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    How to Cancel Service

    Gold’s Gym is a membership-based gym with locations throughout the United States. There is evidently a huge uproar within the company about cancellation procedures because the full Gold’s Gym cancellation policy is listed online at This information is also part of the membership contract issued by Gold’s Gym the day you sign your contractual obligation. You must follow the exact instructions listed in this document to cancel your membership to Gold’s Gym.

    When you are ready to cancel there are three steps you must complete. If any of these steps is missed, you will have to restart the entire cancellation process all over again the following month.

    Step 1: Go to the Gold’s Gym where you signed up for the membership and ask for a cancellation form. Fill out the form and hand it to a Gold’s Gym employee. You may also wish to send a certified letter of your desired cancellation to the gym.

    Step 2: Pay the requested 30-day fee. There is a 30-day notice required when cancelling your Gold’s Gym membership. During this time, you may be charged one last month’s dues. There is mention of a 30-day notice payment, but we are unsure if that payment means the final month’s dues or an additional payment on top of the final month’s dues.

    Step 3: Pay your improvement fee. Gold’s Gym charges customers a club improvement fee. There is no mention of when this fee is charged or how much the fee is, but if the customer is scheduled to pay the fee within the 30 days following the cancellation request, they are responsible for paying the fee.

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    Yes, there is an early termination fee called a 30-day notice payment. We assume this fee is equal to one month’s membership dues, but we are not certain as the exact amount of the fee is not mentioned.

    Even if you qualify for early cancellation due to disability or medical reasons, you are still required to pay the early termination fee – no matter what. If the membership holder dies, the early termination fee is NOT waived.

    Early Termination Policy

    You can cancel your membership to Gold’s Gym early if you move to a location where no Gold’s Gym is within 30 miles of your home, if you are fully disabled as defined by a doctor or if you die. No other cancellations are accepted. If you stop payment on your membership dues, you will be charged NSF fees and Gold’s Gym may file your membership with a debt collection agency.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    We’ve not read good things about Gold’s Gym membership cancellation. The company is known for charging extra months and refusing cancellations all together.

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    41 Comments on “Cancel Golds Gym Membership
    1. new way for cancellation:
      1. Go to: http://WWW.GOLDSGYM.COM/MSS
      2. Create an account, submit. They will send confirmation email
      3. Go to your email and acknowledge. The email link will take you back to Golds Gym and finish the account creation process (name etc).
      4. Click on “Account Info”, select cancel membership and follow the prompts.
      5. You will get a confirmation number sent to your email.

    2. I have spent three months and several phone calls to cancel my account and it seems impossible. Very smart of Gold’s Gym to make it so difficult because at $40 per month x 3 months = more money in their account. Hang in there and cancel if you want. Also tell everyone you know that if you do join Gold’s gym it maybe very hard to cancel.

    3. I have been trying to cancel my membership for several months also. Even after golds employee tried to walk me thru it to no avail, once again, I was told a manager would have to call me. I have been told this four times now!!! So frustrating!! This is bullshit!!!!

    4. I have gone to the gym to cancel and they send me to go on line On line I am told to go to the gym to cancel This is not tolerable Then My membership charge was changed from 29.99 and a 25.00 charge was added to my account a full 3 weeks earlier than usual I have contacted my Am Ex and cancelled Horrible Service

    5. I love the part that says..if a member DIES the fee still won’t be waived. Thwy make it next to impossible to cancel..what kind of asshole company are you? 4 phone calls…checked this site…still trying to cancel…what esle do u assholes want?

    6. I love the part that says..if a member DIES the fee still won’t be waived. They make it next to impossible to cancel..what kind of asshole company are you? 4 phone calls with no answer…checked this site…still trying to cancel…what esle do u assholes want?

    7. I tried to cx my membership, a disabled vet with both knees metal and bad back!! They tell me I cant because i signed year contract!! The guy “simmons” that signed me up said i was under NO obligation and could cx at any time!!! Or I would not have signed up!! This is a False sales pitch they give and I will let all the community know how i was lied to and it will cost your gym more $$$$ than my little contract would have!!!!!!!! I would have came back after the 3rd knee replacement but now theirs no way!!!!! On social media i PROMISE THIS WILL COST GOLDS GYM ALOT OF FUTURE CONTRACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8. i would like to cancel my gold gym members same this week I well be out of Virginia for the summer

    9. A Gym with no swing pool and other activities and behaving like they are Gods.

      Very bad custmer Serivce. I talked to the manager to cancel my membership. He told me that the Regional manager has to sign on it. I am still waiting for 2 months to get his call.

      You will be better off to join other Gyms, like LA Fitness, then Golds Gym.

      We need to teach these people, that they only exixt because of us. If we don’t join then, then they will be out of business soon.

      Good Luck this kind of Customer Service.

    10. I tried many days to cancel my membership, so difficult, bad services,… I had to cancel my am express….. i spend time in the gym with the rep, by phone, by internet. Horrible service. But for sure the charge for 30 to 60 days more…. So smart for you guys…

    11. Iam surprised golds gym has not been sued for using tactics that are obviously against the law and if not should be even if you follow the on line cancellation which by the way does not work. somebody needs to take a stand I promise I will look into this immediately and call whom ever necessary to look into your illegal practices.

    12. I need to cancel my membership, because I had hand surgery and cannot lift weights or apply pressure to my hand.

    13. Like going from Monthly of $36 to bi-weekly of $18…….nope, we’re to stupid to know that is a price increase.

    14. I sent the letter to Gold’s Gym just like they said in the contract. They stopped charging me for two months at the end of my contract, so I thought all was well. Then, out of nowhere, I get a $78 charge! Two months after they stopped charging me. So I went online to sign up for an account so I could cancel (just like the manager at the gym said), but then when I tried to do that they said they didn’t recognize my email address, so I would have to go back to the gym and cancel my contract. This is BS! I’m calling my bank to stop the charges and getting a new card. Someone once warned me about this with Gold’s Gym. I should have listened.

    15. I had numerous billing problems with Gold’s Gym when I first joined. It took me weeks to resolve the issues. Ultimately it was resolved. Then, I recently assisted my daughter in getting a membership and the same thing happened. I was charged twice within a 4 day period. Should have learned my lesson. What is so frustrating about this company are the bold faced lies. They lie to get you to join and then tell you that there is no recourse. Then everyone points the finger or denies telling you that. If I were going to join another Gym I will record the conversation. Its not illegal, you are in a public place and within earshot of others. When I left the Gym a bit ago there were several agents on hand sitting at their desks. It was hardly crowded. As I drove away, I got an alert that my account was charged again for my daughters membership. I called the Gym and was told that no one was available…Unbelievable lies. My oldest daughter used to work there and every time someone called and requested a manager, they would tell her to take a message and/or tell the caller that they were in a meeting. Wow, great customer service.

    16. I am reading the comments and realize I have a long road ahead of me to get out of this Gold’s month to month membership that I entered with full disclosure that I would be leaving in a couple of months.It’s a complete run around. They lie, as others have said. There must be power in the number of people who have been jerked around by this Company. There must be some way we can warn others and/or take Gold’s to task for their scam.

    17. I went to Gold’s before I deployed with my orders but they turned me away with absolutely no help saying I have to fax my orders somewhere else. I am currently down range and still trying to suspend my membership until I come back. I would like some instructions please.

    18. I just read some of these comments wow. this corporation hasn’t changed one bit all about money for Golds Gym I really don’t know how you get away with some of this crap. I have always known its vey diffulcult to get out of contract But this 2 every 2 weeks you take a payment And its not a.ways the same each month there is where Golds makes a killing late charges that’s more than the damm, payment I in the process f canceling but I don’t know if it can actually be done This gym improvement fee what the hell are you trying to pull doesn’t even explain what a improvement fee is and how much it is leaves a open check book for Golds. I read about the disabled vet not being able to get out of his contract To the veterans of the armed forces boy cott these non patriot bastards. I am a marine veteran myself VFW wants to do something for the vets legally against Golds

    19. Contract, contract, look at your contract and it will tell you about cancelling your membership. Send a certified letter to the Gym and the billing company just to be safe. Dont be fooled by going in and signing their little cancellation form, it does not cancell anything. Stopping the payment at the bank will only get you collections charges and late fees.

    20. I had to call my local Golds Gym and ask for the cancellation process. She told me to call a number it was: 800-323-6005 and I pressed 2 which was member services. I was then transferred to a live person and within two minutes my contract was ended. I was however, charged a 58 dollar early termination fee… Which SUCKS. but it was not a hard process like everyone is making it out to be….

      • Brittany, thank you for the number! If you don’t mind my asking… did you cancel your membership due to moving out of range from a Gold’s gym/being medically disabled? I simply do not want my membership anymore, specifically because this is the worst gym I have ever had to deal with. More importantly, I cannot pay it, I even cancelled my bank account because I have no money whatsoever and they were charging my account and putting it in the negatives. I have repeatedly gone to the gym and spoken with several representatives who were extremely helpful when it came to persuading me to get a membership (even telling me I was under NO OBLIGATION and COULD cancel whenever) but when it came to canceling they completely changed their demeanor. Canceling a membership should NEVER be this tricky. Our lives do not revolve around this and the people at Gold’s Gym should be ashamed for their dishonest ways of handling business.

    21. I moved from San Antonio to Columbus GA before 4 months ago , becomes I’m military I tried to cancel my member because there is no gym here, but they still charge me 48 $ per 2 weeks, so I payed until now 376 $ for nothing , and I still don’t now what should I do , even I tried to call them I have to wait for 15 minutes until someone answer, I gut sick with this, even if they answered me each one transfer me to another one and I had to wait another 15 minutes .

    22. I lost my credit card so the billing wasnt being paid. One month later they sent it to a collection agency demanding payment of $2400!!!

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