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  1. these bastards took me for $190.00 and gave me nothing
    in return. hope your smarter than i was. dont use a cradit card, they will keep taking your money. i had to change my card # to stop them. lots of luck.

  2. My subscription ran out one month ago But I still receieve ‘matches’ What a lousy trick And I dont need all those extra emails Please stop them Mr Eharmony

  3. I only joined eHaromony for 1 month, it wasn’t for me and I canceled early before my 1 month subscription ran out.
    I followed ALL the prompts to a “T”, what a fiasco. I had to call and tell them to take my profile off, because guys were still viewing it. They were rude to say the least.
    This site is more expensive than the others and I found it to be worse in many ways.

  4. EHarmonys auto-renewal policy is a total rip off. I have signed up for a subscription many times in the past. I learnt a good lesson long ago after a big fail on my part, when I didn’t turn off the auto-renewal.
    This last time, after I signed up for a six month subscription, I made absolutely certain I turn off the auto renew.
    My six months just ended. By chance I check my credit statement , yep, they charged me another six months. I called customer service, absolutely useless. Then I’m told I could get a refund if I met someone!!! This is absolutely BS. I’m doing my best to tell everyone. I lost money, but EH lost more because I will tell everyone to stay away from them, please do the same.

  5. I joined for 6 month and canceled it, but they secretly charge me twice for full year. ( I got scam 140.95 twice) until I notice on the second transition, it’s too late. I called them and the lady said there is some “special feature” I click, that automatically charge me from my credit card. And the fund is not refundable.

    So after you see my complain, just careful, make sure you cancel it and don’t let them access your credit card.

  6. I attempted to use E-haormony’s service. Boy was that a mistake! After hours invested answering questions, they first claimed i could not register because my Divorce papers had not come through. The second time i attempted, they claimed that out of all the registered users there were only 9 conceivable matches! When i queried this with them, they claimed there was an issue with me stating i was an Atheist. I replied that i wanted to cancel there and then. Six months later i find, they have unlawfully taken a subscription fee out of my account. Contacting them in person has been a nightmare. The situation is far from resolved. A nightmare.

  7. This site is a joke! I’m trying to cancel, imagine that,you can’t get thru to anyone.Matches,thats ajoke also. I don’t want anything to do with this site again.Please, someone contact me to cancel. Thankyou

    • Hello Jenny,
      I subscribed to eharmony as well and now, I cancelled my account (within the three day cancelation policy) on the phone through the care customer service. I received an email saying my profile has been updated in the description it was written: refunded with the amount I payed, but nothing more. Now, I have to wait from 8 to 10 days before receiving a confirmation from my bank that it has been refunded.Should I expect additional charges still? What would you suggest me to do to avoid this?
      Thanks for you help!

      • Jenny,
        I hope you see this message even though it has been more than a year. Did you get a refund from eHarmony (without any trouble) when you cancelled your account within the three day cancellation policy?
        I just purchased a membership yesterday night, but realized that it’s not a great as I thought it would be.

  8. I do not wish to have this account any longer, cancelling is a mess, you are not allowed to cancel, you still have to pay the entire year’s billing even if you want to quit this site now!!! I will not recommend this site to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. The site is a joke. I used it for a brief period several years back and it is worse now. I am a CPA and just stay away. There are too many problems to mention. When any site does not give a link and easy access to support, it tells you all you need to know. I was unable to find a support link after considerable searching. Caveat emptor!!!!

  10. This company is uncompromising and unfair, I signed up by clicking on a deal I recieved via email for $9.95/month for 3 months not a 12 month option, they are charging my card $39.95 every month for 3 months which is not fair. They are refusing to refund my money for the second month. Stay away from this site unless you just want to give your money away!

  11. i have been trying to cancel all night and i cant i dont have the cancel subscription button to do anything, they emailed me and i responded i havent heard a thing back…this site is pathetic worthless and useless and not worth the time or money period….i will find a way to deal with this by first calling my bank and have the site blocked from obtaining any info or money!!!!! very very very not happy

  12. The first thing that happened when I tried to cancel was there an uneducated employee that told me I wasn’t listed well of course I was listed, but he couldn’t spell Utah you. So if you can’t spell Utah you can’t find me he was spelling it UTHA…. Then I was informed that I couldn’t get my money back. My matches were all over the United States, I live in Atlanta. They are a huge RIP off. Why would they match me with someone from New York, New Jersey, Iowa, Ohio Tennessee, North Carolina etc. etc. IDIOTS

  13. I’m trying to cancel my account but getting nowhere, I paid whizzed to help cancel so far still no hope, I’ve been on this site only a few weeks , ill keep trying till I get a answer. There crooks for sure. You should be able to cancel when every you want too like the other sites. They are money grabbers.

  14. My account was charged on April 27 2014- automatic renewal I was not aware of. I called on April 28 to cancel. Do you think that I have a good chance with one day in between to finally be off the hook with a service that I don’t use?

  15. I told them to cancel my membership when the 3 months are up. I did this in the first months. if you have charged my cedit card, I will deny it. neil’s granddaughter caroline should say- grandapa, our website sucks.

  16. Save your time and your money this service costs about $150 for a year membership. The matches are from people half across the world. You don’t choose your potential dates the “scientific relationship experts do” I closed my renewal status after about 6 months. If you are truly looking to meet someone look elsewhere. The less expensive sites offer a better likelihood of dating.

  17. I do not want to continue with your eharmony dating site as I made a mistake in giving my MasterCard details before thinking of what I was doing. I will be closing my MasterCard off on the 11th of June 2014 so that I won’t be siphoned off the money that is the banks, not mine as is the case with all Credit Cards. I had only signed up on the weekend due to being a long weekend and I was terribly lonely at the time that I gave my details of my Commonwealth Bank to eharmony which was a huge mistake. This huge mistake was done by me without realizing the consequences of my mentally ill decision being effected by my Bipolar Affective Disorder. Thus I want to cancel my eharmony account forthwith. My losing my email service due to my not being very literate with the use of my computer makes things worse for me as I can not see any emails sent to me. I am sure you can understand my position in wanting to end with your service as of now. If you send an email too me there is no way I could see it until some other person helps me to obtain my email service again. I have typed up this letter to eharmony as proof of my contacting your service.


    Stephen Metcalf.

  18. I made a mistake and bought a 6 months subscription. I get almost 15 matches per day but guess what? Majority of those matches have not been active for more than a month. And the rest are nor paying members and have no photos!! I am paying $210 for getting nothing and now I cannot even cancel! WTF! Is there away to sue these bastards?

  19. I have paid dearly for this mistake. eHarmony is a joke. They take your money in advance and give you nothing in return. EVERY SINGLE “match” was out of my parameters! There is NO matching going on at this site. They screen no one!

    It was a big waste of my time and I will tell everyone to avoid them! Advertising is the only thing eHarmony does in this arena, PERIOD!

  20. I have tried to remove myself from eharmony so many times and eventually have up, this was over a year ago to the point I don’t remember my details anymore, I have never paid for anything here I just want to stop receiving stuff from them

  21. I couldn’t cancel my subscription they took all the money for my account. Don’t use this dating service again. This is unacceptable and you are taking other’s peoples money.

  22. Same problem! Didn’t use the site for months because I met a nice person from there. I looked to cancel but couldn’t find where to so I turned off all the alerts. I end up getting charged on my card. I tried to fight it but they delayed getting back to me so the next payment would come out but I cancelled the card I used. They still got me for $80. Bastards!!!!!

  23. Im trying to cancel ,both # i have are false ,trying to do what they say to cancel is a joke .i cant get to it the site ,go here ,go there .just want to cancel this damn thing. Hate it .

  24. I met a guy on here come to find out
    All he wanted me to do his send him
    Money.not going to happen
    They need to check profiles first.
    But two of them or scammers.

  25. Eharmony’s automatic renewal thing is screwy. I can’t turn off the automatic renewal off ahead of time which would allow to just choose not to renew your subscription. You have to wait until it it expires and then turn off the automatic renewal. It is pretty cheap.They want to make it hard an inconvenient for you to turn it off. Since i never get on their site anyway it just charges me because I’m not really paying attention. Their site sucks and I din’t meet anyone I liked.

  26. theres no close account on the settings……and then i found the billing but still theres no close account i found. i want to unsubscribed but customer service are not helful :(

  27. Please cancel because I can not afford it and I would like my refund for April . My husband passing has put me in financial problems. I was did not know at the time I would be paying for April and May when April payment came out of my checking account it put me in the hole and I can not have that. I was not lucky in E Harmony in dating service,so I would like my refund back and cancel out NOW. Thank You Deanna Hager

  28. I have received “communication” requests three times from accounts that have been hacked. These requests are coming from individuals who are not eHarmony members and post false information. Why can’t eHarmony figure this out? Why doesn’t eHarmony security catch these culprits before they start sending out their own communication requests? Very unsettling. What else have they hacked into?

  29. The 800 number listed above doesn’t work. eharmony is a scam. I can’t believe there hasnt been a class action suit against them.

  30. I need to cancel my subscription. I just had to trade cars and now I have a car payment. I am on Social Security and can’t afford this. Please refund my 29.90 and cancel. What kind of business do you run? Have you not ever done something you regret. Even the Dept. Store will give your money back. This is not right. You need to be reported to the Better Business Bureau. Do you not have a conscious? I know you make enough to do this. This is America not the Soviet Union. Please do this for me!!!

  31. They got you on auto charge and they make it EXTREMELY difficult to cancel.

    No one answers the phone.

    No one responds to the emails.

  32. STOP! DO NOT DO IT! There is no way to cancel the payment plan once you create it. You will automatically lose your initial payment. There is no refund and no one to talk to. All phone numbers are a dead-end. And there is nothing noted in the introduction about cancellation fees. I want my refund and I want the contact discontinued now. I am reporting this site to Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau.

  33. This site is horrible. I wish not to use your services. I want my account closed immediately. none of the numbers provided work. And now I know why. I and reporting this to the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs and the US Attorney general’s Office. Cancel my account immediately and refund my fee as it is within the 3 day window

  34. I signed on for initial 3 months. I did not want the auto renewal and was told you would not refund my money. This is appalling customer service. I will dispute the transaction with my bank and have filed a complaint with consumer affairs. But it is the cynical contempt for your customers that is most rank. Just give me the money for a service i no longer want and had no intention of paying for back. You are after all run by “Christians”. Is this what Jesus would do? yeah! i didn’t think so!

  35. Hi, I have tried to cancel my subscription. I mailed a letter of cancelation, that was returned to me. I mailed it to the address on the site to cancel, p.o. Box 60157 Pasadena Ca 91116. I did not want automatic renewal initially, but I was put on automatic renewal unbeknownst to me. I have done everything humanly possible to no longer be associated with this site, which is a site for illegal immigrants looking for fast wives. So, I am not interested in this. I have a lawyer who is advising me on my next step.
    I want to cancel my membership and I don’t want to renew.
    Thank you, Sasha Dunn

  36. I see that you say that there is a free trial period. I would have like to have received that before paying to we if this was something of interest to me. Instead I got charged 67.00 to see if I had interest in online dating. I guess it’s not for me and I lose a fair amount of money…

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