5 Comments on “Cancel Norton Anti-Virus
  1. Norton Support Sucks! They must be outsourcing to India and my computer has been f@#ked since there teck Rajesh horan or huran remotely tried to activate Hotspot Privacy. Stay away from this company and its teckies. I am looking for refund and going elsewhere. I have no current Norton protection on my computer but they are saying that it is installed when it actually does not even exist on my machine. Stay Away from Symantec

  2. I am canceling my norton 360 because of techs dept. . My live update would work and want charge 169.00 to fix it

  3. At no time did I give Norton any permission to renew my contract with them. Yet I was automatically renewed. Total B.S. Needless to say, You’ll never do it again and no one I know will ever use Norton products

  4. never signed onto Norton, yet they are on my computer most of the time trying to get me to sign up w/them. It is really a great bother. Does anyone know how to get rid of this?

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