences. My new landlord already has the house wired for a local service. Will not allow anyone else to drill into the house. DISH says “too bad” sell it to someone else or pay $300 fee for terminating after only 9 mo. And they have risen the cost of my service by a few dollars every month! And they never honored the $50 referral for me and my neighbor either. Rep says not entered right by installer. Always an excuse.

      • They let me “pause” my account for a maximum of 9 months at a cost of 5.00 a month. Ask for the “retention department”

      • Make sure you close what ever credit card or bank account they have on file and they won’t be able to charge you the early cancellation fee.

      • Cancel you debit card that you signed up with them on so they can not automatically draft you account… Then you control when they are paid….

      • I notice the date in this post is a few years ago but for future readers, I HAVE FOUND A LOOPHOLE TO GET OUT OF YOUR CONTRACT WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY THE TERMINATION FEE! :D
        I was having issues with billing almost every month, promised iPad when I first signed up but never got it because of some bogus reason & many other frustrating issues with dish. finally fed up with their service & asked several times to be out of the contract without having to pay the cancelation fee ($260 since I had another year left) I asked to obtain a copy of this contract I supposedly signed. I received the copy & noticed on signature of customer there was a – then on initials of customer another -. called & got escalated up to the office of the president & informed him that I should not be bound to a contract that I in fact did not sign nor was there a valid signature on the contract & because of this my service would need to be canceled & I would not have to pay the termination fee since I did not sign the contract agreeing to this. they waived the fee & canceled my service & I also did not have to pay the bill due. so, long story short. ask for a copy of the contract & if there is a dash on signature & initials, call presidents office & ask to cancel service & inform them they need to foot the bill for the termination fee.

        • Dear ME, obviously you have never had anything bad happen in your life and you have unlimited amounts of money. Yes, when contracts are signed there certainly is an obligation. But things happen in life. Jobs lost, serious illness, natural catastrophes, death, the list goes on. So some people can’t fulfill the obligation because of things beyond their control. Have some empathy and sympathy for other people less fortunate than you. If you have been having a perfect life then that is good but not everybody can say the same thing. And one other thing, sarcasm is NEVER productive.

        • I never bought a car or a house over the phone. “If you sign” is how the statement starts which is key, can you produce a contract with a wet signature on it? Personally I do not negate my obligations but I am tired of sales personal boasting products that never add up in the end. Don’t want to hear excuses, just deliver what was promised to make the sale or we are finished. This is known as false advertisement which seems to be out of control these days.

          • There is no number direct. But it does exist… they will go round and round with you before connecting you. And this method does work, but you have to give them 10 days to attempt to FIND the contract… in most cases they wont, but you call back and persist and they will let you out.

      • If you sign up for a 2yr contract then of course you are obligated to that contract. There are ways that you could better your situation and still fulfill your commitment without talking crap. If you go and purchase a car then 2 months later decide you can’t afford it you don’t get out scott free why would you expect any different with any other contract. You could take your service down to the lowest possible package and send back all but one receiver but wait then you would be able to watch every channel in every room free of charge. People just want to blame someone else for there own failings if you can’t afford Dish Directv a new car a new house anything that you might get stuck with a bill for longer than one payment then then don’t sign up for them. Big decisions are for adults either put on your big boy pants and own up to your bad choices or keep them to yourself.

        • I went through the worst possible ordeal with Direct TV. I had moved from Anaheim to Rancho Cucamonga and Verizon offered me cable thourgh Direct Tv since Time Warner was not available to me. I had no contract signed and had the dish installed and had to cancel 2 days later since the wind would not let me get signal. They came picked up the equipment and next thing you know i get a $500 bill in the mail. They said it was for a 2 year contract I Had signed up for. No such contracted existed they even stated they didnt have a contract but that the $500 was early termination fee which pays for the satelite dish. They didnt care that they had picked it up nor that I didnt sign a contract went to BBB and that got know where. If its states on there website about the 2 year contract they dont have to make you sign and i went to collections

        • I have on my big boy pants, the problem is that after 10 years and Dish continuing to drop channels that I pay for then that is a breach of contract on the part of Dish. Since Dish is the one in breach of contract there should be no cancellation fee since I am not getting the service I signed up for. I am still under contract because of upgrading the the hopper. I have lost two channels and now I am about to lose my local CBS affiliate.

        • wow. hopefully nothing bad ever happens to you in life. i hope you have people in your life that would want to help you than talk trash to you. sometimes things happen that are out of our control. way to go with the sympathy in the situation you only know a few things about.

        • Actually they do have to make you sign. They offer services without contracts as well and they must produce a legal signature or you can sue them for destroying your credit. It’s contract law. Must also prove the signature is yours. But I will say that an electronic signature is just as good as a paper copy.

      • I had a bundled service through Frontier, and called to get my TV service reduced to the cheapest possible package. They said the cheapest would be a DISH package and directly connected me with a person to schedule an installation. No one EVER said anything about a two year contract. A contract was never given to me to give me a chance to know what I was getting into. I probably signed something after the installation (crappy memory) but at that point I’m figuring that I’m agreeing that the tech installed successfully etc. The tech NEVER goes over a contract with you (unlike Comcast, who’s techs are very knowledgeable and disclose everything you need to know before they leave) warning you about early termination or anything.

        So a few months later I had to move from my home to an apartment and they came to reinstall at the new place. Said I have no line of sight and can’t get service there. Didn’t install anything, refused to take the old receiver and remotes, refused to remove the old dish off the previous house and want to charge ME $360 for early termination! I said no because it wasnt my idea to terminate, they just can’t fulfill their end of the deal so the fault is not mine. They said I should have CHOSEN A HOME THAT COULD RECEIVE THEIR SIGNAL. Like that’s anywhere on anyone’s priority list when choosing a home??
        Still fighting with them. Will consult a lawyer next AND ask them to send me a copy of this alleged contract I signed.
        I have and will continue to tell everyone I know Never to use them. They are crooks. Fortunately the CC they have on file for me has been closed so they really can’t get my money. Hopefully it won’t go on my credit report but I’ll keep an eye on that and contest it.

        • Hello, I saw your response about the 9 month no pause. I’m currently in this situation and my account is in a pause. Now truthfully it’s of no benefit to me because I will terminating my contract regardless. But the thing they don’t tell u is that putting in on a pause will extend your contract. So for example if you have a 24 month contract you do a 4 month pause and resume service. You have 4 more months added to your contract to fulfill the contract time. I hope you are able to get some assistance to get through it. I’m looking for other options as well. Peace to you.

      • I was told there is a “pause” alternative also. You can pause your account p to 9 months at a$5.00 a month fee

      • Mine Dish network will cost 480 to cancel i don’t know what to do and i really want to cancel it how will i save the money :/

    2. I too, after being informed of a period of grace, have been told that I owe $420. As victims of deceit, all we can do is keep spreading the word regarding the poor service DISH seems to spread around steadily, until the consequences affect the company.

    3. From our old location, I agreed to Dish Networks through a phone call with All Connect, a company which purported to represent many utilities in our new location. All Connect was recommended by our electric utility, PG&E. When we moved and paid for our installation, I was hit with a $45/month bill for basic service and only 1 PBS station, specializing in children’s shows. I have never paid more than $29/month for basic TV service (I have Netflix streaming and Amazon Prime streaming. I immediately canceled and was charged a $380 termination fee! I have never seen nor signed a contract directly with Dish, cannot see or hear my All Connect verbal agreement, cannot protest to Dish because they tell me to settle through All Connect, and now have to deal with a collection agency.
      All Connect and Dish Networks – stay away from them.

    4. I have the same exact problem as the rest of you. I got my dish installed 10 days ago and the technician told me that we might not get a signal for the local HD channels. When the technician saw the disappointment on my face, he told me that if I don’t like how the standard definition looks, I have 14 days to cancel if that doesn’t work out. So, I agreed for him to go ahead and finish the installation. The next day, I saw that my next door neighbor has their dish extended way up to the roof and turned to the southern sky, perhaps to get the reception that my technician did not get. I called them to ask if they can do the same thing and they refused my request because they said, according to the technician’s report, that there was completely no line of sight from the satellite that carries the local HD channels. The standard definition quality is absolutely crappy. That’s where we watch all of our football games and local news from. I then demanded to cancel it. After all, that’s how the technician got me into agreeing that he will go ahead and finish the installation. Well, that’s not the case. I should’ve asked for an evidence in writing that I do have 14 days to cancel if I’m not happy with the quality. They want to charge me $480 for early cancellation, PLUS $240 for the HD for life that’s included in the package. I was not even given a copy of the contract when the technician came last time. The customer service rep on the phone was very rude and not sympathetic. I asked for any other options and he just said, “you can cancel now and pay the cancellation fees or you can ride it out until the end of the contract.” I wanted to punch his face if only I could reach him over the phone. I looked them up on BBB and filed a complaint there. We’ll see if that will catch their attention.

    5. Id like to add myself to the list of innocent people that were taken advantage of by dish.

      Ive had the system running for 26 hours and have already cancelled due to them not providing me with what I clearly, specifically asked for.

      The told me they work “work with me” and only charged me 240.00


      lets not forget the 122.00 installation fee I already paid or the NEW installation fee I will no doubt, have to pay with a replacement provider.

      I cant begin to describe how I feel right now…

      what Lexie describes above is exactly what happened to me.

      THe sports HD channel will ONLY provide HD when a game is on.

      Want to watch the postgame show afterwards?

      Tooo bad.

      You can swing over to the terrible looking 480 if you want to watch that.

      Thanks for the tip about BBB.
      I just downloaded an app on my phone that records phone calls in an attempt to get them to state something that will get me a case and will also be going to the BBB to file.

      Good luck everyone.
      I hope that together, with the law on our side, we can wipe dish network off the map.

      • Agree completely. This is exactly my problem with Dish. It was just installed 5 days ago. Yesterday I got in the situation that the Tigers game was rain-delayed. When it finally started, I increased the record-timer as far as it would go. Unfortunately, when Dish says the game should be over, it’s over. All recording stops.

        “Well you could have switched over to the SD channel to watch it.”

        1. I was recording it because I wasn’t home.
        2. SD programming is unwatchable garbage.
        3. I am paying you for an HD package.
        4. You misrepresented yourself to me and you hold me liable for your inability to provide the service you promised.

        “Sorry. I can credit your account $5/mo because we misrepresented ourselves to you.”

        Dish is a pathetic excuse for a service provider.

      • Add my name to deceit by dish and add Hughes Net also!! Same scam!! Do not deal with Dish or Hughes Net spread the word!

    6. I will add myself also. I got my dish connected about 13 days ago with problem
      After problem. I will be faced with 800++ cancelation fee to get rid of them. Talking with a rep tomorrow to hopefully resolve this issue. If not i will be sending a complaint to BBB and my state and local attorney general. I refuse to pay for services that I am 100% dissatisfied with.

      • Hi Tracey,
        This I have been trying with them about canceling and getting the same responses. They offered me the $5 monthly payments you are talking about but this is putting a pause on you account and the contract time is not running. So, whenever you restart your regular programming, is when the contract re-activates and you will still have to complete the 2 yrs agreement.

        Thank you.

    7. wHAT A BUNCH OF CROOKS THAT Dish Only had service for a short time and kept loosing the signal,called them numerous times and was always told their over the phone fix.Told them it still does the same thing and could they send a repair man out. For $95 service charge! I hung up on that one. My wife called later that day and the charge would be $78.She tried too cancel the service and was quoted $250 to cancel. I ordered Cox and disconnected Dish eguip.called them,paid my bill for that month,and told them to get their equip. To my surprise I had to mail them their equip. at my expense. They sent me a e-mail that they received it and they are going to inspect it for damage. Another way to fleece money out of you.

      • I’m having problems as well, must reset the modem every day, threatening them with the BBB caused them not charge me with the repair mans visit. If this doesn’t fix the problem I will contact the BBB for the second time, the first was because they wouldn’t respond to my e-mails for help. Use the Better Business Bureau for what it is for. The more complaints to them the more likely Dish will do as they should or be forced out of business.

    8. Dish SUCKS, i signed a contract for $24 first 12 months and $34 the next 12 months, well the next 12 months it’s $50, they said I should of read small print and hung up on me, Customer service sucks the big one, seems like the FCC could do something to them, they were rated last year one of the top 10 suckie companys. Imagine that. I have posted on facebook, tweeted and put a piece in our local paper, get out and spread the word, this is the only way we can drive there business in the dirt

    9. worse satilite company going, don’t use, rip off. Say one this charge another, people need to drive them out of busness. Gte out and post as much as possible on every internet site you can

    10. I have also been taken by Dish and need a way out of the contract. The service is really bad, I canceled and they want the early cancellation fee. I feel I am being forced to pay for something that I didn’t get.

    11. I had dish network for 10 years and when I cancelled they charged money to my account that they weren’t supposed to and gave me a hard time about returniing it. I filed a compliant with BBB and advise everyone having problems with them to do the same.

    12. Was stunned. If you cancel, you have to pay for the shipping. Just Shocked. We were not getting the service and we complained, and they sent a technician and then dish charged me to fix their fault.

      This is not a company I will ever engage. Bad service, and so many fine prints and they really rip you out… Hope the words spread..

    13. Dish does lie here is a letter to them from me the account referred to was stopped and all equipment was returned to them picked up by there agent it was opened in March 2012 and stopped in the same month and on 02/28/13 they made an unauthorized by me they took 350.00 from my account said for early cancel I guess they forgot this letter to them and theirs to me, if any money was owed they owed me 600.00 for the their rep.that broke my flat screen TV, but it is not right for them to steal my money from my account without my permission please people don’t deal with this company, they lie cheat and steal from you and call it legal wish I could make money that way I would be rich.
      Your DISH account has been charged for unreturned equipment
      Account Number: 8255909841246942 Dear Christina, We have not received the fol…
      Jan 17
      john moore

      Jan 17

      to DISH
      I told you the service guy you sent out took ti back with him last yea r2012 I don’t have the equipment he told me he was authroised to and would return it to you all he was a dish serviceman and drove a truck he even unhooked it all and was ale to see the damage done to my RV and seen the 47 IN TV also where it broke the wall plate where it hooked to the cable, so please dont say I owe you you all still owe me for a TVit was only 3 months old and cost me over 600.00 to buy it new and the damages to my wall you have your equipment or they have it in there shop I am not stupid I have seen all the law suits against your company maybe I should report you to the BBB and file a claim your company to cause their is no way I am going to pay you for equipment that your serviceman removed from my trailor

    14. Just cancelled VR8 was not what I would call easy going but he did not put up to much of a fight to keep me either. They say I have to send back equipment and all and that is it. Hope if I come back in the future. If people start using satellite providers again. That things will run smooth.


    15. Around February 16, a technician from AT&T came to my house to install Uverse. Up till that time I have an AT&T bundle with Dish Network. I asked the AT&T technician what I need to do to get rid of Dish Network. He advised me to call AT&T/Uverse Customer Service. I called the CS immediately. I was told not to worry, AT&T will cancel my Dish Network Account. Few days later when I had issues to discuss with regard to the Uverse, I asked the AT&T CS again if the Dish Network Services had been cancelled. I called AT&T again the third time because I was afraid of being hit with Dish Network for the service I have not received or to pay for two services at the same time for the same period. My fear was confirmed when Dish Network hit me with a bill, albeit in advance of the month I never owed, because I was always paying my bill in advance to AT&T. I called AT&T service and was told it was my responsibility to call Dish Network. Now, Dish Network is asking me for a fee to return their receivers and remote controls, and some other things with a fee. I was wondering how long can one lease Dish Network equipment before it loses all its value. I have been with Dish Network for Six Years. The CS at Dish Network was even trying to get me into the task of climbing the roof of the house for their dish. Since Dish Network brought their business to my house, I think the right thing is for them to come and get their equipment out of my house. I might have leased their equipment, but I have also help them to store those equipment in my house for six years. I am worried the way Dish Network deals with customers.

    16. i never signed any contract, never saw one. i certainly didn’t agreed to three years. no “meeting of the minds”, no agreement, no contract. terrible programming, poor service, i want out.

    17. I know a lot of you are trying to find a way out of Dish cheap. One possible solution is transferring your account to a family member of friend. I’m not sure what other charges come from that, but it’s worth looking into if some of you are in need of help.

    18. I cancelled my inferior service 6 days after installation. Dish doesn’t come close to offering current technology in my small town and it didn’t fit the lifestyle of a disabled family. I’ll have to wait to see how hard they hit me but it’ll be worth the price for the education. I will do everything I can do to steer everyone I know and everyone I meet away from Dish.

      • You don t want to do that. It will go on your credit file,go on their website cancel auto pay + when they send u a bill write a check + put on the back of the check: Paid under protest,that way when a class action lawsuit is filed against them,you will get your money back.

    19. Dish Network are complete crooks! After being with them for 9 years, they want to charge me a cancelation fee because we could not get a signal after moving to a new home. We had done an equipment upgrade & were under a two year contract, at the time we had no idea we would have to move, we had been in our rental home for 6 years. We set up a dishmovers, for the day we moved, no one ever showed up. We called & they said they cancelled the apt. because we never confirmed it via E-mail, well that might be difficult because we did not have any internet until we would be moved into our new home. So we had to wait another 4 days to get another tech out to tell us that we would not be able to get a signal. The tech indeed told us that we should be released from our contract because there was no signal available. Called to disconect & was told I would have to pay a $175 cancelation fee. On top of this they want me to pay $17 to ship each reciever back, $68 to ship thier fricken equipment when they have a major office about 3 miles from my house. But no one is allowed to drop equipment off there! If this is how they treat a loyal customer after nine years then I do not believe they value or treat any of thier customers well. They will never get a dime from me I cancelled the credit card they had on file & instead of them having a loyal customer telling everyone about a good experience of nine years of service they get someone who will tell everyone what crooks they are!

      • guess dish is not a good choice tired of dealing with these arrogant people it is all about the $…..once contract is up wont deal with this company ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. I cancelled on 1/18 (only 3 mos into the contract). My last bill was charged on my charge card 3/10. I wanted to see the bill and they said I wouldn’t have access to it till 3/18!! I had to pay a $385 cancellation fee plus $22 in reversed fees and Dish charged me $17 to ship the boxes back plus $1.02 tax. NEVER AGAIN DISH! I’m just glad to be rid of them!

    21. I have had dish for over a year now, had problems with them from the start… first they had some outside company come install my dish and such, mind you, they said installation was free… but because they used an outside company to install it, they charged me $50… I asked dish how this company even got my bank info and they say “no comment”… well I let that go and everything was going good. Until I moved out of my house (put my service on hold) well I just moved into an apartment complex that does not let you have a dish without having to jump through a bunch of hoops. They took my account off of hold, without contacting me about a month ago and I go to check my bank account today. They charged me $93 for last month and this month. Then when I told them I can’t have a dish so I need to cancel service they try to tell me my apartment can’t tell me that I can’t have a dish… Obviously they can because it says so RIGHT in my lease. But whatever, & then they try to charge me $240 for cancelling service? It is not my fault that I can’t have freaking dish where I live. they should really have an opt out option for these so called contracts!

    22. Just cancelled Dish after 13 years with them. The programming was crap with A&E showing Storage Wars all day for instance. I was transferred twice having to explain each time why I was cancelling to three separate people. I was offered free upgrades and a $10.00 price reduction but I wanted rid of it. I was not asked to return any equipment as I was told I own it. Now I knew I bought the two set-top boxes but I don’t remember buying the actual dish. I’ve spent over $10,000.00 for, basically, crap. Free at last.

      PS. As I never give anyone my credit card info for directly charging my card (I always pay by check) I don’t think they can get any more money out of me. I was bundled (another mistake) with my phone so I will contact my phone company when I receive the next bill from Dish as “it’s already been processed”.

      Never again.

      PPS. I now have 12 free over-the-air channels from my digital antenna all in HD. Sweet.

    23. I just got off the ph with a Dish Supervisor. Laugh at this. They are charging me a monthly rental fee of $9 on a receiver I can’t use and I can’t send back. I had a Tech come out to my apt. complex. The line of site to the satellite is literally through my roof. I am in an apt complex… I have had to have the acct put on suspension for over a year. Now they want to charge me $230 for the ETF which they say I signed… His advice ? I should have taken the time to read the contract. I DID ! so for those of you who are as angry as I am… call the state atty office. If enough of us do this we can get a class action against Dish, maybe that will get their attn

    24. DISH has the worst rules of business EVER…..I too lost my job and tried to cancel my subscription and DISH wanted a cancelation feed. I WILL call my State Atty’s office. I WILL tell anyone I come in contact with that DISH is the worst. I happened to get someone nice the 2nd time but the first when i asked for a supervisor the rep said she had just as much discretion to change the acct. as her which makes them both not helpful. ROKU-Apple-FreeTV go go go and put companies like this out of business.

    25. Dish Network is a joke and to be honest crooks. They charged me a unauthorized charge to my debit card for 262.50 for early termination fee which is no where to be read or found on there site. I have contacted my banking institution and they said this very common with dish. crooks crooks crooks fortunately I have insurance for things like this thru my bank………

    26. I have been reading the comments from dish customers. I too am very dissatisfied with dish network. From the beginning, they sent someone to hook up my dish and he did not use the dish required cables. He also hooked into an existing box that was put there by a prior company . I’ve had problems with them a number of times such as losing the signal for no reason, having to have another person come to repair the first mistakes , having a double payment taken out of my acct. I have been unhappy with them but still have tried to honor my contract (that I’ve never seen) and now they say that my monthly bill is $10.00 more than what they had told me it would be when my first year expired. The programing is horrible and I seem to be stuck for another year. I’m going to take some advise from people on this site and report them and try to get out of the contract .

    27. I moved to an apartment where mounting dish satellite is not allowed. The Tech who came to my apartment conformed that too in his note when he was about to install. The Tech advised me to talk to customer service about the situation & avoiding early cancellation fee.
      Later I called CS & briefed her about my situation but to my horror disbelief the agent told me to pay full cancellation fee. Talked to Sup & it just got worse. Have no idea what to do next????

    28. I was told I had a 400$ balance plus a ton of cancellation fees topping 700$. I used my 17$ a month law firm from Legal Shield to take care of the problem, not only did I get a phone call with apologies, I received a final bill of 115$. That’s something to be proud of! Worry Less. Live More.

    29. Sadly I switched to DISH Network after four years as a COMCAST customer due to a relocation.My first experience with DISH was having the installer not show up at all. The second installer did show up late but was friendly. When I contacted DISH they did agreed to knock $20 off my bill for the inconvience. I reluctently agreed to go ahead with the install. The cost of dish was more than my previous basic cable. Since initial installation I have experienced several problems with the DISH itself, losing signal & currently offline. I grew very tired of contacting DISH who offered to send out a technician , recalling the first two experiences & the fact that I’d waited nearly all day for their arrival. I cannot wait all day for them to arrive as I am a full time employee & single parent. As a result I have been forced to watch shows I was lucky enough to record during the brief periods that my dish was working. I’ve been without service since January 2013 so I called to get my service disconnected . I explained everything to the DISH reps that I explained here & their answer is that I will still have to pay a $350 disconnect fee on top of a $190 bill for service, or “lack of service” I was told that if I would reconnect my service they would send out a tech & fix the dish..I simply can’t continue to go through this anymore. I was a COMCAST customer for 4 years with excellent service, no issues & much cheaper , I could watch NETFLIX with them with their highspeed internet & cable package grand total monthly $60- now my DISH & Century Link combines run me about $120 a month! I can’t watch NETFLIX with this plan either..big dissapointment. I’d advise anyone to think twice about getting DISH, consider your location, other options because even when they are wrong they won’t admit it & they seem to only want the money although I have received very little service from them. I am posting on every website that I can with the exact same post because I hope that this company will eventually be made to reimburse everyone for the wrongful business practices & adding uncessary charges & fees. As a military retiree I know alot of people & I won’t refer anyone I meet or know to DISH. Shady business practices tend to lead companies like this to the front door of the Better Business Buerea or to court rooms where they eventually have to pay up. Is taking $350 from dissatisfied customers who desire to disconnect really worth gaining a poor reputation!?!?

    30. Dish sucks. I always lose singal. I tried canceling and they said I had to pay 300 dollars to cancel. What! I did not agree to that. How could anyone agree to something over the phone read by a person (not an automated system). The man read so fast I ha to ask him to slow down. Also I signed up for basic cable. 19.95 a month. My bill is 42.50 a month and they recently raised it to 52.50. Still basic cable! Avoid dish if possible! There service is horrid, and they are nothing but professional scammers.

    31. To: JOE CLAYTON, President and CEO DISH Network



      I am writing today to express my dissatisfaction with my Internet service provided by DISH.
      The service was installed around November of 2012 and has always been unreliable at best. I have not been able to access the service when needed; and for several months I have had no access.
      I made several calls to customer service for repair. The two technician visits I did receive were effective for about a day of service. I was advised that the problem was resolved and also that there was no problem. However, I am still unable to connect to the internet. I was also warned that if a technician came out again I would be charged a fee of $95.00.
      In my contract with DISH it is agreed that I will pay my bills promptly and that DISH will provide service. I have paid my bills despite NOT HAVING SERVICE. However, DISH has not provided that internet service and I want my service disconnected and I WANT THE TERMINATION FEE WAIVED since DISH has not fulfilled its part of the contract by providing service.
      I spoke with Operator Danielle, ID # 9YC and her supervisor yesterday 5/30/2013 who both repeatedly advised me that they would not waive the fee and that if I wanted a technician to come out that I would be charged. I reminded them that technicians have come out and have told me that there is no problem despite the fact I still have no service. They did not care and advised me to pay the termination fee and/or pay for a technician visit as my only two options.
      Your help is appreciated,

      Laura DISH customer #

    32. I have been a Dish Network customer since 1995, but the cost of my service increased 80% since the beginning of the year, with the exact same programming (Dish Starter Pack, originally with no DVR fee on my old DVR-501). That’s more than the service is worth to me, so I called to cancel.

      The rep offered a discount for a few months, but that wasn’t enough to win me over. She was polite and professional, and didn’t argue or belabor the point. I own the equipment outright and have never been under a contract with them, so this was pretty easy as far as cancellations go.

      They aren’t all horror stories.

    33. I tried to cancel dish. They wouldn’t let me after we sold our home. So I lower the plan to nothing. So I have a low payment.

    34. I cancelled today. Lucky for me the service tech that installed the hardware forged my signature on the contract. I never even saw the contract until it was emailed to me. They said if I chose to cancel I wouldn’t be charged a fee. We shall see when I get the final bill. I will immediately file a complaint with the BBB if there is any fees on it other than my last month of service.

    35. I am JUST like the rest of you…totally disgusted with the dishonesty and utter lack of any semblance of customer service with DISH…they promised me a service they never had…LIED to me about it, and now threaten to charge me the enormous cancellation fee you all mention. They deserve not only to be out of business, but to have criminal charges brought against them for fraud.

    36. Jesus Christ I got Dish 1 day ago and I tried canceling like 10 minutes ago and there telling me I have to pay $480.00, are your freakin kidding me this is a crime.

    37. I HATE DISH NETWORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE! Worst customer service EVER. What can I do to get the fee waived or lessened????

    38. I am very unhappy now because just connect the service and did not explain any of the deals that Dish Network has for its new clients and I have regular boxes without high definition without the hopper and the whole home DVR, I have just as 6 hours with the service and try to cancel and they told me that I have to pay 400 dollars for cancelation, does not seem right, perhaps they do not care that their customers to be happy with the service, I offered to stay with them if I get the hopper and the hd channels and do not want, they played with me but I’m going to order q my friends do not put dish network ever, would not recommend it to anyone.

    39. You sign a contract, a legally binding contract that locks you in for more than likely 2 years. Therefore, you cannot break said contract without paying out the terms of the contract. It’s not rocket science people.

      • It sounds like jennifer works for dish. We got internet thru dish about 4 months ago. It does not work. They have sent techs out 3 times. I called dish and they don’t care if it works or not. We cannot get out of the contract. We got to pay 20 more months for internet that don’t work.

      • Really Jennifer? So it’s okay to raise rates from those contracted for a bunch of programming we don’t use, and then remove programming we do use while charging higher rates? You think that is reasonable? I’m willing to bet the civil court system wouldn’t see it your way. Contracts are not intended to benefit only one party.

      • So if it’s a legally binding contract how can DISH not honor their responsibility for providing a service that was contracted for? If you move to an area where the service is not available then THEY are in violation not the consumer. And yet they still want to charge a fee for a contract THEY violated? DISH has no big-boy pants and it must be rocket science because they don’t get it.

    40. We just signed up we have a poor to unusable signal
      twice I waited 5 hours for the installer to show up
      to see if they can improve signal both times they didn’t
      show up…..they have not lived up to there end of the contract. We have had other issues with them, two weeks into our new install they canceled our free show hbo etc
      billing was 2 calls and is messed up again…

    41. I am a DISH customer for 5 weeks. I am sooooo dissatisfied. I feel despair at reading all these comments . I am stuck for 23 more months. Wish I knew all this before I signed up. I lived with a few friends for a couple of years. We had Direct TV under one person’s name. When they moved I went with Dish… a big mistake.

    42. I will be moving pretty soon because of my health condition. I am a cancer patient and I talk to Dish about this. First he ask me if there is a family member that would take over the account and i said no, he said the only way you can not pay the cancellation fees is under extreme circumstances, I asked what it is , he said, if you are dead.

    43. I have only been a customer of dish for not even one day and had issues. They entered my order wrong in the computer and only installed a 2 room installation when i was suppose to have gotten a 4 room installation. Well i calles their csr department and told them what was happening and let me tell you they were trying to charge me $100 for the other equipment for the other 2 rooms. Very very unprofessional people displeased with their services and the way they talked to you was horrible. Any ways if you were or are calling 1-866-414-6086 number you will not get anything resolved. Theres another number that you can call and they are wonderful and will be the same with everyone else. They are called the LOYALTY TEAM 1-800-333-3474 make sure you ask for them directly. They will ask why and i told them it was due to poor customer service and the dishonesty in what they sell there customers and they transferred me right away and my issue was resolved in less than 5 mins. I hope this helps!!!!!!!!

    44. I got it two days ago and it doesn’t have OnDemand service like Comcast does. I want it canceled right away! Hopper, internet, the whole bundle. Fuck you, Dish! I’m going back to Comcast!

      • I am filing a law suit tomorrow, ive had service for 21 days when I called to order I was told that I had a thirty day money back guarantee. I order the sports package, some cartoon channel s for my kids and a few others well I didn’t receive them after calling many times and being treated like total crap I finally came to the conclusion of terminating and was told that the contract that I didn’t sign mind you nor did I even read a contract states that they dont have a 30 day money back guarantee. Im not playing with these people my family has a very good lawyer and I am calling him tomorrow. Also after telling the person on the phone the only reason I agreed to service is because I saw it online that they had that he then called me a liar and told me go ahead call a lawyer it wont get you anywhere. Well I found the website among other things that will help my case and printed everything.

    45. I agree,someone needs to file a class action lawsuit against Dish,if someone starts one,everyone will join, and that will be the only way to stop dish’s LIE’S.+ put them out of business. I was lied to,they said mailing labels take 30 days to send out,I told them you GOT to return the equipment before 30 days,otherwise you pay for it + only then did I rcv my mailing labels in 2 days. Plz someone start a class action lawsuit,I would if I knew how to.

    46. I got dish to get their high speed internet. What a joke. This is the worst internet provider. It simply doesn’t work. When I called Dish, the response was more or less “too bad.” To turn it off, they will charge me $400. They refused to work with me. I am very disappointed.

    47. My contract end in sept now there try charge me..
      For Sept now all of sustain my contact start in oct.
      told them cancel my service today no more lies rip me off.
      with all these fee;s come up with last minute so i would paid them told cancel the service bunch of crooks .
      Always try dip in ,y pocket then treat like crap laugh.
      In your face.

    48. They take away channel don’t even telling anyone over.
      Charges then bill changes it goes up always work for. Every dime out my pocket after that customer service rep laugh. in my face yeah i really want give my money peoples like.
      Treat you like crap too much attitude.

    49. I put dish network because the authorized dealer sales person told me that if i dont like the service or have any trouble with dish I had 30 days to call and cancel my contract without any penalty to pay. i tried it for 12 days I got on the mail a bill for 43.50? i said what? paid for a service that is too bad bad bad the signal turns off several times a day and the customer service is horror so i call to cancel the contract on day 12 and they told me i have to pay I have to pay 420 dollars for cancelation, does not seem right, perhaps they do not care that their customers to be happy with the service people spread the word and if all the people can sing a petition so the goverment cant help us in this issue, someone please help us DISH SUKS

    50. I just moved last week and called AT&T to order Internet and Uverse
      TV service. They agreed to hook up Internet, but told me Uverse not available at my new location. I challenged that information several times, and clearly asked that they double check- sure they were wrong. They insisted no Uverse, but could bundle me with Dish Network. I had no experience with Dish, but was told it was only option.
      Dish guy and AT&T installers came the same day. AT&T guy said if course I could have had Uverse, the neighborhood is set up. Too late.
      30 minutes after Dish guy left- lost signal, remote stopped working, etc. For next two nights spent over 2 hours with their “support” people trying to fix. One week later, I still haven’t been able to watch TV, and now realize I can’t cancel without huge penalty. I’m considering paying the $480.00 , just to get rid of Dish. I’ll stream content, talk to AT&T again, whatever. I learned a painful and expensive lesson. Dish doesn’t care

    51. I live in CT service goes out every time it rains. Dish is only tv company in the northeast that does not have SNY New York
      Sports channel so no New York or Connecticut local sports. No daily New York Mets baseball or University of Connecticut sports.

    52. I also hate dish company. but I read on a couple posts that if I say I’m moving that i wont be charged the outragious disconnect fee… Ill will let you all know if it works.

    53. same problems here. They also cancelled thier contract with channel 62 and that is the one station i got tv for. So mad right now dont know what to do.

    54. if you used a bank card drafting from your account, call bank and have the draft stopped or go in in person, have card shut down. if dish turns it in on your credit, you can always right a personal statement that will attach to your credit report anytime it is pulled by anyone. state the reasons out of your control for having to cancel, etc. be done with it. you can watch lots of your favorite channels by googling them and watching that way for free. a&e, history channel, military channel, fox news, etc. google in “watch blah blah blah for free entire movie” and watch many movies not even out on dvd yet for free… or watch on Netflix and hook to your tv for huge screen. so many options. probably lots of people are pulling out and dish people are trained how to be tyrants and COLLECT THAT 700, 400, 250!!! or however much they can as you walk out the door. Lots of people will pay because they don’t want anything on their credit… but this is not a tangible good that you are stealing… it is rented service. no biggie. cancel the draft/bank card and GET OUT!!! Attach a writ to your credit explaining professionally your reasons why if they ever turn you in. No worries.

    55. try placing your service on a seasonal or temporary disconnect, i believe the monthly fees for this are very low, and no early term fee is applied

    56. Nothing can be done about it. I hate them too, but it is what it is. We gotta pay up and move on. Spread the word for sure. They truly sucketh……

    57. Dish Network Will Immediately Debit Your Credit Card or Debit Card

      Before cancelling your Dish Network account, be sure to have the credit card or debit card you used when signing up changed to prevent them from immediately charging a disconnection fee. Otherwise, if you signed up using a debit card they could cause you to bounce checks if the amount in your account isn’t sufficient upon cancelling. If you signed up using a credit card, they could cause you to be charged extra expenses if it puts your account over the limit. Also, don’t pay your bill with a new credit card or debit card before cancelling. Dish Network will take the numbers you have given them in the past when paying your bill, and they will debit your account without permission rather than allowing you to pay by check when the funds are available.

    58. Very disappointed in DISH salepersons who try to make you feel like you’re getting a great deal already from them. I called because Cox and Uverse offer apps that do not require DVR hoppers or special sling dings to watch your channels on mobile devices. And all of the salepersons tried to act like their technology was so superior. Yeah right, the sling adapter is old dude. This should be a free service because Dish has no program to reward its loyal customers. Anyway, It would cost me nearlt $300 plus extra monthly charges to upgrade my receiver from a 007 to a Colt 45 receiver just so I can have DVR and a sling. Huh? It costs less to cancel it! Make no mistake, my attorney will read the fine print and I’ll probably just pay it mo. by mo. because there are hidden costs. This is a bad company, built of deceit. That is why they contract out the service techs – because they know the liability goes to the potty. Boooo to DISH.

    59. I’m now on the last month of my god-awful TWO YEAR contract with Dish Network and will be cancelling it next month. After reading all these comments I’m now scared to call them, feeling like I’m going to get screwed over by Dish. My original installation was free and they did show up on time. Install went fine and I’ve never had any problems with my Dish service for two years…and I do like the free Sirius/XM radio stations I get…which saves me around $15 per month. After the “cheap” first six months of Dish however, the price went up from $29 per month to almost $70 per month..with no pay channels. I hate just about every channel that I get. A ton of infomercials and pure crap for the most part. Just suffering through the remainder of my contract. I would have NEVER signed a TWO YEAR contract for satellite TV, but where I lived at the time there was no cable available for some reason. Even though my experience with Dish has not been horrible like everyone else’s, I still wouldn’t recommend Dish Network or signing a two year agreement to anyone.

    60. Wow and wow.I had dish many years ago when the fist came out they were Jhoney on the spot.Was thinking of getting them again.No way not going to happen.These guys have took and nose dive butt first.I so sorry for all of you that are stuck fighting to get free.God that hearts to here this.Dish what have you done these people are hard working humens.Set them free

    61. Dish cannot connect me to the internet. They said that this is a pervasive problem.Even though the cannot provide the service I am paying for they will charge me 700.00 for early cancellation. They said that they would offer me three free movies for compensation. However, I can’t access these movies because they cannot connect me to the internet.

    62. Keep the crappy service at least a year then go to charter cable if it available and they pay $200.00 of the early termination fee.

    63. I open my account with my brothers credit card and I was paying my monthly bills with the Green Dot Visa Card after 7 months of service I was moving out of state into an apartment complex the does not allow satellite service so I call them to cancel they told me to send the equipment back and I did 3 months later they didn’t charge my brothers credit card the 300 and $ 325 early termination fee this company is the worst company when it comes to customer service I will never recommend them nor will I ever have service with them again

    64. I opened an account 2 hours ago. I don’t get the HD promised. I upgraded thinking I would get standard channels that I liked but did not. Just a bunch up sales, shopping,infomercial and old show channels.
      They said even though it has only been 2 hours of service , I would have to pay a $480. cancellation fee!!The technology sucks ! I feel like I’v been duked. I’m not happy with the service at all .A bunch of crappy crap crap !I will be making a report to the BBB.I’m sad now. I have a feeling it will last for 2 years.

    65. I am trying to cancel my Dish service now. They want to charge me $420 + $440 for canceling TV and internet.

      This is after they just increased my price per month of $5, which is surely a breach of contract?

      I was not happy with either service –

      1. Internet latency was close to 2 seconds (DSL is 32 milliseconds)
      2. Sound and picture never matched
      3. There is a 5GB/month cap (5 hours of Netflix per month)

    66. My mom called to find out what services they offered. Well this guy Adam from Florida was telling her his whole life story. He told her that she could get internet and phone, but did not state she has to find providers for those services! We’ve had nothing but problems since the dish has been hooked up. 6 techs have come out to either put in the right equipment or to fix their shit! My mom was just on the phone again for 2 hours trying to cancel the service. And she is looking for a attorney! She never signed any contract. And she keeps getting passed around like a damn joint. Our old cable company told us that they will do this. Any idea how to kick these assholes to the curb?

    67. Wow. Unbelievable. I thought I was an isolated case with Dish service, billing and the $424. cancellation fee.
      I am in the process of contacting the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office. I had Dish installed in July, very minimal service. I had moved to another town with my son-in-law, daughter and granddaughter for two years.
      When I returned to my home I chose Dish as I had them for several years previous to moving. I was satisfied. However, not one billing statement was correct between July 2013 and October 2013. I had spent hours and hours on the phone each month to rectify the billing errors for basic service to one television. I was told that even though my records showed my dissatisfaction and though I had logged the time and detail of each call, that I would have to pay the outrageous fee to separate from their company without recourse. I spoke to their retention department and asked for the next in line but there was no resolution to be had. In the course of the four months I lost the debit card I originally signed up with and then paid with online bill pay through my credit union. Who wants to be held hostage by a company whose tactics are little more that financial terrorism. I would like to set up a separate email address and have all dissatisfied customers, present and former, weigh in.
      All in favor say “aye”.

    68. These are not nice people to deal with! We called Dish Network to provide services to which they subcontracted a company called Home Connect without our knowledge who came installed the Dish Network equipment than without our permission charged our credit card $49.99 for an installation fee that they had no permission to charge to begin with. Now we are disputing with our credit card company Discover who is aware Home Connect had zero permission to charge us to begin with. Discover advised us to contact Dish Network to see if the issue could be resolved thru them, But to no avail as all we received was the run around. Finally I advised Dish Network to have the service removed to which they informed us that we would be charged a $400 & Change early termination fee. This is not a good company and I wish I had read all these previous dissatisfied postings before I ever got involved. Terrible what people do to other people just to make money!

    69. Had my Dish services transferred to my new address. The tech said he couldn’t get a signal. Then a supervisor came out (same day) agreed signal was not obtainable due to trees on my neighbors property. The supervisor told me I would not be charged an early termination fee because this was out of my control. Supervisor said to call Dish the following day to cancel my account and he would put his notes in concerning reasons why services unable to be provided. Dish would send me a pre paid postage envelope to return my box and remote. I called and was told the tech and supervisor that came to my home didn’t have the authority to tell me I wouldn’t be charged the early termination fee. I talked with about 6 different supervisors and emailed customer service. No one cares what I was told and pay up!!! Extremely dissatisfied with how this was handled. I will also spread the word to never sign up for Dish!!!

    70. Dis network are crooks do not sign up
      Terrible and I mean terrible programming
      Service tech never showed after waiting five hours
      Going to cancel service let them try to collect
      You are stupid if you use them in Columbia sc area

    71. I’ve had service for 1 wopping day and I HATE it! I came across all these complaints as I was googling Dishs cancellation policy. I at least thought you would have 30 days. Fuck these people, nothing works like they say, I’m so pissed I left Verizon after 4 years of service with absolutely NO problems just to try and get cheaper service. I’ll shut off the card I used and won’t pay a dime, the service sucks ass. DO NOT GET DISH, BIGGEST MISTAKE!

    72. I was told of a 30-Day cancel period by the installer.
      Not true. When I tried to cancel Dish told me I would have to pay a $420.00 cancel fee, plus? I did not ask about the plus. I decided to take only the basic service and reduce my out of pocket to the minimum. The way in which I was treated leaves a lot to be desired I cannot recommend DISH to anyone, they are a SCAM outfit and I rue the day I ordered them. Whenever anyone, anytime asks me or I have a chance to badmouth them in my public speaking engagements, I do. I tell thousands of people about them. As an ordained minister, I hope my truth carries some weight and DISH will become honest in their marketing and service. I was lied to and they denied it.

    73. I wonder what would happen if all the people who dislike DISH and feel scammed could get together and file a class action suit against them. Certainly with all the lawyers out there someone would grab up this opportunity.

    74. I got dish for internet and tv last June. My roommate and I decided to make that change. After a short time we realized that the internet part of the service was the worst I had ever experienced. So we canceled and kept only the television stations. They also put the dish on the roof without my permission. Now I am in a position where I can no longer keep the service. My roommate passed away unexpectedly 5 days before Christmas. I have lost half the rent so I cannot afford the dish and where I will be staying, at someone else’s house is where I cannot bring the dish. With all this bad news I am reading I am afraid I may have the same problem. I was ale to legally cancel my apartment least early with out penalty due to the loss of the other tenant I do not understand why Dish makes it so hard. I am afraid to call them. I cannot change my account until I get my direct deposit changed with Social security and that always takes a month or two. Does anyone know if there has been any change in how Dish deals with special circumstances at all. Thank you. Dan

      • Before my wife and I got married, we both had Dish at our on apartments. Because we did not need two accounts with DISH, I phoned them letting them know that we had married and would like to consolidate into one account. The customer service rep and supervisor were both jerks. They said that we had a contract and must pay $360 to cancel one account. I politely informed them that they would have to pry the cash from my cold dead hands before they ever got anything from me. I put a stop payment on the credit card number that they had on file. Believe me, they tried to get it. My wife was called by an automated service from DISH at least 5 times a day for around two weeks. Eventually the calls stopped. Also, this is not on her credit report either. Dish just tries to strong arm people into paying ridiculous amounts of money for Crap. Good Luck everyone.

    75. I had dish for almost 2 years and changed to Directv who also has an ECF, which is illegal!! Do some of your own checking online about Early Cancellation Fees and see how many lawyers have taken cell phone, cable and satellite cos to court over it. Do NOT pay those illegal fees! You will have to put up with the phone calls from Diversified Consultants, who handles Dish’s collections, but these fees are illegal and should not be paid.

    76. I was with direct tv for 12 years and i moved to another house and direct tv does not service that area so i called dish network, the worst mistake. i come to this point where i don’t care if they report me to credit. service is sucks, customers sucks. feeling so frustrated but at this point i requested to see my contract they are stalling. i’ll wait until they send me to credit and i will ask for them to provide the contract because i didn’t sign any contract. DON’T GET DISH NETWORK!!!!!!!!!

    77. I was very happy with DISH for about 7 months, then the hopper started freezing and requiring a reboot every few months, then every few weeks and now almost every day. I have a new hopper (my 3rd total in a year) and reboots on its own, freezes and needs the reset button pressed.

      I would think there is an expectation of service that they are required to meet in order to uphold their end of the 2 year agreement.

      I’ve come 180 degrees on DISH now, it’s not worth the money saved. As it’s not equal to the aggravation caused.

    78. This company should fold. Their customer service people are under pressure to get your money. As a result, they are rude, as their supervisors are probably rude to them. The whole company is under pressure. I got tired of this company raising the cost of my service so I switched to U-Verse. Cancelling service with Dish is not a good experience. They make it as difficult as possible. Never again will I have Dish Network; and I was with them for 12 years.

    79. dish sucks, had them for years on my tv, then got internet, big mess up there it sucks, used all my usage for the month after 4 days of servcie. and i have to pay 70.00 a month…… DONT FALL FOR IT PEOPLE!!! cant get out of the contract, got to pay 420.00 anyways after a 99.00 setup fee, RUN, RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN AWAY FROM DISH

    80. I recently connected with dishnetwork wish i would have read all of this prior to me signing up with these people I feel they are scrutinize by this company They are terrible and are stealing your money Government We need to create a formal complaint were we are forced to sign a contract and provided a grace period after all these people are coming into our home providing a service and do not meet with their end of the bargain and you are still being force to pay not on my watch I will begin a petition stop dishnetwork

    81. I signed up over the phone last night. They had told me that my new place was eligible for internet in that area… I didnt even want cable. I only did it because it was cheap and I thought that it would be nice for my girls. He transfered me to the internet specialist after he had already told me I was good to go I just had to figure out whatever installation for the internet. They couldnt get me through to someone sooo they said they would call me the next day and get it set up. He called me the next day and transfered me. I was on the phone for less than 20 seconds… they told me that they dont have coverage. So not only did I pay 121 for installatio b fees… all I wanted was internet.. and I tried to cancel it…. they told me to call in the am. Probably by then it will be 24 hours since they installed it.. to make me pay wven more money. liars theives go to hell dish

    82. They are crooks there’s a tech who has come to my apartment building twice to hook up new tenants and then just randomly unhooks mine. Then I have to pay for them to come out for my own tech visit and take the time off of work to wait around for them. The last time they charged the tech visit right when I made the appointment then added it to my monthly bill again. They refuse to take the 2nd charge off so I just paid my bill minus the 2nd tech visit charge. I have contacted them 4 times with no response. I can’t wait to cancel at the end of this month when I move and no longer can have Dish. When they try to give me the speech they give to try to keep customers I am gonna let loose on them with all the issues I have.

    83. I today have canceled my service with Dish. I had a 2 yr. contract and 1 year has passed and they told me that I owed $260.00 for early termination of contract. I have signed up with Charter on a promotional bundle, which will save me about $50.00 a month. After reading all your complaints, I feel leery of what may happen to me. I am trusting they will do what they promised to do. Charter agreed to pay $200 toward the charge leaving me to pay $60.00. I had trouble with dish trying to talk me into staying with them, and telling me how much better their service was compared to Cable. They told me I could be put on “pause” for $5.00 a month for 9 months just in case I decided to come back with them. I pray I will not find out that there are a lot more expenses with this. Can I trust this plan? According to the amount due, they must charge $20 for each month pending and not $17.95. I hope I have not made a big mistake as I am an elderly senior citizen on a fixed income, I thought I’d be saving about $50. a month going with Charter. It is a promotional bundle also.
      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    85. We got dish which they said we would have our shows which are amc, the cw, n Fox. Four hrs later we tried canceling dish cuz we don’t have the cw which is only channel I watch. They told us we couldn’t cancel n cancellation fee was $1200. My husband said they told him over the phone they would refund if he wasn’t happy. Now they have to listen to the call again n will call us in ten days.. Dish is just horrible were getting directv back again.

    86. I have dish I only have 7 months left with them and I swear everytime someone ask me about I say stay aways dish has poor customers service they get rich from lies.I ask for dish WITHOUT contract and when they installed after a month I said I need to cancel they ask why is there anything we can help with I said no just dont like the channel options so they wanted to change my package to a nore expensive one I said no just cancel they told me ok its 450$ I said why they came out with u have a 2 year contract I said what I said no contract they said when u have the box its automatic a contract so I told them ur jokeing I meanbi got piss black honesty dish suck I cant stand them nd I would let them charge me because at the ed u call ur bank and tell them that the transaction doesn’t have ur promise THAT WHAT I DID

    87. I had to cancel my Dish TV because I moved into elderly housing. They have their own cable system so I could not bring mine with me. I still had a year to go. The customer service person at Dish told me they would waive the early termination fee if the apartment manager would fax a statement on their letterhead that said they had their own cable and would not allow me to bring mine. I did that. They called and tried to wiggle out of it but I didn’t let them. I have not heard back from them but now they have charged my Discover card with the fee–almost $260. I’m in the middle of disputing it with Discover. The credit card companies have never let me down in the past. If they do I will close my card and not pay that fee.

    88. I might have a better solution for all of you. I have been told once by a Dish Network Rep, that if I will find someone who is willing to take over my contract terms, I can then pass it over to him.
      I am going to try this option now.
      Good luck to all of you, I know exactly how frustrated you are.

    89. I just cancelled Dish (contract was up today) by telling them my husband just died and I never watch TV. Which, by the way, happens to be true. Retention rep didn’t even TRY to hard-sell me to keep it. Really, what could he say? I immediately got confirmation # and call was ended in 1:20. Feel free to use this if it works for you.

    90. I set my mothers account up for Dish network, shortly after that she was placed into a nursing home. When I tried to cancel for her i was told I couldn’t because I wasn’t on the account. I returned their equipment since the house was empty. A couple days later my credit card was debited $645 for unreturned equipment. What I don’t understand is I’m not in the account but u went in and took money off my card.I contacted Dish and they told give it a couple days and it would be refunded back… Waited contacted them again and they said now she owed an early termination fee due to no fault on her on and my money was not gonna be refunded.

    91. If Dish is debiting your checking account directly then change your account or bank as necessary. If you are using a debit or credit card to pay Dish then report the card lost or stolen and have them issue a new card, with a new number.
      If you do this they cannot grab the money but they may turn over the account to a collection agency. It’s a shame but you did enter into a legal contract when you signed up for their service.

    92. I cancelled one time and than signed back up, and they never asked me for the money I owed to them. I paid with a money order, so they couldn’t debit from my checking account. I gave them a choice money order or no deal. They love money.

    93. they terminate my service and rob my only money t the bank we got no food and I can’t pay my other bills,they got my money without asking…they are criminals they should be charged and punished.Everyone let’s file a lawsuit

    94. I am being charge with an early termination fees. I was not aware of a 24 months contract exist. When we first sign up with sale department that they stated no contract was necessary for the international channels. Also, when I put the service in pause mode during an Online chat of which I did inquiry but customer rep deferred answer any contract confirmation question. Apparently, Dish Network now said we signed an agreement after the equipment installation not knowing the contract term was written in the fine prints. Sale person outright lies to us. All this company wants are subscribers and moneys. Probably nothing I can do to avoid the charge and most likely will have to pay the early termination fees but felt being rip-off by Dish. I want people to be aware of their business ethics. I will never subscribe to Dish again for the rest of my life!

    95. God help your family if you pass away!!!! Dish is the WORST company to deal with….So my father passed away in April of 2014 in North Idaho (Many many miles from Denver, CO). My father lived by himself (no family there and no real close friends-he lived in the mountains) nd did not have any friends. One of the things I had to cancel service on was Dish. I called in May when I got back to CO and explained that my father passed on. The man told me there was two receivers. I explained I did have one receiver, but did not notice another receiver and if there was one I could not get it until approx. Sept when I hope to go back to Idaho to clean up my the house. The man from Dish was an a@@, told me I HAD to get it or I would regret it. Dish had me fax them a copy of the death certificate to get out of my father’s contract. I paid the last bill in May. Anyway, July came around I got a bill for $5 and change. I called again. The lady told me some bs and I paid the $5. Then Dish credited my accoun the $5. That lady mentioned the 2nd receiver was missing-I again explained I can’t GET to it right now its in Idaho. Sept of 2014 I get a bill for $188, I called asked to speak to a supervisor, lady would not transfer me to one…so she got an ear full of why are they biliing a deceased person. I explained that I can’t get to Idaho right now. Bottom line is I have to pay the bill or drive to Idaho and get it out of the house (if it’s there).
      I do not recommend Dish to anyone they have no sympathy towards special circumstances and customer service stinks.

    96. Dish is just a bunch of rip off artists. I had problems with the signal so they talked me into an extra ten dollars a month for Blast! .. the signal was no better. It took multiple emails and phone calls to get that cancelled and my money back. Now that it’s been two years, I’ve signed up with Netflix, soo much cheaper and all you need is an HDMI cable to watch it on your TV. Cancelling Dish, wish me good luck LOL

    97. By the way, the reason Blast! didn’t help is it’s not avail in my area. It took a technician accidentally mentioning that to me.. talk about flipping my switch!! Steer clear of this awful company. Tell your friends!!

    98. Complaints: Cable or Satellite Television Providers
      Always contact the cable company or satellite television provider first when a problem occurs.

      If you are unable to resolve your dispute with your cable company or satellite television provider:

      Cable company: Contact your local franchising authority with complaints or questions about customer service, basic services tier rates, or franchise fees. The name of your franchising authority should be on the front or back of your cable bill. If this information is not on the bill, contact the cable company or your local government.
      Satellite television provider: File a complaint concerning satellite television issues with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). File your complaint online or by phone or mail at:

      Phone: 1-888-CALL-FCC (1-888-225-5322)
      TTY: 1-888-TELL-FCC (1-888-835-5322)
      Fax: 1-866-418-0232
      Federal Communications Commission
      Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau
      Consumer Inquiries and Complaints Division
      445 12th Street SW
      Washington DC 20554
      If you are not satisfied with your cable or satellite rates, look for alternative services that may be available in your area.

    99. 2 months left on my contract and I’m done. just need to figure out how to get my bank card info removed from my account before I tell them goodbye forever. I know they will somehow try to find a way to swindle me out of some more money at the end. Never signing another contract as long as I live.

    100. Rude,dishonest,crooks,liars,chalertons,theives,disceivers,
      pushy (sales). Please warn your families and friends. One item I did not see here is the taking advantage of elders including persons with dementia.

    101. I suggest EVERYONE in here that complained about CRAPPY and Rip off from DISH goes to BBB Better Business Bureau and hit DISH hard.

      CONSUMERS are tired of being scammed. They hide behind their “small print” and legal jargon. It all comes down to Misleading consumers, lies and not following contracts for the BASIC promises. Basically ripping us off.
      Search online for previous Lawsuits I am sure they have plenty.
      For those who lost jobs and unable to pay. It is simple:
      Discontinue your card with your bank (state you “lost it” and need new one). Let them take you to collections and you can “work with the collection agency (if you want to pay- if you want to appeal it let them know you are taking them to court for unlawful raising your price, not following your contract (just be sure you read it well….these crooks are well advised by same level of lawyer crooks to protect themselves), unable to pay due to job loss PERIOD, but if you take them to court DO IT don’t just say it.
      Looking into a legal whole they may not have considered for us consumers to get free from their scam.
      I am sure they had all their lies covered with LEGAL Jargon…but still worth a shot.



    103. Has anyone been able to get out of their contract??
      I’m in the boat had the service for 6months and lost my job had to move home with my parents and still won’t cancel me. Want me to pay 300. I couldn’t have a dish cuz of the condo I lived in. But dish didn’t care. Then I froze my account for 9 months. No charge. But I called today cuz it was activated. First sales rep said he’d cancel me for 150. I said great. Finally I think I’ve freed myself from this situation. Ha! I’m transferred to cancel and am told I have to pay 300 b/c dish doesn’t negotiate canceled fees! Wtf! BBB here comes my letter!

    104. Our previous apartment we used Dish cable and we don’t have any problem, signal was good, satellite installed in the tri-pod. Because apartment lease goes up, sometimes people can’t afford the rent usually they need to find cheaper rent. Unfortunate our new place, dish technician came to check first the signal,he used the digital and analog compass to find the signal, and very unfortunate he said can’t find the signal only if he can extand-out place on the rail of the patio or place on the roof. And the Apartment won’t allowed to that. Technicina said just cancel the Dish, he put the note on his data that there is no signal at all. The problem customer there are charging for early termination fee..which is not our fault, and the worse they want to continue the service even wihout signal or cant watch the dish program..this is INSANE!
      Its not worthy and ridiculous, this is terrible.
      No One will ever to come back to dish. If the Dish accept the reasonable early terminations..people can go back to Dish for the future. Instead they want to charge..Dish needs to understand the situations!..
      Now i dont’ recommend Dish who is renting only.

    105. File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. If enough people do it, it will work.
      Just announced today, the FTC filed a lawsuit against AT&T Cellular on behalf of millions of Americans who were scammed. If Dish received a lawsuit from the Federal Government, I bet they would amend their contracts with consumers.

    106. This Dish network is a joke anymore. They moved there customer service to Korea, or bo joe to…..and they dont understand english. I hate calling them. Anyway I got in the mail a box to return my hd, and said I would be billed. I was to be on pause and all of the sudden Im cancelled out by them. I dont get it……

    107. I am a thoroughly unhappy customer and have only been a customer of US Dish for approximately 24 hours. I specifically told them I wanted the premium channels and On Demand. They never mentioned that If I opted out of the DVR receiver that I would not receive the On-Demand option. When I called to complain they instead told me it would take 10 days for them to investigate the sales recording when I signed up. Even if I made a mistake by not understanding what they were telling me, they should honor the request of the customer and should waive the $480.00 in cancellation fees. It is a very bad customer service because these people are located all over the country. What one person says, is different than what another one says. I feel I was misled into believing that I that I could cancel within 30 days if UN-satisfied. Now I am stuck with a two year contract in a service I am UN-happy with. If I want to cancel I will be charged a fee of $480.00 and God only knows what else is entailed. They should be able to cancel without all the highly expensive fees. By the way “I absolutely cannot stand their guide and don’t even understand it, much more I hate that I now have to take their protection plan for them to waive any kind of fee’s associated with switching out my box to a DVR receiver. If anyone asked me what I now think of it, I would say I have been scammed simply because of the cancellation fees involved if I am UN-happy. I whole heartily regret switching from my previous provider just to save a small bit of money. I have been screwed. In the long run, it was better to stay with the cost a bit higher and be a happy customer. All I really want is to be able to cancel, have them take their equipment back and be done with it. If I had $500.00 dollars I would gladly pay the cancellation and be done with them to be a content and happy customer of my previous provider.

    108. First they lost CNN and a few more channels that I regularly watch. Today word is that they may loose CBS also.

      When I call called them they said that as per their contract they can change channels as and when they wanted, and offered me a reduction of $5 per month for six months. I cannot break their contact.

      This sucks. Does anyone know of any way that we can get out of their contract. During winter and when its windy we loose the signals.

    109. We have been Dish Network clients for 17 years. Our ORIGINAL 17 y/o remote for one of our sets no longer works to access the satellite. After giving us a half hour of BS excuses (your batteries are bad) they informed us it would cost us $20 for a new one AND we need to take out an $8 a month insurance policy????? We will be ex-dishnetwork customer shortly. Their head of customer service must have come from Aeroflot.

      Idiots -

    110. They advertised high speed internet with hughs dishnet,but im lucky to stream a minute of video without my pc freezing.The internets slower than a snail on valiums.And(this is the worst part)the dvr does pretty much what it wants to do,I program something to record and it records it alright,either cutting off the beginning or end.Says its a conflict or something with other programming.Well,when my contracts over,thats it with dish.If they don’t let me ride off into the sunset with a thankyou and no crazy charges,im gonna kick some dish butt.

    111. I signed on for Dish, after having their service for 8 years in another state and was completely satisfied. I ordered Dish with 2 DVRs, and 3 boxes, 5 TVs in total. They installed 1 DVR box, and we cannot record more than 1 show at a time. We cannot even access the pause, rewind or fast forward.

      I have had this service for 1 day, that’s right, 1 day, and after speaking with them and them agreeing that I did not get what my contract stated, they were going to charge me 90 dollars to install the box I should have gotten in the first place.

      I told them I wanted to cancel the order, as they did not give what I originally was contracted to receive. I was offered the DVR that records and they said they would wave the fee.

      I know it sounds like problem solved, but I still wanted to terminate the contract, as if this is the 2-hour runaround I’m going to get each time there is a problem, I told them they could, in no uncertain terms, cram it.

      I told her they will have to sue me and I would gladly pay an attorney whatever it takes to keep them from getting another penny from me.

    112. The day my Dish was installed and the tech left, my Dish went out. I plugged and replugged everything and discovered one of the cords just fell out. The plug was worn out. After several efforts, I got it back in, but it fell out again in a few hours, so I repeated this procedure a few times before calling. I received a different cord, so I exchanged the cords, and it worked – for about fifteen days, then Internet went out. When I called they reminded me if the problem was my fault, I would be charged ninety-five dollars. The repairman came out, and I was still under their warranty period, which was good. Internet went down again the following day. Another call. Finally, after numerous days with no service, a very angry tech came out and was so hostile that I was afraid of him. He insinuated that I was a liar and that the Internet was working, which it was not. I was furious and wanted to cancel then. I paid my bill on line, but I was billed twice for one month when they said I didn’t pay, but I had used their pay system. I was furious and called several offices to talk to someone I could understand, which made me angrier. They cancelled the late fee, they said, so I paid the bills, but I don’t use their pay service. I use my own bank service. They send a message one day, then the next day I was getting threatening messages warning me that my service would be terminated if I didn’t pay on time. I was never late with a bill. Their attitudes stink, and their business sucks. I want to cancel but will probably wait until March of 2015, which will end the first year. This is a rotten company.

    113. Before signing a contract with DISH Bundle I demanded two things: Fox News and Sports (National’s Of Washington). I signed and was told I could have both these channels, but I only one, maybe two Nats games were televised. Now, this morning I awaken to watch the news on FoxNews and its gone.
      Cancel my bundle with Dish immediately.

    114. #‎SueDishForFox‬ This morning I awoke and was PO’d to see that my Fox News was no longer on Dish So I called and told them that I would NOT PAY one more dime for DISH programming until they LIVE UP TO THEIR ADVERTISED programming when I changed from Direct TV to DIsh and they showed me that FOX Fox News was provided for the paid TV services they provided – CAN YOU SAY FALSE ADVERTISING? I am registering a complaint with the FCC and with the FTC and if anyone has a lawyer to file a class action suit ADD ME TO THE CLASS.
      Fox & Friends NOT ON IN THE MORNING My wife says “No Steve and Brian? I will sue!”

    115. How can Dish remove channels that were part of my contract and it not make the contract null and void since they didn’t deliver what I agreed to pay for? Not to mention the on demand hasn’t worked right/at all in 6 weeks? Where is one of those corporate lawyers looking to start a class action against these pigs

    116. I think we should be let out of our contracts since FOX channel has been booted. They had them listed as part of the contract – now they are off. This sucks. There should be no financial responsibility on our part if we cancel since the promised programing has been changed, much to my dismay. Fox News is the only honest news channel out there. I want out of my contract – cent free.

    117. Cox didn’t offer Fox News when we were looking a few years ago so we decided on Dish….and now you are taking the only channel for news that offers another opinion than the far left of ALL of the other channels, network and paid. As soon as I find a carrier that offers Fox on their main lineup we will be gone. I thought this country was about freedom of speech but lately I have noticed that free speech is only for the left, not independents or conservatives.

    118. I started my Dish service July of 2013. November of 2013, the boyfriend and I split, forcing us both to move out. Went to cancel my service and was told my ETF would be $700. No way. The guy convinced me to continue to pay it monthly. So that i did. I was paying $80 a month for service at a house that NO ONE was living in. I have been paying it monthly up until this past October when I got laid off. Therefore i could no longer afford to pay it. I asked to have my account put on hold for $5 a month. The guy i spoke with said it wad no problem, so we went ahead and did that…..or so i thought. Last week i get a phone call stating that my service has been canceled and i need to send the equipment back along with the ETF. What!? Then where was this $5 going when i was sending it in to pause my service? I am currently STILL laid off, and i canceled my card they have on file so they cannot charge me. Calling today to see if i can get set up on a payment plan for the ETF, but i doubt it since they like to screw me out of everything else. I would NEVER recommend Dish Network to anyone. Ever.

    119. They have broken their contract with ME. I contracted a package that would satisfy my needs for $118.00 p/mo. Now they broke the contract by not giving me what I signed up for, ie. Fox News Channel. I still have 1 yr on my contract. Are they going to disallow the charges to me while they continue to stall negotiations?
      I am ready to leave them for good!

    120. I want out of dish because of the way they treat customers. I want to join a class action lawsuit since I am pushing 80 and they are absurd, insulting and a disaster and I want to world to hear how awful their customer service and contracts are. 400. to disconnect and they can sue me for my microwave. idiots…
      I never see a copy of my bill and they are all over the place with their charges..etc..
      lousy corporate company…
      I want to boycott now and spread the word. :) merry christmas dish

    121. OMG!!! I called to cancel DISH NETWORK and I was fully prepared for a hassle. I remembered listening to the Comcast viral thing where the guy couldn’t cancel his sercice. The very second he started in with “omg, you’ve been with Dish for over 10 yrs” spiel, I went after him. He tried at least 3-4 times to explain why I didn’t need to cancel and how much I would save with special deals. I screamed that by canceling I was saving by paying 0!! My reasons didn’t matter (older, not watching as much, changing direction in life, not working, etc, etc, etc…). I literally had to scream obscenities at him, at the top of my voice! He put me on hold 3-4 times for 2 mins ea time. Then he had the nerve to tell me that it would cost me 17.00 for the UPS label. Well, as you can imagine, I was not happy with that:'( He said it was not a Dish fee but a UPS fee and I told him I would get a lawyer. Needless to say, after a 4th hold period he waived the fee!! He won’t let me bring it to a store or allow an installer to pick up. I said you delivered the equip so you can pay to get it back. Holy Lord…my blood pressure!!! I will NEVER, EVER, have satellite or cable again in my life. It was bad enough that after 10+ yrs our equipment was crap but no upgrade without a contract. I’m pretty sure I told that poor cs rep to stick that contract where the sun don’t shine and I at least got new remotes cuz’ I threatened to cancel
      :-D Internet and cell phones are bad enough. Ha, ha, and I used to be shy, nice and a affraid to stand my ground. Those days are over. Poor guy didn’t plan on me today. I told him I wasn’t mad at him…he was just doing his job…that Dish always good to us…good service…that I would give a good review if he would transfer me over but never connected. He was shaking. I could tell:-D Wow and unreal is all I have to say. Sad it had to end this way. They just don’t get it that we will recommend them for future business if they are nice. Not now…not in 100 years♡

    122. There better not be any more equip rental fees as not my fault it takes 7-10 bus days to get boxes and labels! I will fight them!

    123. i cancel my service and asked for my last statment they have not sent it i have already got 3 from windstream and refund from them not at all happy with dish i think channel 3 news should check yall out i went with charter and they was going to pay out contract dish is just stalling so they wont payit that is not right

    124. Just want to cancel service as I am moving and want it cancelled. My contract is more than up. I have been waiting on this phone for almost 45 minutes and this is very shows no respect for your customers at all. Tire of waiting. This one of the rudest companies I have ever dealt with. I want my service disconnect Jan. 2, 2015 You can send me my finally bill I am not calling and holding for one hour. Shirley A Stangas

    125. I signed with Dish last August for a football station that is elite to Dish. However my other ‘must have’ channel is Fox News, which rather carried when I signed on. I would have NEVER switched if I had known they would drop Fox. What rights do we as the customer have when they cancel the programming that we originally signed up for? Is there anything I can do?

    126. I certainly wish I had found this website before we switched to Dish 50 days ago!!!

      Now they have ditched the Fox Network and we specifically asked for the package that included all of the Fox News and Business channels!!

      From a newby on Dish … DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT fall for their spiel. Dish is a rip-off!!!

    127. We contracted with Dish in part for Fox News and Fox Business News. Currently they do not supply that channel. Can we declare breech of contract and discontinue service without penalty ?

    128. Until satellite companies offer customers better contracts, we will not be re-signing up with either dish or direct. both companies blocked channels that were major reasons we signed up for service (weather channel, cnn, hln, fox, fox business and fox sports). because we signed their awful contract, we have little recourse. we will suffer serving out the contract but when it is over we will cancel. we will get Sirius radio to get our news and music channels, we will buy or rent movies to get that and we will get an antenna to receive local network channels.

      so many of the channels we used to enjoy:animal planet, discovery, national geographic and history have disintegrated to trash programming. pay tv began touting no commercials, lol!!

      until these companies offer consumers a better deal, we will not give them our hard earned dollars.

    129. Please cancel our service with your company as of today, January 24, 2015, as we have decided to go with another network service. My bill is paid for January and I would like reimbursed for any unused time I have left to be returned to me.

      Thank you!

    130. i tried to cancel and couldn’t find out how long i would have to put up with dih to do this w/o early term frees which were some where in the 4 to 6 hundred. at first they couldn’t prove i had a contract, then they sent me a email saying i had three days to cancel or i would have a contract. trouble the three days was gone by the time i got it. so i have the 120 plan, which means i have about 55 i can’t use i have all kinds of music

    131. I was a DISH customer for years when I lived out in rural Missouri. Never had really any trouble with it other than the occasional DVR hard drive failure. Well I was moving into another residence on the same property and was told that I could put my account on hold till September of that same year. 2013. Okay, so I went about my business but then when I finally moved to my final resting place, no not the grave, but in town…they made me sign a new 2-year agreement. When I tried to explain to them that one of the other people who worked there said I could just move/transfer my account, the technician said I couldn’t. I should have paid more attention, it was my fault, yet i have not had one good piece of equipment since i Moved in. I am on my 3rd DVR and I am dreading calling them. I will not take another day off of work to make sure another piece of crap DVR makes it to my apartment. Funny thing though, I initialed the technicians phone so I never got to Read anything. I assume what it says, but I didn’t physically read it.

    132. I just cancelled my Dish Network (TV) after 8 -plus years with them. I’ve been told (…I just cancelled, now, over the phone…) that they will send out shipping boxes for my receiver, remote and LNB (the thing on the dish itself). (I don’t know how many boxes.) They said that the charge per box (or mailing label) is $10. I had a small amount that I owed from a previous month’s bill ($12). …And that’s it!

      They even told me that if I couldn’t actually get the LNB (requiring a ladder trip up to the roof), that they wouldn’t charge me an equipment fee for failing to get it back to them. (I had to specifically ask about that, because they said that if I didn’t ship back the equipment within 30 days of cancellation, that they would charge me for the equipment which I was leasing.)

      I think when people here are talking about the outrageous cancellation charges (ranging from $200 plus to over $400, etc.), that they are dealing with cancelling within some commitment period, such as the first 24 months. As someone who has had Dish for 8 years (…and, I don’t think I ever called them to change the “package” or add anything to my subscription… I don’t know if that risks triggering something…), it doesn’t appear that I am facing any big, unreasonable charges.

      Of course, I’ll come back and reply to my own comment if I find any trouble completing my termination of my relationship with Dish (shipping the stuff back). Once I pay my final bill (small unpaid portion left over from previous payment cycle); hopefully, I will not be getting any other bills (no surprise charges). So, count me one as an example of a cancellation without any real trouble. (…The Dish phone clerk did give me the run-around along the lines of “how about this deal, how about that deal?” But, I just kept politely telling him that I just wanted to cancel….)

      From Prescott, Arizona.

    133. Im had their service installed with the discounted monthly fees for a 12 mo th contract.I got my first bill and there was no discount.They also had the balls to charge me for a soundbar I never asked for and didn’t realize wasn’t part of the service.Anyway in since they didn’t charge me the discounted fee,this meant I had no contract and terminated all business.These thieves tried to collect from American Express saying I had given them permission to make monthly withdrawels,which I NEVER authorized and after a first bill for,I’m not bullshitting here,500 dollars I told them to go fu–k themselves.I mailed back the soundbar and told them keep the 259,120 over retail,they tried to steal for a soundbar for a 2000 dollar BIG SCREEN tv.You live and learn and I suggest you NEVER do business with these thieves.Even returning their equipment cost another 100.They suck

    134. Asked a DISH exec what happens if customer refuses to sign the electronic device? He said that they keep the customer without a contract. SO LET EVERYONE YOU KNOW IF THEY WANT DISH….just refuse to sign electronically.
      They also don’t tell you that what you are signing is a contract, a 4 page contract. They just show you sections and ask you to sign. JUST REFUSE TO SIGN ELECTRONICALLY. Exec tells me they don’t send out paper copies. No contract…No problems when they try to screw you over later on.

    135. I’m out of my 2 year contract and joining the ranks of the long-term unemployed. I’m finally sick of playing games with the retention department every six month to get a better rate. And at $90 per month and paying to get a bunch of commercials shoved in my face every 7 minutes, I’ve had enough. That’s $1080.00 per year! Where I live I can more than pay all my bills for an entire month with that. What a rip off!

    136. Trying to cancel wit dish network. I had a car accident, And was forced to move. I tried to cancel on Saturday and the lady had me in tears. I am only three months from my 24 month contract and they are giving me a hard time. I moved to where dish is not an option. Please help me figure out how to not pay so much for dish.

    137. Seven year ago I lost my wife, my house(fire) my dog and Dish kill me when never understand the bad signal reception they sold me. This is the only bad not in my credit no matter I have paid for 45 year 3-5 houses without late payments.

      • had a contract with dish network for the first was44.99 the second year was 67.49 now paying 100.92 so I went to charter is going to pay my contract off for me they broke contract with me

    138. I JUST signed up one week ago. Our house deal fell through. They want to charge me $900 to cancel or $100 to move it to my house. Wow. Plus I have internet with them bc the house we were going to get only had one option for internet. DISH. I don’t even need it at this house. Too bad!

    139. What i did is call and tell them i want to change my plan to the cheapest package they have which is basic cable. Its cheaper than the cancellation fee they are only charging me $11 a month now until februery i can cancel.

    140. I’ve had Dish for 10 years an i still pay $127.00 a month for basic cable. I took off my movie channels an it only came down 17.00 what a rip off these cable companies bill you a month in advance to cheat you. I’ve paid 138.44 for 3 months now an if you don’t pay your bill every month they turn it off these are some robbing mofo’s i can’t it. I want to start a petition for these cable companies to lower there price an take off advance billing.

    141. The problem with these tips is that the cancellation number offered is continuously busy, so it is of no use!

    142. I just spent an hour on the phone with Dish. It was very frustrating. I moved into an apartment where Dish can not provide service (no signal). Dish wants me to pay an early termination fee. I told them I do not want to terminate service, it is dish who is terminating my service as they are unable to provide it. I finally talked to a supervisor who said they would wave my fee for termination, but after the arguments they kept repeating about the contract, and not even listening to my position, I don’t trust them.

    143. I just beat Dish early termination fee of $300. How? Closed the bank account I used when I signed up with them. No account, no money!

    144. When I had Dish service installed both their customer service and technician told me it eas contract service,little did I know, Everyone on here needs to file a complaint with the FCC i did, Whether it does any good, time will tell
      .but something needs to be done about these assholes.

    145. I want to cancel my Dish Network. Just not happy with it and can’t afford it any longer. please don’t take any more money out of my bank. I have put a stop on any withdrawals. Just CANCEL the DISH. THANKS!!!

    146. I want to cancel my DISH. Can’t afford it any longer and just not happy with it any longer. I want it canceled as of today August 23 2015. So please CANCEL it NOW!!! Don’t take any more money out of my bank. I have put a stop on my debit card. SO just CANCEL MY DISH!!!!!

    147. I have had Dish since 10/28/2014. My rate has gone up without notification. I’m in a two year contract, how can Dish raise the rate when I’m locked in?

      I’ve called multiple times complaining about the speed, as I sometimes work from home.

      I was told I have a $575.00 cancellation fee. This is outrageous

    148. I have had Dish for almost 3 years and I wanted to cancel the service as I am living on a fixed income and am getting rid of everything I don’t need. I was told by the dish rep., after listening to 30 minutes of her trying to talk me out of canceling, if I wanted to cancel I would have to box everything (box & remote, no problem) up including the ‘eye’ on the Dish outside. What ever that is. If I didn’t climb up on the roof and remove the ‘eye’ they would have to sent a technician out and do it at a cost of $145 to me. After I make a few calls to AARP and better business, I will call Dish back and speak to a supervisor. I WILL NEVER USE DISH NETWORK AGAIN…

    149. I signed up for DishNet Work in April 2015 only because my apt complex didn’t service no other provider besides them,so I had no choice to get service from them. When I called I made it very clear to all the representatives serveral times I will get service with you but it is just TEMPORARY and I am not getting into any contract this is just temporary and want month to month,the lady agreed and signed me up/ I have a copy of the contract that is not my signature, it’s a electronic signature and they never had my verbal or written consent. Today I call to set up cancellation for the ending of this month,and spoke w/ gentlemen AARON ID#UAB and clearly explained myself again”” for like the 10th time, my acct should be correctly documented and he stated that I have to pay for an early cancellation fee since I am in contract which I did not agree too. I HATE DISH their service sucks,I have always been a U-VERSE consumer..He refused to document my acct what we discussed and went on how he does a have contract which is FALSE and FRAUDENLENT information! So now I have to contact their Headquarters and THE BBB to address my concerns because I refuse to pay for something I never signed up for!!!

    150. My brother who is drawing disability due to a recent stroke
      ordered dish network not knowing it is not allowed at his apartment complex. As soon as he was told it was against policy at his apartment building he called dish to cancel, not only could he not cancel without paying a termination fee he was charged an installation fee charged a fee to pick the satellite up and must pay monthly fees until his contract is up. This is highway robbery. Dish should be ashamed of its customer service.

    151. DO NOT GO WITH DISH!!! This company is a joke. They tell lies just to get you to sign up and don’t care. You are STUCK with their services for 2 years unless you want to be charged an arm and leg. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER!!!!

    152. This network is the worst I Have ever seen, we are writing the BBB about your services and we have turned our Contract over top our attorney to get out of our contract with you.

    153. DISH Network forged my signature. Well, it copy and pasted it throughout a contract that I never once signed. Civil lawyers aren’t interested (too small). State Attorney Generals don’t do anything – they probably get a kickback from DISH. At least Equifax pulled down the phony negative collection remarks for me after I produced the obviously forged document. Good luck people – DISH gets away with everything.

    154. OMG people! Everything is how to get away with things. These are businesses, not charities. If you aren’t adult enough to hold to your contracts, then don’t get into something with one. This is a problem that is growing. A “what’s in if for me” mentality with an “I want it NOW” timeframe. This is why businesses charge more, too many people want to cheat the system for their own greed.

    155. Called to request how to lower monthly charges. After an hour on the phone they ended up increased the bill. I called again, same results twice. I wrote two letters and they failed to respond to either. I called again and requested immediate termination. After hours on the phone they finally relented, however, they then charged me 294.50 to terminate. I had already paid them additional service charges after I request ways to reduce the bill. They lied twice. I was forced to terminate do to fraud. These people are horrible to work with. I spent hours on the phone. Now their collections people are calling me twice daily. STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM DISH. Their customer service is right up there with Comcast. They lie and fail to respond.

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