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    How to Cancel Service

    LA Fitness is a gym that requires a membership for visitors to use gym facilities on a regular basis. According to the LA Fitness website, customers can choose to cancel their membership at any time if they have recurring billing. There is no mention of an early termination fee associated with cancelling, though the company clearly wants customers to suspend or freeze their memberships instead of cancelling. If you have a personal fitness trainer contract, you will need to talk with your gym staff about cancelling that portion of your contract.

    According to the LA Fitness website cancellation policy, found here, you can cancel your membership by sending a letter. You should send the letter by certified mail so you can be certain the letter was received. Some contract holders also require the receiver to sign for the letter for added protection. The letter must be received at least five days before the next payment is due to be deducted or you will pay an additional month’s fees. When you signed up for your LA Fitness membership, you paid the first and last month, so you have one additional month to use the gym after you cancel your membership. Send your certified letter to:

    LA Fitness
    PO Box 54170
    Irvine, CA 92619-4170

    LA Fitness claims you can also hand deliver the letter to the Operations Manager at your local club. If you choose to use this method, make sure you receive a receipt from the Operations Manager stating that your membership cancellation request was received. The receipt must include the name of the manager and the date the request was delivered – for your safety.

    There is also a Cancellation Form located under the My Account page when you sign in. You can fill out that form and send it to the address listed on the form, if desired. You can log in here

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    There does not appear to be an early termination fee associated with cancelling your LA Fitness membership.

    Early Termination Policy

    The early termination policy appears to be open, which means you can cancel your membership for any reason.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    We read through multiple consumer complaint forums all claiming LA Fitness does not process cancellation requests when they are received. Consumers have hand delivered the cancellation forms, sent the forms certified mail and contacted the corporate office to no avail. At times, consumers have cancelled credit cards and checking accounts to get out of the contract months after sending cancellation requests.

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    59 Comments on “Cancel LA Fitness Membership
    1. We want to cancel our membership in effective today October 3, 2012 and fees are no paid on credit card CITI. We will appreciate it. thank

    2. Hi I was an l a fitness member but I cancelled my membership is there any way I could get my membership back?

    3. I like the facility of the LA fitness. When my job became overtime, I had to reschedule my training appointments to later times. They asked me if I wanted an early morning training appt and I said yes. But they would not give me one. So I will suspend my membership. Maybe, I will reinstate later when I can be the facility can find a time that works best for me regarding a trainer. They really need more flexible trainers with better hours. Some people work during the day.

    4. OMG, it’s kind of annoying when you’re trying to cancel membership and LA fitness website either sux or they disabled the button to click next… coz everything else works in the website but that part , I can’t seem to view or print that so-called cancellation form…can I download it somewhere else?

      • they settled a class action lawsuit for just that problem a couple of years ago so do not take it and insist that they refund any money owed to you from the day you attempted to click on the cancel button!

    5. I need the name and the address of someone in authority. The corporate office claims not to know who is in authority or their address.

    6. I mail my cancellation from like a week a go and still no cancellation. why is it taking so long ?? i dont want to get charge on my credit card .

    7. If you’re trying to cancel your membership good luck. They don’t make it easy at all. Actually they don’t ever want you to cancel, so when you finally arrive to cancel
      In person the manager isn’t there. It’s BULL
      SHIT illegal. La Fitness is a joke of a gym.

    8. Thanks , I’ve recently been searching for information about this topic for ages and yours is the greatest I’ve discovered so far. However, what concerning the conclusion? Are you positive about the supply?|What i don’t realize is in fact how you’re now not actually a lot more smartly-liked than you might be now. You’re very intelligent.

    9. So I tried to cancell my membership a year ago in person, but you said I had to mail in a form with a check. I did. You didn’t cancel my membership! You’ve been chargin my account for almost a year you assholes!!! With fucking service fees!!!

      Then you refuse to give me a refund because I have no proof. This has to be a fucking joke.

    10. We are moving to an area that does not have a LA Fitness. We still have 5 months left on our paid in full membership. They say because we paid in full, that we will not get money back for the 5 months. What a joke these people are. Just like the defunct company they bought.(Bally’s). I read there was a previous class action suit. I will look into that.

    11. Never sign up with la fittness i was going threw money promblems and i askd could the just let me cancel didnt wanta know so i havent been in 5 months now my contract is up i can cancel but no ive been ringing them 4 well over a week now and spent at least a total of an hour half listening to crap music being played and then a message sayin pls stay on the line ure call is important . SO ONCE AGIAN STAY AWAY FRM LA FITNESS oh by the way to of my mates are pulling out of there cntractj


    13. You all are correct, it is impossible to cancel. What form to be mailed in? What account to be created. Small story, my credit card was hacked therefore I canceled it, solution to the real crooks good luck trying to get money again. By the way when was this lawsuit about this, I would like to learn more.

    14. I bought some passes from Groupon and ended up with becoming a monthly memeber. I too have been trying to cancel LA Fitness membership.
      Did not realize that I was tied in for the whole year.
      It was only after reading a few blogs that I’ve found out
      I may be on a ‘Credit’ Agreement with LA Fitness not the usual Pay monthly Gym membership I had years ago. If I was
      told I would have to pay the whole amount even if I chose to cancel I would have NEVER have joined in the first place.

    15. You can’t send a letter certified to a P.O. Box. It’s another stall tactic to keep billing your account. Close your account with your financial institution is the only way to stop these scam artist from collecting.

    16. My LA member services manager was incredibly helpful. I was beyond the contracted year, so they didn’t push back too much. I just explained to her that my fiance was a personal trainer, and I could train with him for free now.

    17. NEVER EVER JOIN La Fitness!! I went in person to cancel my training sessions – I still had 16 to use due to health issues. I sat with the person who signed me up, at the Abington, PA site. He said that he took care of it and if I wanted to purchase a session from time to time I could. 3 Months later….I am still being billed, so I contacted my credit card and told them not to block LA Fitness…I called La Fitness corp headquarters and spoke at length with a person who said she would take care of canceling the training sessions. NOW I am being Harassed!! PHone calls 5 – 9 per hour!! Different people, from different numbers all from LA Fitness.
      SAve yourself – never ever join this fitness corp.
      Next move is to file a complaint with the PA Attorney General for consumer protection.

    18. Cancellation form. No where to be found! What a scam. Hope my bank is more customer service conscious. Cancelling auto pay I hope tomorrow!

    19. LA FITNESS, is a joke. They have been charching my account for my daughter and grandson for months on my credits card. I have called them repeadtly! I have the same last name and address but my daughter has her own account, but since her credit card got stolen she has a new number.Poor thing she has tried to cancelled her membership for months!!!
      So they started charging my credit card!! well I had to cancell my card today, is the only way for them to stop stealing my money! I am so angry!!

    20. I signed up to LA Fitness at the branch and was told that I could cancel by stopping my payment at any time after the contract finished (which was for a year). I stopped paying after 15 months but of course couldn’t cancel that easily. Their terms and conditions say that you have to pay for another month after the month in which you cancel. So watch out and cancel well before you need to, do everything by letter or e-mail and only pay in a way you can cancel the payment yourself. Don’t believe what they tell you in branch.

    21. I have a personal fitness trainer contract at the LA Fitness on Atlantic and Kernan in Jacksonville, FL. Today I requested to speak to someone to canceled my contract. Receptionist first informs me that person of authority is in the back and had me wait. She returned to tell me he’s not available (Ralph) and will call me back. Receptionist began to ask for me to leave my name and number which reminded me of the last time I left my name and number for this guy (no one called back). When I requested to speak with Cody next, the personal trainer that processes my contract, I was told he no longer works there. But both were clearly at the gym. I saw both at the gym and I even spoke with Cody a few minutes before the receptionist (he put me on forever hold but nevertheless, I spoke to Cody and he was working). SHE LIED! I tell the receptionist this and ask if she’s giving me the roundaround and she falters. Immediately the guy is suddenly available (Ralph) to speak with me. At this point I begin to get this uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach and the perception that there is an intention to DELAY my cancelation process. He takes down my membership number and asked for the reason of my cancelation. Still calm and smiling I explained the medical reason. In addition, I have clear written instructions from my doctors “no workouts” under physical activity instructions from my hospital discharge papers and followup visits. He began to challenge by stating regardless of hospitalization, there must be a statement from the doctor that exactly states you are not able to continue personal training. Lucky for him, I do. Cancelation papers were then printed for me to mail to corporate for processing. Again, that uneasy feeling returned -added by the helpless feeling of being taken for a joke. That’s when I goggled LA Fitness and found this site. I’m not sure why LA Fitness chose to conduct business in this manner but it definitely leaves a bad taste and an unhappy customer. Also from all the comments on this site, I guess it’s safe to assume that this is a company strategy, given that multiple complaints from different locations are abiding by the same unethical practice. I would love to be proven wrong by this assumption but then again – I’ve been redirected to mail papers to a PO BOX address in Irvin California to process my cancelation. I would also like to add that cancelation papers provided by the gym for me to mail does not contain date/ time stamp. I will mail this out via certified mail with written letter from me but I would also like to email this out to LA Fitness for the sake of date and time stamp as well as better tracking. But no luck on finding any contact information thus far. Any suggestions?

      • Still no word from the certified cancellation mail I sent out. However, charges posted to my account earlier than normal. LA fitness personal training charges normally post to my account on the 13th (before cancellation) has now post on the 4th (after cancelation). Frustrating to be required to send the cancelation letter via certified mail to a PO BOX address. If I don’t hear back by next week, I will be forced to go the litigation route.

        • I received a receipt for “End Of Term Cancel Membership” which basically states that my membership will be cancelled AFTER contract end date. What a scam!

          Actual Body of Email Received from LA Fitness:

          “This confirms that your personal training membership will be cancelled once the initial term you agreed upon is completed. Please note that your regular dues amount will continue to be charged to your account on file with us, pursuant to the authorization you previously provided, until completion of your initial term. If at any time between today and your final billing date listed above, you opt to make any changes to your membership (e.g. any billing cycle change, any adjustments to your dues payments, etc. that would effect your in term agreement) the initial term of your personal training services agreement will be extended by that change.
          If you are still within the term of your personal training agreement, that agreement allows you to cancel early only if you provide specific supporting and verifiable documents which we have not received (please review page 2 of your contract).However, if such documents or circumstances do not currently apply, your agreement does still allow you the option to voluntarily cancel for any reason by paying a fee equal to 50% of the current remaining balance owed to complete the initial term of your personal training agreement. Your local club can give you the exact amount and collect the fee from you in person; otherwise, the dues installments will continue to be billed on your regular billing date until completion of that initial term. We hope this helps you make a decision.”

          • See my reply to Alyce, as I’ve dealt with a similar company that thought they could just keep taking money out of my account.
            HA! What a joke. So long as you have all the relevant paperwork, they can’t do a thing. Better yet, sue them and get all your money back.

          • Ha!! I am a member of that location. Ralph signed me up because he was my trainer at a previous gym. I loved being trained by him but he was bitten by the LA Fitness bug. Nonetheless, I tried to cancel and got the exact same reply.

    22. I would like to discontinue my membership and only asked to join for 1 year and you are still taking paymwents, it is ridiculous thatI have to write to Irvine for this to take place. I joined the Northwood centre and was happy for a while then found the place was very dirty and would not have liked my grandaughter to see the state of some of the changing rooms. I have now moved house and prefer to go to a local swimming pool. I will go in the bank tomorrow and cancel my direct debit and write to confirm this. If anymore money comes out of my account then I will not hesitate to contact the financial ombudsman. This was written on 28 10 13

    23. I have been trying to cancel my LA Fitness training membership for SIX MONTHS now!!! I have been getting the run around for forever. From May until Sept. until the Director of Operations stated to me “talk to your credit card company and file disputes” I did. I also got a new credit card, and blocked the charges.

      I’m sure some of you could guess what happened. Some how, LA Fitness found out that Capital One was not paying them for all of the five fitness sessions. They started to REBILL my credit card company!! They were successful and Capital One had to dispute the charges again. In October they were successful in billing me for October training. My credit card company said they try their best to block the charge but some companies get through if they keep billing over and over again. It’s ridiculous.

      I have filed a dispute with the BBB, I have written negative reviews on Yelp! and Consumer Reporting websites. And now I am considering going to the PA State Attorney General (as the consumer above stated).

      This all started in March due to a severe medical issue. I informed my Personal Trainer and he made it seem like it would be SIMPLE to cancel. I was also FRIENDS with the PT manager, who again didn’t mention any of the requirements to cancel. Due to the gravity of the illness I couldn’t call until May. When I did the DO didn’t tell me anything about a doctors note required, she just said the charges would stop immediately and that I would need to print something out.

      When I went to the website the button wouldn’t work. I called about this, but no one ever returned my phone calls. I brushed this aside and focused on them freezing the charges, like they had promised. But this never happened, and no further instructions on how to cancel ever came. I made countless phone calls to LA Fitness and not one time did the DO ever say “hey you need a doctors note sent to this PO Box, saying this” etc. Now six months later, i found this out FROM A DIFFERENT DIRECTOR!!! It’s absurd. I can’t figure out if they will ever stop charging my account, or if I will ever be done with them.

      • Never ever trust a company, that uses a PO BOX to receive customer mail as it’s really easy for them to pretend like they didn’t get your letter(s). If there’s no name of a recipient, then you know these people are scam artists.

        Send them a letter via tracked mail and keep proof of postage. Also, e-mail them and make sure to add a friend as a CC recipient, so they can’t claim they didn’t receive your e-mail, as you have another person proving that they have. In both letter write clearly that you wish to cancel your membership and therefore do not give rights to them to take any money out of your account. If such actions continue, it will be viewed as fraudulent activity/theft and will be dealt with in a legal matter.

        Phone/go to your bank and request any direct debits with LA Fitness to be cancelled and blocked. Tell the bank that you did not give out permission to LA Fitness to take any money out of your account and the bank will definitely sort it for you. Banks don’t like losing money and they definitely have more power, than some sheisty company.

        Oh, and if LA Fitness starts sending you harassing letters, fee free to sue them as you have all the needed documents proving you right. Chances are, they’ll back down within seconds of getting the boot from your bank.

    24. My friend signed me up under friends and family in Long Beach, but I live in Beverly Hills. I explained to the person that signed me up over the phone, where I live and the club I would be using. It seems that that is a signature club and I would need to pay more. I explained that that is not what I signed up for and to please cancel the membership and refund my money. I have not used the gym. They refused to refund my money. I have given them money with no return. I ask, honor the agreement or refund my money. They will not honor the agreement and will not refund my money. I call that bait and switch and shady practice. LA FITNESS, YOUR BUSINESS WILL BE LIMITED IF YOU CONTINUE TO PRACTICE THIS WAY.

    25. I called today to cancel and they said I need a form and to mail it in and membership would be canceled. They also said I could go into any fitness center and have it canceled.

      I tried to log into the website to access the cancelation form but it would not let me make and account. It kept saying my information was incorrect. I will go to the LA Fitness where I signed up and attempt to cancel there. I will also notify my bank once proper notification has been give to LA Fitness.

      This is stupid, why in the world can’t one cancel via phone? And why is the website not working to enable one to gain access to the form?

      I’ll advise how it goes at the local gym when I go to cancel. I did read to get a receipt from the manager I’ll see how that goes as well too. I’m also keeping a log of all my attempts, calls, people etc.

      Don’t give up!

      • Hey, any luck? I’m also trying to cancel my membership , I still haven’t found the contract I signed when I signed up. But since they say that all membership with recurring charges can cancel at anytime I think I’m allow to cancel right?

    26. Imagine, this LA Fitness is charging my credit card for 4 years after i’m no more using their center and also called them to cancel. To make the matter worst they followed my new card without authorization and now start billing that too, when the old card has expired! 4 Years of charging my card without using their service, this is a complete robbery. I was searching to see what next to do about this endless charge before i saw this posting.

    27. Cancelled membership for three members in our family twice. Sent in the form once and still got charged. Cancelled the credit card, and started getting 5 – 10 calls per day. Sent in another cancellation form. From everything I was reading, cancelling at the club would be useless… they still keep charging anyway! Now, I just spoke to one of their “Operations Managers” who after listening to all of this said he would refund me for all three members for one month, but needed to update my billing information first!! I told him to mail me a check for the refund, and that he doesn’t need updated credit card information unless they’re going to try to bill further! He said OK, then I can’t help you, have a nice day! They are the worst company I have ever dealt with and would not recommend them to ANYONE.

    28. Remember to get certified mail! They will definitely charge you the next month even if you send your letter way in advance. They say if it’s postmarked 5 days before your next charge they will refund you, but they don’t give you a way to verify this. So get certified mail because you’ll need it when they charge you again.
      Also, they have the ability to cancel your membership right there. I got mine canceled with a few clicks of the computer by the receptionist, when I went because they charged me again. So see if you can get it done right there the first time.

    29. So we cancelled not once but twice in person, have the copy of the cancellation form and corporate says they never received it. However we cancelled 8 days after due to a job transfer, no personal training was used (as we did sign up for that) and cancelled with the director at the facility. Been going back and forth with the corporate office and they said a letter from employer is not a reliable document? What? They have been calling and emailing re: payment because we shut the CC down – they have billed over 1,000.00 we have since been in contact with the same person we joined with and the same person we cancelled with and he has been helpful. So thank you. But really want the money back. You would think since they have a log of when you go to the gym and train that they would see we haven’t been there and haven’t had any training and would I DONT KNOW—maybe PICK UP THE PHONE AND FIND OUT WHY!? Instead they continue billing membership fees and personal training fees!

      BBB will be the next step

    30. Have tried several times to cancel today – get to the PDF print form which does not work then to HTML which does not provide a address to mail certified copy.

      Very frustrated at this point.

    31. Called local number – will stop by to see Operations Manager in the AM tomorrow. Interesting fact is there should have been a bar code – basically I got a generic form.

    32. I went to the LA fitness in North Seattle on Aurora Ave today to cancel my membership. I filled out the form and tried to give it to the front desk girl. She said that the manager was not working today. Ask me to come back on Weekdays. I asked her to give the form to manager. She said that she was not allowed to do it. She said that you could not cancel over the phone. It seems to me that LA Fitness trying to make it very difficult for customers to cancel: can not call. If you go there, you can not hand in the form to them unless the manager is there. Manager may be there during week day work hours but not guranteed to be there, such excuses. I left a copy of my signed form at their front desk with a photo as evidence. I also scanned a form as evidence to support my cancellation. I will also mail my form as additional proof.

    33. LA Fitness is still playing games when it comes to cancelling membership.

      1. The Cancellation Form, which all of their documentation claims is required, was REMOVED from their website.

      2. You have to get a signed receipt from the Operations Manager when cancelling locally? The manager won’t do anything unless there’s proof?

      3. It take 40 DAYS to cancel an account by mail and you have to send it Certified just to get proof they received it?

      Why hasn’t a state attorney brought a lawsuit against these con artists?

    34. LA Fitness in Livonia has the worst customer service. I moved from CT to MI and transferring my membership was such a hassel that it took 6 months. I kept paying for six month and not being able to use my memebership. this is the reason i’m canceling LA Fitness membership. WORST EVER.

    35. EVERYONE CANEL YOUR MEMBORSHIPS!.. Soon many other, BETTER choices… Let the owner get what he deserves… Let him pay now for his mistreatment of staff and members! SPEAK UP!! Close the dirty greed sweat shops..

    36. I need my cancel membership to LA FITNESS GYM Oxnard California! I paid $10 llrs per month and I dont’t like this cost! so I need cancel NOW!!!!

    37. don’t sign up they will give you a big run around saying you need documentation – if you are a college student and never changed your address it is impossible to prove change of address so they will not cancel membership and try to have you pay a large cancelation fee if you want cancelled. They will not help when you try to explain you are a college student and you do not pay utility bills and a mail forwarding address will not work- will not listen and interrupt you continuously – they are only out for your money – stay clear of memberships here will be reporting to the better business bureau as they are not what they say they are.

      • I been working out at L.A for 1 year and had the sales manager put his chest to mine and call me a race name so if your latino and look in good shape his guy will hate on you and make false statements about you. i canceled my membership 2 weeks and the next day they canceled me so i can’t go there so i lost my 4 weeks that i paid for. I go to life time fitness where you are treated with respect. L.A hires anyone that can stand and take your money what a joke of a place i will never go there even if they gave me a free membership. I had more stress going there then i left to finish working out. I called corp office and no one would call me back for three weeks then to tell me i can’t go there. i don’t care LIFE TIME FITNESS IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE WHAT WAS I THINKING TO SIGN UP WITH L.A WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSSES THAT CAN’T FIND WORK ANYWHERE ELSE.

    38. I been working out at L.A for 1 year and had the sales manager put his chest to mine and call me a race name so if your latino and look in good shape his guy will hate on you and make false statements about you. i canceled my membership 2 weeks and the next day they canceled me so i can’t go there so i lost my 4 weeks that i paid for. I go to life time fitness where you are treated with respect. L.A hires anyone that can stand and take your money what a joke of a place i will never go there even if they gave me a free membership. I had more stress going there then i left to finish working out. I called corp office and no one would call me back for three weeks then to tell me i can’t go there. i don’t care LIFE TIME FITNESS IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE WHAT WAS I THINKING TO SIGN UP WITH L.A WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSSES THAT CAN’T FIND WORK ANYWHERE ELSE.


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