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    How to Cancel Service

    Planet Fitness is a membership-based gym with locations all over the United States. There are two current membership levels – PF Black Card and Month-to-Month. The PF Black Card is slightly more expensive than the Month-to-Month contract, but gym members receive multiple free benefits after joining. The PF Black Card membership also requires the member join for a minimum of 12 months. The rate is guaranteed for that time, but the customer is charged an Annual Rate Guarantee Fee for both the annual and month-to-month membership. More information on how to join Planet Fitness is available at

    Cancelling your Planet Fitness membership appears to be a bit of a mystery. Planet Fitness clearly states how a person can join the gym, but they fail to tell the customer how to cancel the membership. According to previous members, cancelling requires going to your home gym and requesting a cancellation. The clerk should process the request and give you a verification letter that the account has been cancelled. You will pay one additional monthly fee after cancelling.

    The second option involves sending a certified letter to the home gym. The letter is traceable so the gym cannot say they did not receive the letter. The membership will be cancelled, but you will pay one additional month.

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    Some would say the extra month is the early termination fee, but since Planet Fitness does not publish a detailed cancellation policy we are unsure if there are other fees the company can charge if you cancel your membership early.

    Early Termination Policy

    We could not find an early termination policy, but we did find out from a former gym member that you must move at least 25 miles away from any Planet Fitness gym or you must be deemed disabled by a doctor. A CERTIFIED letter must be sent to your home gym explaining the reason for cancelling and verification of the new address or the disability.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    It does NOT appear that Planet Fitness will work with you to cancel your membership. There are pages upon pages of complaints from consumers being charged up to $1,000 for memberships they thought were cancelled up to four years ago. It is best to look at your Planet Fitness contract and read the fine print regarding cancellation. Have a letter drafted by a lawyer if possible and have that letter sent CERTIFIED to Planet Fitness with all required documentation. Never attempt to cancel over the phone or by email – your membership will not be cancelled.

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    92 Comments on “Cancel Planet Fitness Membership
    1. they are a rip off,they get u in on the $10.00 a month & over line only the part on the front page for canclation,tell u to initial here & sign there & don’t tell u really need to read back of the contact, who do they think they are to require a doctor’s note, that &10.00 will cost u if u want to cancel.

    2. I want to be polite but i agree with robert, its bullshit that i cant just call or email my cancelation but they can take 20 out of my account monthly which doesnt get easier then that but i have to jump through hoops to cancel and only temporarily but once i cancel planet fitness lost a member for life

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    4. I just cancelled my membership with Planet Fitness and there was no problem. I had the black card for over a year so there was no cancellation fee and it only took about 5 minutes to cancel. I did have to go into the gym to cancel and sign the cancellation form. Other than that, it really wasn’t as much of a big deal like this site is implying.

    5. I was terminated by Planet Fitness for a comment I made in an email to them. I am now awaiting information to see if I’m going to be charged for anything. I didn’t cancel, they terminated my membership. If anyone has gone through this situation, please send an email regarding the outcome. Thank You…

    6. Why should we have to pay the $39 yearly fee at Planet Fitness if we are no longer a member for the up coming year

    7. Itotally agree with all the posted comments. Very easy to sign up But incredibly hard and tedious to cancel memebership. I contacted Attorney General’s office and complained. This company needs more oversight!

    8. I went there yesterday to ask about just going from a black card membership to the $10 membership due to the fact that I was going to be going out of state for radiation treatments. They told me I’d have to incur a $40 charge just to step down in my membership along with paying the cost of the $20 monthly fee and a startup cost for the the next month ($10). After that insightful conversation and total lack of any empathy I decided to come home and look at the cancelation process… It looks like they are real gems across the board.

        • Did the same thing, now they are sending me invoices along with $10 service fee for non sufficient funds. They wont cancel my membership until I pay $90 + cancellation fee, so if I do not pay, they will continue to increase the balance. How is that legal ?

          • Its legal because of the contract we sign states it right above the statement that we initial stating we have read and understood the cancellation polices on the front and back of the agreement aka contract.

      • U can’t just block them from deducting out of your checking account. They will continue to charge you and it will end up on your credit report if not paid FYI just because you block PF from auto deducting it does NOT mean your membership is cancelled

      • No. You signed a contract. Doing this is fraud. They will report you to the Credit Reporting/Collection agencies and could take legal action.

    9. What a rip off! You can’t cancel my membership by email or fax? You want me to come in so you can harass me about keeping my membership or tranferring it to another gym? Why would I want to do that when you don’t offer anything? That’s why you’re losing the people because of how you operate. Why would I want to stay? I will be glad to come there to cancel!

    10. I walked in, said I wanted to cancel. Signed the form and he told me when my membership would expire. While driving there was the only hassle, they gave me NO hassle there. Which I appreciated. Didn’t even ask me to keep it or why or anything.

    11. Sooooo…. I’m currently contemplating,no scratch that I’m trying to figure out how to cancel my membership for some of the very reasons mentioned above. Last month I went to the gym as usual, after giving my member I.D I was called back to the desk and the young lady stated that I had a balance of $83.47. I asked how is this possible if I’ve been charged every month and this shit is only suppose to be $20 a month. She stated that they attempted to take the money out on the June 2nd and were unable to, so they decided to try again on the 10th and the 17th all without contacting me. I figured after the first time I should’ve received some type of courtesy email, letter, or phone call stating the issue, instead they kept trying to take their money and charged me each time they couldn’t. Then the employee began accusing me of canceling my bank card and demanding to know when I was going to make a payment. I informed her that I would be back with my boyfriend (whose banking account is actually used for the payment) and a bank statement, and this little B****, mumbles “no need, just bring our money” and starts giggling with co-workers. When I asked to speak with a manager, she basically changed up what she actually said & he believed her, but made her get off the desk and told me I could workout for that day. While working out she’s walking by me snickering. I simply ignored and continued my workout. As I was leaving out she stated “see you next time, with that payment”.It took everything for me not to hop over the counter and do some things that would entail a fine and some jail time. Anyway like several people mentioned above, they need to be closely monitored and they make it so easy to join and they don’t go over the specific details of the shit you really need to know and they want an arm, leg and your first born child to cancel.

    12. Like any gym membership you have to read the contract. I read the contract before I signed it. I made sure it had cancellation details. If you cancel a month before the annual fee, you won’t be charged the annual fee. If you cancel during the month before, you will be charged the fee. For what they offer, it’s a reasonable charge. I’ve belonged to other gyms, they all operate the same way. Read a contract before you sign, even if it takes a while. Signing a contract binds you to the terms of that contract. It’s a basic law.

      • That is entirely correct. And I DON’T work for Planet Fitness. Just read your contract folks, you expect them to hold up their end and they expect you to hold up yours.

    13. Best bet is to put a stop payment on planet fitness through your bank. your bank may charge a stop payment fee, but you can talk your bank out of that way easier than talking planet fitness into allowing you to cancel. Say something to the bank like “I tried to cancel my membership over the phone in writing and in person but they have continued to bill me.” and your bank will likely not charge you the normal fee as a courtesy. Always be pushy when dealing with your bank’s call center operators. They are trained to basically give you whatver you want if you are insistant enough.

    14. Planet Fitness will only let you pay by draft from a checking account, not off a debit/credit card. You can pay a year in advance but do not get all the services. It appears they only want you account number. I spoke to the Corporate Office if you call it that, the person answering the phone said she was the only one to speak to and you can not speak to her supervisor or anyone else, she said the Planet Fitness’s are all indivually owned and nothing can be done

    15. No problems canceling in person at Niles IL location at all. I was a member more then a year. I should have canceled May 25 to avoid the renewal fee but I waited until August hoping I would go to gym more over summer!

    16. According to the new financial laws it is simple to stop them from taking your money. What they do is called a “Continuous payment authority.” All you need to do is go to your bank and revoke the authority. Be aware that some bank employees are not aware that the law has been changed. However it is the law. Once you inform them, the bank will become liable for any money taken from your account on that bill. Also require a copy of your membership cancellation so that you have proof that you cancelled. I think we can expect to see a class action suit against planet fitness in the next few years.

    17. I just went in today to cancel my membership with planet fitness all I did was walk in and signed a form to cancel. i hope no charges will be made toward my account After the cancellation. One thing is that they never noticed me due to my credit card being expired and they said they sent me a letter every month but I never received one and while that was happening I went into the fitness center and worked out and they did not say one word to me about my account. So I called them to cancel my membership and they said I have a balance due which I have not been paying due to my credit card expiring. Which I told them how come I didn’t get a email or letter or phone call and they just let it pile up on me. I still went ahead and cancelled it it made me angry and I will not be joining them again ever this is my first and last.

    18. Call Planet Fitness and inform them you are revoking your authorization for them to deduct funds from your checking account. Then call your bank and have them place a stop payment on Planet Fitness so they can not charge you any additional fees.

          • I used to work at LA fitness. It is illegal for any GYM to report to collections! They are NOT a bank and are unable to do so. They may say that and there may be people posting here about it but it WILL NOT hurt your credit. I know that might be scary to take my word on it but I am 99% certain. They will not take you to court and its all scare tactics. If someone has seen this on their credit report, please say so! But i highly doubt that is legal and have been told by many inside sources it is just a scare tactic. They just randomly gave me an 80 dollar charge and now I will not pay that so i am going to try and go in and cancel without paying that, just the cancellation fee, or stop payment with my bank for 30 bucks. Worst comes to worst, I can get them to kick me out! LUNK ALARMMMM!!!!! Start slamming and throwing weights, yell push it, pushi it harder to everyone you see and start doing planks on the desk. hell i will even start benching and take my shirt off. If anyone is in CT and wants to act a fool with me and kicked out i am game!

    19. i put a stop payment on planet fitness through my bank and I just recieved a letter from planet fitness saying I owe for all the months they couldnt charge my account! Now im going to end up with a huge bill when all i want to do is cancel wtf!!

    20. Impossible task to cancel your membership. Called the corporate number no help at all, I would rather pay more money at a different gym with a reliable staff. I will be calling the better business bureau.

    21. this gym is a joke. you get $10 a month because it is worth $10!! i been told to leave 2x cuz im 240lbs and 8% bf….wtf? youd think theyd want members to see the GYM WORKS for people, but instead it is full of wanna be fitness people, who dont know shit, look like shit ,etc….im one for helping others and if i was asked what i do, id tell them…but instead im told to leave. plus, their tanning beds are broken everyday, every week, etc. but dont be late to charge me a late fee, or anything. i canot tell you all how many times i lotioned up for tanning, laid in the bed, pushed start and nothing happens. then i get dressed again, tell them, they move me to another room, undress lay down, nothing happens. ge dressed tell them they suck, they laugh literally at the front desk. i write to corporate about it, all they say is im sorry you had a bad time there. WTF?!?! REALLY??

    22. I spoke to the manager of my Planet Fitness in June of 2013. I explained my boyfriend got a job at LA Fitness and I would be going there now (I love LA Fitness.. totally worth it) and she said that would be no problem. I will cancel your membership.
      NOW in October i was charged 29.99 and I contacted Planet Fitness and they explained the policy and such. My issue is why would JENNIFER THE MANAGER say she would cancel it for me, but then not. I was speaking with Chrissy through email when I received an email from Jennifer saying she NEVER said that.
      I wrote the name down and tacked it on my cork board. I always keep the names of who i spoke with on the phone. I am calling my bank and telling them to not let Planet Fitness charge me. Never will I ever go to that gym again.

    23. Planet fitness is a horrible place to workout and they make it such a big deal to cancel any membership. Not just that they have horrible costumer service and they manager is worse. Had an accident where a car parked to close to my car that it bent my bumper and where stupid enough to just leave it that way. And I called the manager to help me find out who’s car it was and instead told me to park further next time. What kind of bull shit is that and then he blamed me for everything. What an ass whole.

    24. Same as a lot of frustrated customers of PF, I’m “black” member ($20/mo). I fired my financial institution (bank) and moved all my accounts to another. After the first months incident of failed payment, they asked for my banking information, my reply, “NFW”. Really ? I never give that information out . . . to anyone, period. I gave them the new credit card and asked them to update the billing.

      I got a bill in the mail for almost $90, so I called to ask why, they had nothing on file for change in payment, so $30 dollars is bank fees, which are not real fees / cost to PF, so I had asked them to waive the fees because I had requested by billing to be updated. They can not “unfortunately” waive the fees. Since they were not willing to work with me, I asked for them to close my account. They said they can not close me account until the balance is paid in full. So I guess I’m getting charged $20 / month until I pay off any balance along with a cancellation fee. WTF, How is that Legal ?

    25. i have a problem i never join any planet fitness and never went to any gym, now you busy sending me sms that iu will deduct on my account for sumthing have no clue off

    26. Keep getting a bill from Planet Fitness Black Card membership @$19.99 a month for 1 year. Bill states I owe $119.96. Can’t cancel online or phone. They have Not billed my debit card since July 2013. Haven’t used gym for a year. Can’t find contract. Can it affect my credit if I don’t pay the $119.96?

      • Eddie, now I have the same problem with planet fitness, I cancelled my credit card and let them know that I want to cancel my contract with planet fitness, which the gym never did so, now I have to pay 114.15 !! they can not charge from my card any more. My question: did you find out if this affected your credit record?

    27. I haven’t been to a gym for a couple of months. I don’t have a job and they keep taking money out which causes my account to be overdraft. then the bank bills me for the overdrafted overdrafted and I owe almost 200 dollars to my bank and that is not counting PF.

    28. I have been trying for months to cancel planet fitness membership. They are a rip off, the membership and all outstanding fees have been paid in full and yet still those people will not cancel the membership. They are still sending out notices that I owe them. They SUCK!!!

    29. Planet Fitness sucks. It was easy to sign-up but I need to write a letter to their home office to quit???? WTF??

      Why don’t they ask for a letter from my mother?

      I wonder if I just put a stop payment order on my checking account if they would turn me over to collections?

      REALLY, we should be concerned that our “sit on our ass and do nothing” government seems to be working for all the large corporations by allowing them to do what they wish. Where are the rights of the citizens? Where are the protections for the citizens? We should take the stars and stripes down from the flag pole and fly the corporate flag. One week it could be Coca Cola’s flag, the next week Mcdonalds. Then it could be Planet Fitness’s flag.

      Thank you Ronald Reagan, you mope, for starting the destruction of the middle class and thank you Barack Obama for being just as bought and paid for as the white guy’s are. Think Hillary will be any different? LMFAO.

      They can’t design a fair health care program for our citizens but they can defend the rights of the American Corporation, the same A holes that created the great depress.., I mean great recession (LMAO). They are afraid to demand fairness from corporations toward their workers because they will take their wonderful jobs overseas?? Sail away Walmart.

      Maybe you should all get on your cell phones and spread the word.

    30. Planet Fitness contracts are too ambigious to enforce. After cancellation, if they take debits from your bank, they created a hacker number to do this to me… that is theft, go the to police to have criminal theft charges filed. On another level, a new hacker number to hack your account is wire fraud, go to the FBI and report this criminal action. Dont sit around and cry, do something… I am.

    31. They had my son sign a contract and he does not even get a salary or have a permanent job? How is this possible can you get out of this.

    32. card. They only want your checking account information. With any other format of payment you have some control but if they have your checking account info they could in theory charge any amount they want. Why do they not accept cash?

    33. I just noticed the $20 a month hasn’t been taken out for the past 6 months. Checked on the website and now I have a $150 past due balance, even though it’s their fault it hasn’t been taken out every month. I moved and haven’t attended the gym for those past 6 months. So..I called and asked what I need to do to cancel and they said pay the whole past due balance, and the $60 cancellation fee. Hate, hate, hate the contract they stick you in. I’ll be out $200 now, and only went there twice.

    34. So I cancelled my membership on 2/14/14 with no fees, but now checking my bank account I was charged the 19.99 monthly fee on 2/18/14. my question is was that right or should I look into trying to get that removed?

    35. I can’t believe all this b.s. that Planet fitness is allowed to get away with. Scamming people out of the hard earned money. I’ve gone to the gym only once since the first of the year and planet fitness is already asking for a second payment from me,too! I can’t believe that businesses like planet fitness are even allowed to stay in business. If all they do is cheat there customers. This is worst then piracy or even panhandeling because they’re allowed to avoid c
      ustomer contact to resolved the issues at hand. But they’re allowed to continue to charge your account with hidden fees. Or claim they try to take money from your account.

    36. Thank you for another informative website. Where else could I get that kind of info written in such a perfect way? I’ve a project that I am just now working on, and I have been on the look out for such information.

    37. Anybody whose having a hard time canceling their membership sounds like it’s because they are gullible and lazy. Oh they told me they would cancel it for me and I was stupid enough to think there was no chance they would forget, so I walked out of their with no record the conversation ever occurred, now I’m super surprised to see that it never got cancelled and I’ve been billed for the past 5 months cuz I’m too lazy to look over my credit card transactions at least once a month. Really people your going to hand your info to some planet fitness employed half-wit who basically says I’ll take care of it later cuz I don’t feel like it now and then leave and never check to see that they did in fact cancel it. Also to the people who are too lazy to drive their and cancel because apparently you haven’t been using your membership at all you can send a certified traceable letter to them with your info and why you want to cancel and they won’t be able to claim they never got it so they will cancel it. And don’t listen to the idiots saying to put a stop on them by the bank because its the most lazy and moronic idea that will only make things worse.

    38. Planet Fitness is a joke. I agreed to let them take two black memberships for $20. each month out of my checking account. They said they would take it on the 17th of the month. Then they started taking it on the 16th, the 15th, the 14th and then the 13th. When I called my bank they basically said ” you gave them access by giving them your routing number ” . There was nothing I could do. Now I honored my end of the contract. 12 months have passed. I planned on quitting or canceling my membership this week. Today is May 31st, Planet Fitness, just took another $40. from my checking account. This is for the upcoming month, June! That is it. Tomorrow I go to PF. On Monday morning I am going to the bank. Putting a stop payment on this theft. Then I am closing my checking account and going to another bank and opening a new account. That is the end of anyone getting my checking account numbers again. I am not done with Planet Fitness either. That is all I am going to say about that.

    39. I don’t get what the problem is. I was told the cancel way before I became a member. Suddenly I was changing jobs. I messed up and forgot that month I moved. I called to confirm what to do. I spent a couple bucks to send a certified letter. I got the receipt that they signed for it. I figured it was done. A few days later they called me to confirm and say thank you. Next month, I was not charged. Boom, done. And I liked them too but where I moved the nearest is an hour away.

    40. I have been trying to cancel my contract with Planet Fitness for over a year. I explained, over the phone that I had become injured to the point that It was not possible for me to make a “personal appearance at the club. Since then, they have continued to deduct their monthly charges. I am totally frustrated with Planet Fitness. They are so helpful when you want to sign up, but then if you need to cancel your membership, there is no one anywhere that can help.

    41. I see a lot of people complaining. But the real issue here is people signing contracts without reading them. Do I think the policies held are BS….YES! but, they are outlined in the agreement that each and every one of us signed to join the gym.

    42. I walked in to Planet Fitness and was asked if I needed help and I said I wanted to cancel my membership. I was asked if I knew my membership number.I pulled it up on my phone. He said he would look it up by my name. After he found it, he asked me to sign the form, gave me a copy and wished me a great day. All in about 5 minutes.

    43. I HAVE CALLED AND ONLY GET A RUN AROUND THE WORST people to deal with, wont return calls and can’t get thru
      take your money and you get nothing back . they stand around and offer no help. same day you I sign off they took $29.99 one year membership never sent it back paid 3 yrs went maybe 5times. paid every month just want my 29.99 back .

    44. This is the worst experience in my life. Trying to cancel this membership for my daughter and myself. Called and went in and they are rude and difficult. They won’t cancel it. Telling me that I owe them money when they put the fee on my credit card every month!! They Suck!!! Calling the better business on this company!!!

    45. Well after reading all these comments, I was hours away from signing up at planet fitness but I think I will now look for Another 24 hour gym to join, really sucks that businesses nowadays do criminal acts like this to The public.

    46. So i was told that i had a balance which was 29.99 . I paid that balance from my credit card and 5 days later when i went in to work out once again they said i have to pay 29.99 . I dont understand why i have to pay the 29.99 twice in 5 days when i already paid it. Just crooks.

    47. call yur bank, cancel yur card,tell them it was stolen and they ought to give u a new bank acct. #,with a new bank card!!!!! Sounds good!!!!!

    48. I tried multiple times to cancel my membership but I am still getting the 20$ fee taking out of my account. I called in to get assistant and I have been on hold waiting for someone to come back to the phone. I guess I will hang up and try again.

    49. i have same problem why they do that i will going to get my people out of there we work hard engouht this young kids the there hired they brian whas am so disapoinment of them you see latter they will get ther own bite by them selfs good look young kids .

    50. I was asked to leave 20 min circuit because I did not step. So was another older lady, she stopped me as I left to tell me they did kick out those younger guys. I told her I know…that’s what made me mad. The young ladies waited for the 2 younger men to leave, who had done the same thing before coming in the circuit and telling me to leave.. As I left, I yelled that they should police everyone.(not pick and chose) I Left. A man, Who LOUDLY announced he was the COO of Planet Fitness Midwest chased me down out in the parking lot. I got in my car. He through my door open not once but three times. My husband , who had recently had a stroke was with me and had gotten in the car. I felt threatened. He kept grabbing at my car. I am seriously concerned for other people he may chase down in a parking lot. It was over when I left the club. I told him the same thing I told the Manager. If your going to police,,,fine…POLICE EVERYONE…

    51. There is no problem to cancel membership with Planet Fitness. As long as you cancel the membership prior to 10th of the month you will not be charged for additional month. I cancel my membership today without any problems.
      Previously, 2 years ago, I have had my membership with the same gym and cancellation was very smooth and without any surprises.

    52. I hate the planet fitness I want to cancel my membership and they want me to pay another annual fee when I only had the membership for one year they want me to pay twice for one year for A annual fee that is not right makes me pay twice in one years times

    53. Have not worked out in over 4month’s just want out try to avoid the early termination fee and then you get hit with the annual fee twice in a year someone please help me

    54. Please can someone help me cancel this I hate this I thought this would work for me but instead it is working against me I’m in more than thirty different groups on fb I will make sure I post all the trouble I’m having with planet fitness and make sure they want have the same problem I’m having and I intend on joining new groups just so I can inform other of what is going on with planet fitness how’s there is no one to contact if you need help and I would ask people to repost each time they see it so maybe I might be stuck but the next person want be

    55. I just moved and realized I forgot to cancel my membership I was A member at Langhorne, Pa please cancel my membership my name is Sherrie Hurlburt
      thank you

    56. I read the reviews, and maybe I and some others are the exception, but it really was as easy as going in to your gym and saying I want to cancel. I signed my name and date, have a carbon copy of the cancellation with the final billing date to prove when they should stop auto billing me.

    57. I was so disappointed when secondary to my spinal stenosis I was unable to use my planet fitness membership. I had prepaid and was NOT told that prepaid memberships were not refundable if cancelled. With my gym membership not expiring until 2017, imagine my disappointment when I was told they would not reimburse me. Especially since I had never used it…NOT ONCE.
      So, just be aware and maybe you can find that they don’t cancel prepaid memberships in the cancellation agreement. I read it before I joined and did not find that information.

    58. I was disapointed when my back injury wouldn’t allow me to use my new Planet Fitness Membership. Not wanting to do the check and monthly deduction thing we opted to PREPAY. My membership is paid until 2017. Today I tried to cancell that membership due to my physical conditrion. I was told that PREPAID MEMBERSJHIS CANNOT NE CANCELLED.

      My disappointment at that policey, ESPECIALLY since I was NOT told at the time I contracted was again especially disappointing since I rad the canve;;ation policey on the web bwfore I joiuned and NEVER ran across that stipulation.

      I hope I can save someone else from this injustice. Thank you.

    59. I made an attempt to cancel my membership, however, they charge you ten dollars up front, plus the ten they are going to take out that month. They went into my account, after I told them I did not want to renew my membership, and I only had 15 dollars in there, so my bank charged 32.00 then they took out the 29.00 two days later even after I told them do not touch my account. All you can do is change your bankcard, just get a new number and they cannot get your money. Take me to court..the bastards!!!!!

    60. Wow! This is unbelievable! I’m getting ready to cancel my membership and it’s only because we don’t use it at all. I joined over a year-and-a-half ago and have only been about 8 times. I hope I don’t have to go through all kinds of problems. I’ll definitely post again the experience I have.

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