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  1. I can’t seem to cancel the free trial it’s telling me to go in to my account but can not see that anywhere. Pls can u sort the problem out for as wont b paying for another month.

  2. I signed up for netflix free membership trial for a month around May/June with the intention of continuing but it freezes up constantly, so I just want to cancel, I tried to cancel after the month ended but I had problems doing so. I never looked at a complete movie because of the problem and I got fedup after trying a few times. Please cancel.

  3. I have been getting constant interruptions lately. it is so frustrating. I want to cancel My account. Thank you.

  4. Can u please cancel my membership? I moved to Europe and now Im not even allowed to sing in to cancel my membership….thank u

  5. I’ve called a million phone numbers to cancel my account and they’ve All said the number had been disconnected. How the heck do I cancel? I’ve had Netflix for like 4yrs, we NEVER watch it.

  6. Hate this service it keeps stopping and the movies are older and tv series , it takes 2 hrs to watch a progam due to all the interuptions and keeps having trouble concting please cancel my service

  7. I inquired about Netflix about three weeks ago and after finding out that I didn’t have the boxes to receive signals. I told them I did not want there services, I was suppose to recive a cancelltion e-mail.but have not received it.

  8. Please I want to cancel my netflix becuuse Im no longer in my house,and paying to much money for somethings that Im that whaching sory.Please remove it as soon as Posible. Thanks Margarita ALvarez.

  9. Please cancel my free trail membership. It seems that I
    have been having problems with Netflix. So, I want to cancel my free trail membership.

  10. I have asked for help for days now & cant seem to find any, everytime i go to my acct its not in english and there’s an added user “ANGEL” Who i don’t have a clue of, I cant get help on the site because its not english……….Please help me or cancel one of the two i mean this is aggravating as it gets?

  11. I have been looking for help all evening this site is horrible to deal with I have a smart tv plus a game console & the only way I can watch a movie is on my mini iPod , every # I call they say it’s out of service why am I paying 8.99 a month, for what worst service ever I want it cancelled right now.

  12. I have been trying to cancel out on Netflix for months now there is no 1-800 number there is no unsubscribe link. What should I do? To all of Netflix customers who wants to cancel their account. The thing to do is cancel out your checking account and get a new one.That’s the only way you will be able to cancel out on your Netflix account.I don’t want to have to change out of my checking account but I think I’m going to have to because Netflix isn’t the only one that Lock their customers in and you cant cancel your account. So just close out your checking account. That’s the thing to do.

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