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  1. can not watch any hulu programs with out changing my computer. will be stopping withdrawl from my bank on an account that i can’t use delete the account

  2. I have an account with you that unfortunately I need to cancel…The only problem is..I can’t remember my email or password. The card on file is 3203. Visa..

  3. Hulu charged me 2 psyments on my credit csrd after I cancelled on the ssme dsy I got the srrvice. Did not like the movies that that they had on website I really would like to get my 16.00 credit bsck on my acct l went to another vendor.

  4. There’s too many commercials and it freezes up too much. Not happy with the service. And there’s no way of contacting a customer representative as well. Ugh…

  5. I rarely leave comments, but I browsed a few of the remarks
    on this page How To Cancel Hulu Plus | Cancelling Service, Account, Or Membership.

    I actually do have a couple of questions for you if it’s allright. Is it simply me or do a few of the responses come across as if they are coming from brain dead individuals? :-P And, if you are posting on other social sites, I would like to keep up with you. Would you make a list of the complete urls of your social community pages like your Facebook page, twitter feed, or linkedin profile?

  6. I am frustrated beyond belief. Your stupid program has logged me out and will not recognize my sign in information even though you tell me the email is what I am logging in with. If I am not able to get use of the program cancel and refund my money. I have requested to reset password and your stupid program tells me you sent email with how to change password and I never received one email. I doubt you will get this email but if you cannot reset so I can sign in cancel and refund my money!!!,!,

  7. I just want to cancel my account for good I did and when I check it wasn’t how can I close it and keep others from reopening it??

  8. Hulu sucks.they don’t show any of the tv show I like to whatch.and its the biggest pain in the ass trying to stream from my tv hulu is not worth the bs.I want myh money back.I should sue u hulu cause u stole my money .I could not whatch not 1 show cause of the way u have shit set up.like I said b 4 u suck.and give me back my money….

  9. Please cancel my hulu plus subscription. I do not want it and I don’t want to be charged for it anymore.

  10. Someone used my credit card on huluplus. I canceled it but now hulu keeps charging my new card month after month. I’ve had to cancel 3 cards!!!!!

  11. i want to cancell my hulu plus, this is the 2nd time i requested but, still you guys withdraw from my account please stop the service. Thank you!

  12. i liked hulu, but i only got it to watch all my children. now that it’s on the own network. thanks for time we had together. but my netflix is free.

  13. Why are you people writing cancel my account on this website like that’ll work. This isn’t hulu it’s just an advice website on how to cancel your account. Follow the damn directions, morons.

  14. I had recently cancelled my Hulu PLus account. I had lost track of it, and forgot that after the free month, they make you pay, lol. Don’t get Hulu Plus. You can do the free month, but make sure to cancel after that. Same with Netflix if that $is coming out of YOUR pockets.

    • I agree with all of the testimony of everyone above. The service is impossible to cancel an nanny I’m only on a free trial basis. If all of the sites are this difficult to cancel then I sure won’t do that again. Cancel hulu free trial offer. NOW!!!

  15. You told me I could watch the movies I wanted lyre !!!!!!L
    CANCEL MY SUBSCRIPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. It sucks that it doesn’t show full seasons and most things that we wanted to see were not on there. I have been charged for the last 3 months and haven’t even seen anything.


    EVERY single show I search for – to watch – is not available.


    there’s no obvious way to contact the company to cancel subscription service.

    Very bad business.
    and a great big disappointment.

  19. I’ve been trying to cancel hulu plus for several months. If you check my account you’ll see I’ve never use it. I accidentally clicked on that link. I certainly can’t afford the cancellation fees or the monthly fees. So please do not continue to deduct fees from this account. I’m 68yrs. Old and live on a small fixed income. We cannot make ends meet as it is. Please help us out. Thanks for taking this request under consideration. Sincerely,Leslie Maxwell

  20. My wife got this last year some time ago she died October 2013 you are still billing her I wont to cancel hulu I am going to block this if you try to bill me again I will seek legal advise . thank you.

  21. This is a total scam. I signed up for a free trial, again I say a free trial. Then I am charged a monthly fee and haven’t had it but at couple weeks. I go to cancel and all of a sudden there’s an error and they’re working on it. Then I use the othe method of canceling and there’s a 35.00 processing fee. What the check over? July plus u suck! I want this cancelled now and account credited. I know exact where to go and what to do if this does not happen soon.

  22. the reason i am cancelling is that you guys gave out faulty and misleading information. you made me believe that i could access certain documentaries during the trial period that were, of course not available. try your bait and switch techniques on someone else.

  23. I am having difficulty canceling hulu; their online instructions for cancelation don’t seem to work. I did like Hulu Plus but it works very badly through blueray although other services have little problem through the same blueray machine.

  24. Idos like everything about hulu, Hard yo find The shows I like, or they have real old episods. Cancelation is hard to do. Pls. Cancel my subscription!

  25. Iagree I am having a hard time cancelling this Hulu it want let me reset my password cause if I forgot it how I am I going to remember it to reset

  26. Am on 7 day trial which ends tomorrow…do not want to subscribe to Hulu Plus. Remove my name and subscription information and DO NOT charge me any amounts.

  27. 2/1/2015

    I am still in my free week with Hulu+, so no doubt there will not be a fee, since I have decided to cancel before the end of this week! I like Hulu in some ways, but they lack so many films I want to see; and frankly I’m a movie buff!!! I also don’t like the advertisements. Going back to Netflix. DO NOT CHARGE ME ANYTHING!!!!! I don’t owe you anything. Best of Luck,

  28. I want to cancel immediately. I am a sucker for not paying attention to my bill. Took all the steps to rid myself of this site and lo and behold my credit card has 2years of $7.99 deductions to hulu. GET ME THE HELL OUT OF HULU…HELP ME!

  29. Streaming is horrible and has gotten worse. My show will be working and then just quit, not once, not twice but SEVERAL times. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t want to have to deal with it. Too bad, I thought HULU was the way to go, obviously I was wrong.

  30. I am so disappointed with my subscriptions. I do enjoy the TV Shows. We have been charged for 3 hook-ups and they say we do not have any account right now. Why do we have 3 charges in April? I wanted 2 hook-ups using my email address, why couldn’t I do that? So I decided to have one of the 2 with my back-up email address. I can give them the account numbers but have a difficult time finding where to put them. I enjoy watching the old programs, but my husband says to cancel everything. So where do I go from here?? I talked with a man, and he said my computer had been hacked from someone in Germany and we were paying for their Hulu Plus. ??? It doesn’t appear that it has happened. The man wanted to sell us a package deal of $600 to protect our computers. Cannot afford that, even if it was true. We have no other electronic device to watch Hulu Plus on. Please Help us!

  31. I purchased my Roku so I could watch Law and Order (original series), Suits, and Blacklist, among a few other things. I wanted them so I would walk on my Treadclimber for an hour. I was very disappointed when I could watch these programs (except for Blacklist). I then decided to cancel.

  32. . PLEASE CANCEL my HULU… for reason stated:
    Some of the movies are good, family quality, which is what we wanted Hulu for, but…
    My iPad simply won’t play more than about 15 minutes of any movie, then freezes up. One movie froze up about 10 minutes in, so I left it trying to load more content, for several hours, with no results. Tried re-starting it, and still didn’t play. Tried other movies. Same thing.
    So, I really must cancel my Hulu subscription. I can’t justify paying for a service that won’t provide what was intended.

  33. I have yet to get the streaming that I pay for….the tv/movie stops every 1 to 2 minutes. or just freezes. This is the second time I tried to use this service. It seems as if they are interrupting the ‘leases’ which are at various time. I will have to contact an attorney to see what I can do about being scammed because it is illegal and they have my account information.

  34. My family enjoyed Hulu for a small time before we had came on orders to England. Hulu for some reason does not work here in the UK unless you are cleaver enough to figure a way around the systems that are set in place. We would love to be a member and watch our shows using Hulu as Netflix can become boring with the same things if not older things. Because there is no service here we have had to cancel. So sad.

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