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  1. I have been a member a short time and i did not think it would be this quick. I have found a lot of very nice people. But i found the one i want. I thank you very much. Arthur Greene

  2. i would like to cancel my subsription to match.com and stop being billed for futher activation or current montly charges

  3. Free dating sites are better and have more good people and less weirdos, ironic I know. Match.com is a rip off and would not reccomend it to anyone.

  4. Match charged my Paypal account, after I set it up to cancel PRIOR to the subscription renewal. I called their customer services department when I saw the billing, which was just the very next day. They refuse to refund me the money, even though I did cancel the subscription & also called them one day after they took from my paypal account. Instead, they offered me an upgrade on my account to stay? I don’t think so…

  5. Twice I have gone through the process of cancelling my membership and twice my paypal account has been charged. Law suit anyone?!?!?!

  6. I was on that site for not long, but did not find anybody who was looking for a long term relationship. I have cancel my membership and i wish no longer to be part of this site. I believe this site was a waste of time and energy. Please cancel my membership.

  7. Absolutely worthless, no verifications, shady customer service, and millions of weirdo’s on the site. Found my soul mate on a free site. Don’t give these jerks your money, stick to the free sites.

  8. I’m very angry that I’ve been billed for 6 months upfront.
    This was not made clear until I received my PayPal invoice today. This has put me off your service and I would like to request a refund and cancel my subscription. Very disappointing.

  9. I have been trying to cancel my account for the past hour. There’s no goddam way to do it unless I notify my bank to stop payment. Your site is a racket to say the least.

  10. Does anyone have the customer service number to cancel a “paypal” subscription? I just joined a few days ago and lets just say, Im glad I never put my pic on the account. I knew something was fishy, I should of never done this, stupid on my part! Please help me! Thank you so much. Lisa (4-19-2013) 9:51 am

  11. This is a very poor site. If you do ANYTHING on the site, they will NOT refund your money. I opened a profile today and called today to cancel and was told I can’t get a refund because someone sent me an email before I activated to a paid subscription. This is a SCAM!!

  12. I would like to cancel with immediate effect! This is not what bi expected and it also comes with crazy spam to ur email account! !!

  13. I joined two days ago and am extremely unhappy with the service. Advertising a customer service number that does not work. This whole setup is an absolute joke. Stupid on my part! I want a refund!

  14. Match.com is a rip off and has been appling charges to my credit card for over 120 dollars after a 2-month trial offer had expired. Watch how you pay and the terms. Notice it is not easy to contact representative for match.com!

  15. Match.com is a complete waste of money. They will not give you a refund. I was on the site for 4 days and found it to be a big scam. Customer Service was very rude and would not even consider giving me a refund when I called. I don’t know how they can possibly get people together when they can’t even treat their customers decently. Avoid them at all cost!

  16. It was an accident that I loved on to the site, before I knew it I was enrolled again. I will join you later but right now it’s just not a good tome for me. I am still not yet divorced yet. I’ve been separated for about four months. I need to take some time out just for me.

  17. Wish I had read reviews before joining. My matches are either out of my age range or too far away. This really sucks. What a waste of money!!

  18. Disgusting customer service! Cheap site. Take out £76 from my account without me authorising it, and will not refund it, absolutely disgusting! They know people will leave after trying it, the only way for them to make money is to conn people of it! Awful, awful NEVER again will I give money to match

  19. I did NOT sign up for match.com site. Someone used my email and signed me up. I recieved a user name and password email that I sent to spam. I have been getting emails from the site and want them to stop. All emails I have been sending to spam. I have also sent a previous request to stop emails and cancel my email address yesterday. I can not get through to the company. Please cancel all emails/subscription.

  20. Please cancel this piece of crap. I did not sign up for this sham of a business. Have tried and tried to cancel. Nothing works. I will pursue this farther if needed.

  21. I signed up for one month and cancelled, or so I thought. Never saw anything that said Match.com on bank statement, just paypal. I had been extremely sick for 2 years and checked my paypal to notice for 3 years they have been taking money out and giving it to Match.com, which I never used their services but the one month. Charges were over $1,000 and they said they will only refund $200. Scam artists.

  22. I was fine with paying the $16 or so a month. But I can’t afford $90 in one shot. Cancel my account! This is not what I agreed to.

  23. I explicitly chose NOT to renew the 3 month membership and hadn’t even been using Match but they charged me anyway! Criminal behavior as they try to charge you and hope that you don’t catch on. Contacting the BBB and State Attorney’s office to file complaint. I recommend you DO NOT USE MATCH!!!!

  24. you suck.

    I want my money back. you cancelled my account hours after i payed and are not refunding my money. match.com is stealing my money. give it back or i will dispute.

  25. I wish to cancel as my husband has agreed to counselling through my work. Our marriage is basically a good one that hit a wall of back stuff over the past few months. So wish us luck and thanks for Match.com

  26. I can’t believe they renewed without my permission and I was charge twice more since my original payment which I planned on paying once only! I cannot afford this and want the last 2 refunded immediately and this cancelled for good. Sneaky to do this kind of crap, I have no respect for them now and will warn everyone I know. It won’t even send me my password in an email. What a joke

  27. I Believe that this Match.com, Is tied with some sort of Gangland type of Hook up, because they simply wont allow you to cancel your Subscription, NEVER have I had so Much Trouble Breaking away from Services I DO NOT WANT.

  28. I only joined for one month they charged my account the second month without my permission I would like for them to refund my money

  29. Match.com is THE WORST site I’ve ever used, period. not just dating sites OF ALL sites. It’s completely worthless. There are so many glitches, it’s obvious they just take peoples money and run–no investment made to actually providing a worthy service! Of course they have an absolute 0% money back guarantee because they know their product is total crap and EVERYONE WILL WANT THEIR MONEY BACK. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GO FOR THE FULL 6 MONTH, try it for 1 month first otherwise they will rape you off your hard earned $$. No consideration whatsoever. They will not give money back no matter what. And their customer service is ABYSMAL, keep you on hold to try to tire you out, then pass you along to their “supervisor” who has no power to do anything anyway because their “system” doesn’t allow them- no partial refund, no account suspension, no consideration. NO THANK YOU.

  30. Iwish to UNSUBSCRIBE my membership WHY?do you make it so DIFFICULT???I am trying to do so for several days no luck.

  31. I want to cancel any menber ship you might think i have. I did not sign up for anything .I will get a lawyer if you dare bill me.

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