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    How to Cancel Service

    Frontier Communications is an Internet, phone and television company. The company offers special prices and bundles that lure customers in only to find out the fine print locked them into a contract with an early termination fee. Customer service at Frontier is quick to sell, sell, sell a new service, but they are not so quick when it comes to freeing a customer from paying an early termination fee.

    If you need to cancel any of your Frontier services, read through the terms and conditions of your plan before cancelling to make sure you do not have to pay an early termination fee. Then, contact customer service at 800-921-8101.Tell the representative that you wish to cancel your services and set the cancellation date.

    Learn more about early termination fees and how to cancel Frontier service at:

    Is There An Early Termination Fee?

    Yes, there are early termination fees for many of your Frontier products and services. The following early termination fees are listed on the Frontier website.

    • Unlimited Digital Phone: $200
    • Unlimited Digital Phone (State): $200
    • Essentials Digital Phone: $50
    • Basic Digital Phone: $50
    • High-Speed Internet: $200
    • High-Speed Internet Lite: $50 Dish Network: $420 (amount is reduced by $17.50 for each month of service.)
    • Peace of Mind (for PC): $50 per computer
    • Dell or Asus Mini Laptop Promo: $300
    • $20.10 Promo: $200
    • Flip Camera Promo: $200

    There are likely other early termination fees associated with Frontier Business services not listed on this residential service list.

    Early Cancellation Policy

    It appears that Frontier will charge the full early termination fee if the customer cancels service before the end of the promotional period. The length of time the customer must maintain service will vary based on the promotion.

    According to the terms and conditions, if you have month-to-month services with Frontier, you can cancel those services at any time without recourse or early termination fees.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    Frontier customer service does not have the best reputation on earth. According to customers, Frontier makes it difficult to cancel services and they continue to bill after services have been cancelled. If you have a special situation, like you’re moving or you’re being deployed with the military, you may be able to cancel a promotional service without an early termination fee.

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    10 Comments on “Cancel Frontier Communications
    1. Phone # 503 639 1700 Canceling our service as od 10/9/12 as of very poor reception and a long bout (years) of dealing with it. I will uninstall and return everything.
      Keith Neuman

    2. I moved to an area where Frontier does not provider services and at the time of cancellation specifically asked about early termination. I was told that if Frontier doesn’t provide services in the area I moved to, there would be no termination fee. I have called each month since the termination to ask about a billing that I was told was additional services for after my move date. Now, this month (3 months AFTER my move) I’m being told this bill is actually is an early termination fee. I have been both lied to and now decieved. I am filing a compliant with the Attorney General.

    3. I have been trying to delete this webpage and very frustrating cannot find an easy way to do this and I really cannot afford this every month as I am a senior and every bit of income that I receive is from S.Sincome and I have to pay half of that for my husbands assisted livingsss. I find that this is very stressfull and I wuld like this program to go away so I won’t have to deal with it any more? I already have a mail service and do not need 2 of them, is there someone who can help me with this problem????

    4. I have had Frontier Internet since December. The service has never worked properly—it drops constantly, I will go several days without service, the service is slow, etc.
      I have called to complain several times since purchasing the agreement with them.
      Techs have been sent to the house—however they never come on the day we schedule. I had one scheduled for a Wednesday, they came on a Friday.
      I had one scheduled on a Monday, they came on a Saturday (I am not home on weekends where I currently am, and told them this numerous times)
      The final straw came when I arrived home from work this past Monday to find the net was again not working. I called Tech Support and they said they would not be able to send someone out until later in the week.
      I told them that this issue has been happening for several months, and it needed to be resolved immediately. They refused. Then a supervisor promised to send someone out the next day to take care of things.
      No one ever called, or came out. Then today they call me (today was the scheduled day) and tell me that they are running behind and cannot come today, that they will come tomorrow.
      At that point, that was it. I called and cancelled.
      They told me I would be paying termination fees. I told them to try it—they were in breach of the contract by refusing to send techs out to solve the problem. No one ever followed up with me on anything. I have been paying for service I have not received.
      In my opinion, they changed the terms of the contract (IE — not fixing my problem) without notification, therefore, they are in breach.
      I will fight them in court if they dare try to tell me I owe them a dime.

    5. I also moved out of a Frontier available area. When cancelling phone service I notified them of my new address and was told that since service was not available in my area I would not have to pay the early termination fee. I am still being billed months later. Nothing seems to work with these people!

    6. You can put your account on hold for the remainder of the period and pay a reduced rate. That may or may not be cheaper than the fee.

      • i followed your advise because they’re giving me hard time to cancel their poor service. I called them and put their service on-hold, my question is putting it on hold means you are still within the contract? but the good thing is i am paying less than my actual bill.

    7. I wanted to cancel my phone service, and keep the internet, b/c my husband recently lost his job, and we are trying to cut down on our monthly bills. I was told there would be a 200 dollar cancellation fee, which I feel is highway robbery. The internet isn’t that great at all, it has had outages about 5 times in the last 3 months, and they don’t even compensate for that. The bill for the phone service is outrageous, considering no more than I use it, and I was thinking about switching to Vonage. However, since I don’t have the money to pay the 200, I guess I’m kinda stuck with it until February…

    8. what is the phone number to use to cancel ….moving my mother to nursing home need to cancel her phone: i do have power of attorney…..what is the process…she’s done with phoning anyone at age 99. thanks jim b.

    9. While frontier communications delivers professionalism over the phone they suck at maintaining customer relations! while my phone bill sucks the life out of me while trying to build my small business. frontier sends a tech out to fix a problem I have with my phone and ‘discreetly’ or should I say – rip me off by adding $100! to my bill without telling me of ANY charge. I find this most appalling because while I check everything there are those with big business that miss charges like these altogether! disgusting!

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