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    How to Cancel Service

    MetroPCS is a prepaid cell phone company with quite a popular line of new cell phones and prepaid plans. The idea behind MetroPCS and other prepaid companies is that signing a contract with a cell phone company for one to two years is not something customers should be forced to do to have the latest cell phone technology. MetroPCS offers multiple cell phone plans ranging from $40 to $60 per month, each of which must be paid in advance of the month of service.

    If you wish to cancel your cell phone plan with MetroPCS just stop paying the bill. If your account is on an autopay system, you need to contact the customer service department by calling 888-863-8768 or *611 from your cell phone. The customer service representative will cancel the autopay service so you won’t be charged for additional months. There may be a specific cut-off date, depending on when you started service with MetroPCS, so contact customer service as soon as you know you want to cancel your MetroPCS service.

    The official website offers additional information on how to cancel MetroPCS at:

    Is There An Early Termination Fee?

    One thing about prepaid companies that keeps customers coming back month after month is that there is no early termination fee. That means customers will not have to pay a fee for canceling service early. Simply stop paying for the cell phone plan you’ve chosen and the account will be cancelled at no charge.

    If you wish to take your MetroPCS number with you, don’t let the cell phone service cancel before calling customer service about porting your number to a new carrier. They may not be thrilled with your service, but they should be able to walk you through the porting process.

    Early Cancellation Policy

    There is no specific early cancellation policy, but we did find a policy on non-payment. If a customer does not make payment on-time, service will be immediately interrupted. There are no lieu periods. The plan due date remains the same so when the customer makes a payment, the next monthly payment is due on the regularly scheduled date so if a payment is 15 days late when you make the payment, you lose 15 days of service that month.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    Customers tend to be rather happy with the no early termination and no contract plans offered by MetroPCS, but there are always hiccups with service. The company will work with you to cancel your service with no trouble. Make sure to contact MetroPCS if your monthly plan payment is on an automatic payment system or you will continue being charged for service.

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    24 Comments on “Cancel MetroPCS
    1. My service to be $50 a months but i am paying $150. I called customer service they saying i had a $50 plan and why i am paying $150 a months can some one explain that to me and thanks


    3. Oh wow you people are stupid. Asking a website to cancel your service from a company they are not affiliated with. This is just information. Wow!

    4. Will i be able to use the same cell phone with a different provider? i’m hoping it’s not exclusive to metropcs.


    5. Horrible customer service & billing guidance. My bank shows that my payment was made on 6/27 and it’s not due until 6/30….can’t get past the automated customer service to speak to a human person. I plan to cancel this account, not worth the hassle of speaking to the cloud .

    6. Well, i just got in with metro pcs because i need a number for whatsapp and viber. I paid that first month, but in their terms of policy they say that unpayment subjects you to arbitration.. i wonder if that is true?!
      I can see that loads of people are not happy with netro pcs service.. please if anyone has experiences, share it. I need to knw before i terminate my verizon wireless contract..

    7. I got ripped again by Metropcs! Bought a new phone on the 2nd of Oct 2014 paying $130.00 and the thing quit working on the 29th of Oct 2014 and they won’t do a thing about it and I took out the insurance. I will never go back to Metropcs again. They are the worst cell phone company that ever existed. They suck totally……Don’t back what they sell,they all just say you got to take it to the corporate office in Sacramento, (I think that is the only thing there taught in training to say is you got it wet or you dropped it as well as taking it to the corporate in Sacramento) just a bunch of lieing ??????? people.

    8. I would like to cancel my metro PCS since I went back to my country.
      I don’t have any phone information except my phone number.
      Is there possible to cancel by e-mail? Time difference makes difficulty to call the customer service.

    9. I am going to another Co. There are about 3 Campanies providing similar svc.with less hastle and better monthly contract. Metro cps is known to interupt your web brousin, asking you to pay more(upgrade-they call it). That ‘s my beef with them.
      I pay 40 a month and get a svc that out in the middle of browsing!

    10. If Metropcs states there’s no contract. Then why must I pay each month on a specific date or service is cancelled, when the due date is less than 30 days? Answer… CONTRACT!! Their lying is better than their coverage, that’s for sure.

    11. On the verge of cancelling Metro PCS service and try Boost Mobile. Most prepaid carriers do what government regulation permits. Ethically and morally such practices are wrong, but unfortunately legal. Contacting the company, and its customer service tends to be futile. Perusing terms and conditions one finds legal action in court is waived, arbitration selected by the carriers, and terms and conditions subjected to change at any time by said carriers at same said carriers’ discretion. Don’t be discouraged by the legalese. Contact Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs, local news telecasters who advocate for consumers, write editorials in local newspapers, call 311 and report such incidents and ask what course of action may be taken to have your issue addressed. Currently Metro PCS and I are at odds and the issue is being handled by the Better Business Bureau. In the past I have had Metro PCS replace phones with refurbished phones at an $11 cost. I also had a credit of $5 once when my web service on the phone stopped. Outlets such as this web presence certainly help, and for further satisfaction contact others who may help your situation. Better Business Bureau puts your issue to Metro PCS which forces Metro to acknowledge rather than ignore your issue. For now that is what I know we the consumer have at our disposal. I wish all a good luck.

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