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    How to Cancel Service

    Straight Talk is a cell phone company that has partnered with Walmart, one of the world’s largest retailers, to cell prepaid cell phone plans. There are no contracts associated with Straight Talk phones, but there are a few details you need to know if you are going to cancel your service or if you don’t pay for next month’s service in time and your phone is cancelled for you.

    If you need to cancel your Straight Talk phone, do not pay the bill by the Service End Date. Your phone will automatically be cancelled and you will no longer have access to the services you previously paid for. If your service payments were on the automatic refill plan, you will need to contact Straight Talk at 877-430-2355 to cancel the automatic payment. Check your terms and conditions for the specific date your payment is deducted and call well in advance of this date.

    If your cell phone plan is not prepaid by the Service End Date, your plan will be cancelled. According to the terms and conditions of Straight Talk, you will lose all services associated with your phone and possibly your phone number if this happens.

    If you are ready to cancel Straight Talk service, but want to read more, visit:

    Is There An Early Termination Fee?

    Straight Talk phone services do not have an applicable early termination fee. We looked through the terms and conditions for mention of a restoration fee if service is cancelled for non-payment and we found none. There are no refunds for prepaid services if you choose to cancel in the middle of your service period. The phone will not cancel until the Service End Date.

    Early Termination Policy

    According to the Straight Talk terms and conditions, you can simply stop paying for your cell phone service to cancel the line. When the Service End Date occurs, your phone will stop working immediately. If you choose to restart cell phone service with Straight Talk you can do so with the same phone, but you may not have the same phone number.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    There are no cancel fees associated with your Straight Talk phone plan. If you wish to port your number to another cell phone company, call the cell phone company you wish to use before your Service End Date to port the number, if possible.

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    64 Comments on “Cancel Straight Talk
    1. i emailed yall last week and told yall to stop the auto pay and yall still took my money out of my account so please cancel my service and return my money back into my account please thank you vera rogers phone # is 7315188238

      • you have to actually go into your account settings on STRAIGHTTALK.COM (not this website) and go into where it says “Manage Auto Refill”. this website cannot help you. Sincerely, happy straight talk customer!!!

        • the thing with ST is the only have access to about 1/4th of the towers that are in your area the PRL # doesnt have full access to all the towers and if thats a problem you can either root your phone(be careful of where and how so you dont brick it) or you can download an app for better signal and the main app i use is network signal boost by mcstealth

      • I must cancel my Straight Talk service for now. I was happy with your service. However, I must do some things first before I can re-start it. I appreciate your straightforward and reasonable fees and service. Thank you.

    2. Straight Talk must be the biggest SCUMBAG on the face of the Earth.

      Ordered my new service with them that advertise unlimited internet at least 3g speeds.
      When i connected my phone only has 2g this is in the Phoenix metro area on the ATT network.
      I called and was told that is what is available in my area.


    3. No where on Straight Talk’s wedsite do the give you the option to cancel auto-pay. Sleezy! Wish I had sought out sooner: your advice is very helpful.

      • They make it very easy to opt-in for auto-fill but are very unclear on how to opt out. I agree with DC: Sleazy!

        Thanks for the help, I auto-refilled a dead phone for two months before I found this web site.Of course it was also very easy to find the no-refunds statement on the Straight Talk website. Shame on you, Straight Talk. Auto-fill that I can’t cancel sure feels like a locked-in contract to me.

    4. I WANT to cancel my service and cannot contact you so I will cancel my Visa instead–can always get another one!! cantact immediately–phone number 9038151473

      • Thank you so much for the number. I also was on hold for over an hour and finally gave up. I called the number you provided, rang twice and talked to a live person! Got the auto refill canceled. Thanks!!

    5. I called to discontinue Auto-Refill on my Straight Talk and I was on the phone for about an hour listening to a recording. I sent a text, then I received an email that gave me an 888# to call…I called it and I was able to get help immediately. The phone number is 888-251-8164. The number is to a customer care representative…Hours-8:00am to 11:45pm EST. I hope this helps!

    6. Lost 53 minutes on renewal, reps who cannot understand a word that you say. 45 minute phone calls that should take 5 because of it. Poor reception and dropped calls. Straight talk is fired and no promotion will ever get me suckered back to them again.

    7. I was trying to cancel my auto-refill as well and waited thirty minutes listening to the annoying music while on hold. I also called the 888# that Charmin suggests and was talking to a representative within two minutes. I am so relieved! Again its 888-251-8164

    8. I called the main number first and spent 10 minutes navigating through the menus. Eventually, I got transferred to the “customer care service,” which apparently was “experiencing high amounts of traffic.” The call abruptly ended- they hung up on me! So then I called the 888 number from Charmin and immediately found myself talking to an actual person! Less than 5 minutes later, I am out of auto-refill and they have supposedly deleting all of my credit card info, which I was worried about. Moral: don’t bother with the main service number- just go right to the Charmin number (888-251-8164)

    9. Very unhappy with Straight talk!! I have been trying to get in touch with them for a week, only to get “we are experiencing an unusually high call volume…CLICK”. I finally talked to a person today, and he assured me that my auto-refill has been canceled, but it still says on my account page that I am enrolled in auto refill, so I don’t trust it. Very disappointed in Straight Talk’s customer service.

    10. I called trying to transfer my old phone number but no one was willing to work with me. Finally someone told me that I would have to buy a new sims card and would not be refunded. High disappointed with there customer service.

    11. I could not get a live person at Charmin’s number “due to high volume, but I did find this number,800-876-5753,and got right through. I was able to unenroll in the auto-refill and receive immediate confirmation both on the website and via e-mail.

    12. +1 for the Charmin # above (888-251-8164 to repeat it). The whole call was less than 2 minutes long and I immediately saw the Auto-Refill change to No on the website.

    13. “I called to discontinue Auto-Refill on my Straight Talk and I was on the phone for about an hour listening to a recording. I sent a text, then I received an email that gave me an 888# to call…I called it and I was able to get help immediately. The phone number is 888-251-8164. The number is to a customer care representative…Hours-8:00am to 11:45pm EST. I hope this helps!”

      Cancelling Straight Talk Auto Refill could not have been easier once you get this number.

    14. I called about cancelling my sons cell and other than the press# for this and # for that, I got customer service right away. Took me less than 2mins to complete my request.. The chap on the phone was very polite & helpful.. I love straight talk, after the inflated prices of Verizon,ST is a dream come true. I am in a rural area& my current signal with ST is much better than it ever was with Verizon, even though my cell uses their towers. The number I use for customer service is 1877-430-2355 always works like a charm..

    15. I switched to T-mobil! I called Straight Talk a month ago to take off my auto-refill so it wouldn’t charge me at the end of the 30 days and my phone would just become unactivated. Well, they charged my account anyway. I called and called straight talk and went through the whole menu with no success of actually talking to a real person. It’s a waste of time. They have it set up to where there’s no way you can talk to anyone. I called the 888-251-8164 number and in less than 7 minutes had my auto-refill taken off and a full refund!

    16. I finally got both my straight talk phone accounts out of auto refill…what a freaking nightmare! Customer service is unbelievable awful, unprofessional, and I seriously doubt anyone of those reps have a clue what they’re doing. I will never use their service again and definitely telling everyone I know how horrible the service is. Assuming they haven’t already figured it out on their own. LOL I thought the concept of unlimited for $45 was such a deal, but it’s less stressful to deal with a contract. At least you know what to expect and the reps know what they are doing and actually understand the words that are coming out of my mouth! Sheesh…

    17. After fighting with the menu’s I took to google and ran across the number Charmin posted! THANK YOU! Two minutes and my phone was deactivated! It shouldn’t be this difficult to deactivate your phone!

    18. I tryed to call the number the you pervided but I never could talk to any one. So please cancel my service my number is 256-454-4990

    19. Straight talk is a joke. The reception is very poor. I hate it so much that I have to get back to AT and T. Though it is more expensive, it is worth of it. Now I Have a hard time to find a way to cancel it from my stupid auto refill. I call so many times from their customer services that they stated on their website. I could never get any personal help. I will try later from the phone that I got it from others. Wish me luck.

    20. I waited for 10 minutes in the number published in the forum and within minutes i am taken out from Auto refill.
      Thanks Charmin .

    21. So glad I found this site! I spent a half hour on the website and another half hour waiting on hold trying to figure how to cancel auto-pay. After calling the 888 number above it only took 5 mins start to finish to cancel

    22. Thank you to everyone who suffered through this… thanks to your feedback, I was able to cancel auto-refill within 10 minutes.

    23. THANK YOU FOR THE NUMBER!!! It only took me a few minutes to cancel auto refill. I was very ticked off when I enrolled and was charged an extra $2.99 in sales tax when I live in tax free New Hampshire, and you cannot cancel it online. I have had great success with our new ST phones and service except this issue. I can drive 5 minutes once a month to Walmart and purchase our 2 cards for alot less than $6 a month.

    24. I tried to cancel auto pay on website no luck. Called the 888 number and it happened quick. It was changed on website very quick too.

    25. What good is freakin customer service you can’t understand! Why not just say screw you and hang up it would be the same as getting someone who just learned English yesterday

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    27. I never can get a real person, I did live chat and they hung up on me! All I want is for the phone to be cancelled and my refund issued. Straight Talk is a joke and they will be hearing from my lawyer and I am reporting them to the BBB! Beyond mad!

    28. Thanks for all the comments. Pretty much what i thought. Straight Talk is just another sleaze company with BS excuses of why the “secret” phone number to cancel auto refill is so hard to find. Thanks but no thanks. Just dumped a sleaze just like you.

    29. I am in a very restrictive service area and can no longer use my straight talk phone. I have a prepaid plan that I have been using for over 2 years know. I call to cancel my account due to very weak cellular signal in my area and I am told that I can not cancel my plan and receive a refund on the money I paid for the rest of the year. WHAT?? I am not sure who is running the account department at straight talk but it is simple business and customer service. If I paid x amount for the year you divide x by 12 and thats my cost per month. I used 2 months so I should be refunded 10 months. NO CLUE why this can’t be done. I am VERY frustrated and will pursue this. Any updates or suggestions from this blog??

    30. somebody has stolen my phone.. I don’t have another straight all phone at this wanting to deactivate the stolen phone and number for now.. whoever has my phone is using it as well as getting on my facebook from the phone.. how do I go about deactivating

    31. Thanks for this post. I called the phone number in the article above. I had Auto-refill turned off by ST on two phone numbers in a matter of minutes after dialing the number. I am disconnecting due to poor ST/AT&T service in my area. Now, let’s hope the port out goes as smoothly!

    32. After 2 weeks of being looped around and told one thing then another I went back to a better company. Obviously,Straight Talk doesn’t train the associates well enough to be able to give professional service. Drove 2 hours to be told by customer service that I was transposing numbers from my prepaid card! Luckily, I went right into a company and had someone from Electronics “straighten” the representative out. Spent all day trying to get phone done. Got home to be told by “customer service” that the man that helped me did something wrong to get phone started. Now having troubles getting refund.

    33. The 888 number is no longer in service. Imagine that. Straight Talk is like Hotel California…you can check in but you can never leave.

    34. can’t believe all the comments I am reading I’ve had straight talk for 8 years and I’ve only had one or two little problems with him if you call their main number and instead of putting in your phone number you tell him that you don’t have the phone number and it will put you through to straight talk customer service and they’ve always been very polite and pleasant and done as requested but you shouldn’t set up autopay anyway you should just go in every month and redo your service and have it put in reserve so it will automatically go in by your end date and have it not save your credit card information then you don’t have to worry about canceling autopay and as far as service area I get it everywhere I go. When I used to have cricket I could even go a half hour out of town and I would lose service so I can’t ‘understand how you guys are all complaining about all this because I’ve never had one single problem that was a big problem

    35. My phone was stolenmi need to deactivate it and turn my old phone back on but I can’t do it online please help

    36. 888 number no longer works. I cancelled auto pay on the website. Now am getting rid of phone. I get a 94 dollar bill on my credit car from st. I finally get through to a rep who says they can’t remove my credit card number from their accounts. I say get me someone who can. Put me on hold for another rep. Will be a 22 minute wait. Now I’m stuck. What’s the 94 dollars for? No one will say.

    37. I want to cancel a auto pay. I have 4 phones from straightalk and I don’t know which one it is on. I never signed up for it but got an email saying thank you for signing up for auto refill. Cant even login on website because it says my info is incorrect!!!!!

    38. I tried to deactivate my 14 year old daughters phone because of her inappropriate use of it(disturbing messages and pictures) but she has broke her phone and threw it away at school. I do not have the serial number for the phone and they will not let me deactivate the number without it. I need help?

    39. So I had trouble in the beginning trying to figure out how to un-enroll my phone from auto-refill whenever you log in it should show a picture of your phone right? Okay well if not get to that page. Right by your phone number there will be a list labeled ‘quick links’ there should be something that reads something like ‘manage auto-refill’ click it and a list will pop down and it will give you the option to unenroll

    40. I just used the phone number provided on this page and Straight Talk immediately cancelled my auto pay and account as well as my home phone Straight Talk account. No more automatic payments and no more Straight Talk. I loved my phone service with them but am trying to cut my bills so both services had to go. Thanks so much for providing the number.

    41. Go to your account and on the right hand side there are some options, one of those is something about auto refill. Click on it then select “cancel auto refill”

    42. Cancel my services pls Dont keep taking my money out my account I told u not to do it last month and u did. It anyway..

    43. I never sighned up for auto refil. I just called to ask them to cancel it but doubt they did. I will call my bank asap. Their customer service in India also said that they would send me a new sim card and I even got a ticket number but they never sent it. I called to inquire about it 4 times. I spent 2 hours on the phone. They pretended like they were working on it. At different times they would leave me on hold for up to 30 minutes and then at the very end when they were almost finished, they hung up on me. I called and asked for a manager and when he got on the line, he pretended not to hear me. It was all done on purpose. I even called from my son’s phone to see if that was the problem. Since, their customer service won’t help me, I had to get a new phone with a new phone number. I have to change all of my contact info for my kids. Everything. Do you know how unsafe it is for your children’s school not to have the right contact info. They are really bad people. They do this stuff on purpose. It’s very sick.

    44. Thank you for the number to call. I just deactivated my phone without a problem. However they just refilled my service and refuse to give me a refund.

      Is this in the contract? Who do I reach?

      Many thanks

    45. after cancelling with the philipine lady and still feeling uneasy I noticed I lost that credit card, go figure, what luck.

    46. I just bought a Straight Talk phone last night, along with a 45.00 monthly plan which I set up at the store to come out of my account on auto refill.
      What a mistake!
      The phone is defective and will not answer any incoming calls.
      I literally spent the entire day today on the phone with tech support who advised me to return the phone.
      On top of the fact that their coverage map shows excellent coverage in the area and there is not.
      I reached one support guy today who transferred me to a refund dept., he said he would process the refund, and then I was abruptly disconnected.
      VERY frustrated and disappointed.
      I need a phone number to get the auto refill stopped and a refund of the plan.

    47. Straight Talk * (one star)

      I have had straight talk service for 5 years. At times it runs fine and at other times for no apparent reason the service is terrible or off totally.

      Due to the inconsistency of service I have moved on to another provider. Saving money is no good if the service is no good.

      As others have said the customer support is miserable. The foreign support service simply has no ability to tell you anything or do anything and the result is a heap of frustration.

      If you dont need reliable service than go for the saving money, but if you rely on your cel phone I would recommend another service provider.

    48. I have a friend that canceled her phone and service…she didnt realize that in order to transfer her minutes from that phone (which messed up on her)to her new ST phone,it has to be active…so now…she wants her minutes off old phone..would customer service…allow that even though she canceled that phone and service from her account?

    49. I payed 50 dollars for unlimited nation wide service, the next day I had no service, and cant get ahold of a real person to solve this problem. Im very disappointed, and I will share my experience with this service with my community. thank you for all of the non help.

    50. call 1-800-876-5753 …say 4 for tech assist… wait for next prompt to type in your cell no. do nothing … it will prompt you to say don’t have one….this will direct you to a customer rep

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