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    How To Cancel Service

    Sprint offers a variety of wireless phone contracts and plans. But what happens when you want to get out of your Sprint contract? Suddenly, the friendly customer service agent might not be so friendly. Typically, Sprint offers one and two year plans, both of which come with elaborate cancellation policies.

    Sprint contracts can be cancelled either by phone or in person. To cancel with your Sprint phone, just type in “*2” to be connected directly to customer service. You can also call in to 888-211-4727 if you’re not using a Sprint phone.

    Additionally, you can get human help at the location you purchased your phone.

    Is There An Early Termination Fee?

    Sprint state’s that any plan cancellation will be charged an early termination fee. This fee is standardized, at $350 for “Advanced Devices”, and $200 for all other devices. These fees are leveled on a per-line basis, so if you want to cancel a full plan that carried multiple lines, you will be charged a fee for each.

    The following are what Sprint defines as “Advanced Devices”:








    Early Cancellation Policy

    Sprint does state that any plan cancellations in compliance with their Return Policy will not be subject to the ETF. So what does this mean for you?

    Sprint does offer a 14-day trial of any phone. If you’re not satisfied, just return the phone to the location at which it was purchased. It is also the customers responsibility to terminate the plan. If this happens within 14 days of the phone’s activation, the early termination fee is waived. However, it is worth noting that any other usage fees incurred while the phone was in your possession do still apply.

    Will They Work With Me To Avoid Cancel Fees?

    After reviewing several forum threads, it seems that Sprint adheres quite strictly to its stated terms and conditions. It’s hard to get out of a Sprint plan once the trial period time is up. While they are very fair about cancelling the ETF within 14-days, they are about anything else. It does seem they may waive the cancellation fee in the event of military deployment.

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    9 Comments on “Cancel Sprint
    1. great info.. i totally regret signing up with sprint though.. terribly terribly slow internet.. unlimited shit is still shit..
      is it 14 days you can cancel without fees? really? not like 30? =(

    2. I had sprint and it is terrible….I called and complained every 3-4 times a month because reception was so bad and internet so slow and they kept telling me it would be better in a few weeks…never better…now they want me to pay an outrageous fee to break my contract, they broke the contract long before I did.

    3. My trick 2get out of early-term fees and bad credit rating for any carrier/provider….
      1.Call provider 2.tell operator: I’m sorry I hate to do this but ive lost my job, house , car & will be homeless next week so I can’t afford service anymore. Please terminate my account & set up a payment plan for me for the early-term fee…I can only afford $1.00 a month payments until I’m back on my feet & I’ll let u no when I can do more. Thank you…
      Then don’t call back! Iv done this with sprint, Verizon and at&t with no problem! The next best to gettin out of fees and it takes bout 6minutes on the phone rather than 6hours of yelling at supervisors. As long as u make it $1 payments if allgood!

    4. How come it so hard to cancel my phone because we had no help from customer service. We are trying to cancel because we do not have any money to pay the bill. Well maybe we just stop pay the bill and they would disconnect itself from my phone. I try to be nice to disconnect it but if it get so hard like this, I think I’m going to stop pay the bill.

    5. They told me in store I had 30 days to cancel when I signed up for the contract. When I contacted them on day 12 another representative told me I had been given false information and only had TEN days to cancel. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR SERVICE WITH SPRINT THEY ARE A HORRIBLE, DECEPTIVE COMPANY!!! They play the game where each representative tells you something different and none of them do their job so they can get as much money from you as they possibly can. AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COSTS!

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