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    How to Cancel Service

    T-Mobile is one of the leading cell phone companies in the US. Customers who wish to cancel their T-Mobile service before the one or two year contract is complete, will be responsible for paying an early termination fee, in most cases. There are some cases when T-Mobile is willing to waive the early termination fee, but those cases are few and far between.

    Call customer service at 800-866-2453 if you need to cancel your T-Mobile service. The customer service representative will look at your account to determine the early termination fee. In some cases, you may be required to visit the T-Mobile store where you purchased the phone to cancel service.

    Customers can find more information about cancelling T-Mobile service at: http://www.t-mobile.com/Templates/Popup.aspx?PAsset=Ftr_Ftr_TermsAndConditions&print=true

    Is There An Early Termination Fee?

    T-Mobile charges an early termination fee for all accounts cancelled during an active contract period. The following early termination fees may apply to your account.

    • $200 if there are more than 180 days left on your contract
    • $100 if there are between 91 and 180 days left on your contract
    • $50 if there are between 30 and 90 days left on your contract
    • $50 or one month’s bill if there are less than 30 days left on your contract

    T-Mobile does not differentiate between standard and advanced phones like some cell phone providers.

    Early Cancellation Policy

    If you cancel your new service within the first 14 days (or 30 days in California) you must return the equipment to T-Mobile, pay a restocking fee and that’s it. There is no early termination fee in this case.

    If you move out of the area and you have no T-Mobile coverage, you are still responsible for the early termination fee. T-Mobile suggests checking the coverage map before signing the contract.

    If the cell phone owner dies, you must supply T-Mobile with the death certificate or other documentation to waive the early termination fee.

    If you are deployed in the military, you must supply T-Mobile with your government orders to waive the early termination fee.

    Will They Work With Me To Avoid Cancel Fees?

    T-Mobile suggests transferring the ownership of your account to someone else to avoid early termination and cancel fees. You must find the person and contact T-Mobile about the change of responsibility before your service is cancelled. T-Mobile also offers a refund of your early termination fee if you choose to come back to T-Mobile within 90 days of cancelling service.

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    52 Comments on “Cancel T-Mobile
    1. I cancelled my contract within 14the days and sent everything back but received a bill?!?!?!? Your service is disguising! !!! You will never have me as a customer! !! Something needs to be done cancel.my contract and leave me alone!!

    2. I have been going thru hell in the past monts with t mobile customer serves .I am so tiered calling.My contract was renew with minutes change I have been with t mobile for 10 yars and I never know that is possible to renew all of your lines with change of minutes.One of my lines don’t have eny service from 8am to 5 pm @ work.I contact so many people ,did so many complaint ,sent e-mail to contract revue on September 17 today is October 19 still no answer .i see so many people on line with the same problems.what do we need to do to stop t mobile scam ?My only option is to pay 200$ or stay without service for another 8 monts.Someone please help .I try BBB nothing maybe attorney general next or live T mobile to rip off hard working Americans?

      • I see by the comments written that I am not the only T-Mobile customer that has been loyal and are being given the run around when we complain of poor to no service. With so many dissatisfied customers it is apparent to us all that T-Mobile doesn’t care that we are having trouble. I myself have complained countless times and have recieved no help. They know you can’t go anywhere because everytime you look around they are tacking on another two year service agreement. I have resolved to stick out these 8 months left and kick them to the curve. I, in the meantime will be shopping around for a service with no contract, never again will I sign my life to these Devil companies.
        I have been told if you write a letter requesting a waiver for poor service you might get considered. I should think the Public Service Commissioner would look into matters of sort; someone certainly need to, our hard earned money is trickling down the drain in our faces, I have been with T-Mobile over 10 years @ 200.00 per month that is over 20,000.00 for the program. I am opting out , out of T-Mobile out of cell phones with contracts, I can’t afford to hop from the frying pan into the fire, no more contract cell companies; then if I don’t like the service I can leave when I get ready, sounds good.?

      • Seems like we have all gotten to know the real side of T-mobile. I have been with them for 6 years. The first 4 years were not bad. But these last 2 years have been hell. My contract is not up until January 2013 but my ETF is $50 now so I rather pay this at the end of this month and leave than have to pay for another 3 month of horrible service + customer service that gives you the run around. I started a new job a year ago where I have no service and when I do I’m running on 2g (not to mention I have a 4g phone) where I spend 40+ hours a week. I have called to complain about this, they have sent me over 3 different phones + I have spoken to numerous technicians. They have sent technicians out here to check their satelites. I don’t know how many other things they have told me. Not once have they offered me to reduce my bill or not bill me for my ETF since I have been wanting to cancel. All they say is well we see in our maps that we ‘should’ have coverage in your area. I have dealt with this particular issue for a year now and have called them numerous times and just get the same response every time. Their price are good but to deal with bad service is not worth the hassle for saving a few bucks.

        Oh yeah if you have been with them for over a year, they will tell you they are running a promotion that can save you a few bucks by adding more mins for the same price or adding a few things, etc. Thing is most representatives don’t tell you that by you agreeing to doing this, it will renew your contract from the day you agree to making the change which is why I am still in contract with them today even after the rep. told me this does not affect my contract in anyway. It is a way of making sure you stay with them for another 2 yrs. Don’t agree to any promotions they give you unless you receive something in writing confirming it will not renew your contract.

    3. I confess I never understood the deep seeded hatred out there for T-Mobile…until I needed some actual customer service…I supposedly have a NO contract account on one of my lines. (I already had the phone, just got a sim card from you, never signed a thing and it says “no contract” all over my online account.) Yet every time I call to cancel the rep tells me I have an etf? (Not only that he wants a full etf even though I’ve had the account for at least a year and half.) Truly, deeply, amazingly terrible customer service. The only explanation is that your corporation is a simply a fancy front for a thieving con game run from a secluded boiler room somewhere in the eastern bloc. You should just shorten your name to T-MOB, change your logo to a mug shot and be done with it. I can’t wait to cancel all three of my lines and free myself from your impossibly conniving incompetence and/or outright lies.

    4. T-Mobile is bad for your health; everytime I get on the phone with them my blood pressure rises uncontrolably; not good for the health at all, I have 8 more months to put up with poor service after the 8 months I am going out and celebrate, I’ll have a good ridance party.

    5. My husband had been with T Mobile for many years. We recently changed service to another cell carrier. The bill runs out on the 28th and we terminated our service on the 1st. We were told we have to pay for the whole month. This is rediculous to pay for the whole next month when we didn’t even have service just because we had service from the 28th to the 1st. T Mobile is just ripping people off. I hope no one ever uses them after seeing this I know we won’t !!

    6. I have been going thru hell in the past monts with t mobile customer serves .I am so tiered calling for my contract to be renew with minutes change I have been with t mobile for 10 year or more.I pay My bills ever months then i called t-mobile to cancel my account they runining me around i have to two line and i ask then i need to cancel one.

    7. I just had a very frustrating call with T-Mobile Customer Service. I want to change my plan at the end of my contract which is up January 31. I will be out of the country and cannot telephone on January 31, so I wanted to set up the change before I left the country. I was transferred several times. The first person told me that the change could probably be set up now, to take effect on January 31 and thanked me for being a loyal customer for 9 years. Then she transferred me. The second person barely spoke English and the third person wasn’t much better at communicating. The third person told me that I would have to pay the Early Termination Fee unless I called on January 31. There is apparently no way I can set up this change in advance and there is no way to do it on line or in writing. I must call T-Mobile on January 31. I will figure out a way to call on January 31 and, instead of changing my plan, I will just cancel the service. Their “Customer Service” just isn’t!

    8. T stands for TERRIBLE MOBILE
      They did the same thing to me as Kristina Garkova above. I am not paying them they can bill me til Im raptured. They bill after you cancel the service 27 days before the bill closed and charge you for 27 days they didnt even give you service. I want to see my signature on the contract they said I signed. They are scumbags. NEVER I REPEAT NEVER sign up with those Underhanded theiving Pathetic Excuses for a cell phone service company. I certify in blood Their service is is truly T (TERRIBLE) MOBILE!!!

    9. I too have had a most horribly frustrating experience with T-Mobile after being a loyal customer for 14 years (from back when it was VoiceStream). I didn’t really have any problems with service until I got “Smart” android phones for my son and myself and then we started having terribly problems getting service at our home. Not to mention I was never able to get service where I work. So over the past couple of years I have called T-Mobile at least a half dozen times complaining about the lack of adequate service only to get a call back saying that they checked it out and there’s service in the area. So basically telling me tough luck. So finally last month after an especially bad bout of service issues I called to say I wanted to cancel my service, and was told that the request had to go to their “contract review” department, for which NO ONE at T-mobile had a phone number for. You’re instructed to fax or hand mail your request. So I attempted to fax it to the number I was given but someone answered the fax as though it was a phone number, so I called back, when through the whole story again and got an email address to send my request to. so I send my request with all the supporting documentation that they asked for and I received an email confirmation of receipt and in this email it said that T-Mobile would provide a responsew within ten business days. Well, on the 12th business day I called T-mobile to complain that they hadn’t even followed through own protocol and that I had a legal right to what they had promised me, which was a response within ten business days. I went round and round, spoke to a CSR and her supervisor and got nowhere. They WILL NOT help you. They CANNOT help you, because T-Mobile has cut their CSRs hand off (methophorically) so that they can’t make any decisions and they can’t get in contact with those who do make the decisions. This, of course, is all designed to trap the consumer and allow no reasonable way to resolve the issue. The customer is FORCED to accept the decision of the supposed “contract review”, which of course was to NOT let me out of my contract six months early EVEN THOUGH I have had chronic connectivity and reception issues and EVEN THOUGH I’ve been a loyal T-Mobile customer for over 14 years. They are a huge fraud and rip-off company who will eventually go out of business for their deplorable customer service policies. Another point is that they said my contract was up in October 2013 even though I had bought MY phone in February of 2011 which would have made the two years up in February of 2013, but since I upgraded my son’s service in October of 2011 they put BOTH lines under contract for two years beyond that. And of course I was never informed that any change to the services would result in a new contract on BOTH lines. What an incredible rip-off. I intend to tell as many people as I can to avoid T-Mobile like the plague.

    10. I have the exact issue as Marcia Opsahl! Unbelievable. I just contacted the FCC and outlined all the issues. Bottomline: they insist I have good coverage at my home address. I clearly demonstrated to them that I do not and even the t-mobile representative at my city stated that service is horrible in that part of town. They then called for me to tell them that and soon thereafter, another rep got on the phone. He handed me the phone and she outlined the steps to take to resolved the issue. That was 2 months ago. I took all the proper steps and still nothing is being done. They just charged my account $350 for ETF. After they have documented all my issues, phone calls, faxes, and visits to the the physical site over the last 9 months, they have the gall to tell me ‘there is coverage in my area’. I told them if they could physically send me a technical rep to my location and prove me otherwise, I would be happy to pay the ETF. Nothing. Instead, I go through a maddening loop of hell- customer service to technical service and back again. Then their supervisor and back again in an ugly vicious cycle. If anyone is reading this and found resolution, please email me at martyrodriguez at live dot com please. I would be glad to be a part of a consumer class action suit against this horrible company.

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    13. My phone stopped working. Can only make and take 1/10 calls. Spoke to ten reps and technician and determined it’s because they are working on the network. Told me to give it time. How am I supposed to work without a phone and all they can ask me to do to wait. Asked to get term few waived and they say they won’t. Expect me to just keep waiting. Wasted five hrs of my time on phone and in store. My boss and clients can’t get ahold of me. And all TMobile can say is to wait. They are the worst. I was with them for more than ten years.

    14. Until recently, we had been a T-Mobile customer for many years. November of last year, the T-mobile bill for my wife and I was running high due to internet and messaging, and customer service suggested that we change the plan so that it would be less expensive. What she did not say was that this would mean the beginning of a new 2 year contract! Apparently, when I pressed 1 on an automated message it committed us to a new contract though I did not catch it at the time. So when we switched last month to Consumer Cellular (at almost 1/3 of the monthly price of T-mobile and far better reception) we got this horrific bill for $541 including $200 for each of our lines, more than 6 months our previous T-Mobile charge! What a bunch of corporate, gouging jerks they are. Be careful what you agree to with them.

    15. You guys are all aware you signed a contract with them that clearly stated these fees and stuff, right? That’s how these things work. Idiots.

    16. Glad to know I’m not alone in this. I have no service where i reside, I went through the customer service loop after loop no resolution. I threatened to hire an attorney, they werent scared. SO FRUSTRATING! 8 months left in hell.

    17. The last few months my service as been nothing but a nightmare. People can’t get a hold of me .calls get dropped, I pay for 4g and it hardly ever works. I am stuck in this contract. I Pay 200 dollars a month for service that only works a third of the time. What really upsets me is that you can’t cancel so you have no option but to deal with it if you stop paying they put it into collections. and mess your credit up I thought my contract was almost up but they told me they could reduce my bill with some promotion but they failed to mention that it renewed my contract for another 2 years. When I do call to complain about my poor service they act like it’s my fault this has been the worst company to deal with ever I hope the word gets out and they fall. thanks from a very unsatisfied customer

      • Does anyone here check the coverage map before signing a contract with T-Mobile? If you have bad service its not T-Mobile’s fault, its yours for not checking the coverage map for your area.

        • Well John Phong, I did check the coverage map. I also bought my phone at a T Moblie store that also looked at the map. But guess what…. there map was WRONG! So much for your statement!

        • I did. They had a map in the store. It showed my area as green. I signed up. Later I went on their web site and at first glance my neighborhood is green… But then you zoom in.. and they define it as “low coverage”. They dont care.

    18. TMobile has the WORST customer service ever. I cant even get a manager on the phone and everyone else says “Im not authorized to make those decisions”. Well get me to someone that can…. stop passing the buck. Cant wait until its close enough to my end of contract date so they can switch me to the no contract plan and I can CANCEL!!!!!

    19. Is the termination fee per line or per account? We have just less than a year left on our contract, but if the termination fee is only $200 per account we would be willing to pay that.
      My biggest issue is texting photo’s I take with my phone from my house. They don’t go and if they do, the receiver can not open the picture, doesn’t matter if I am on wi-fi either.
      Also there coverage is horrible, I can be inside a building with someone who has Verzion and they get great service, but I don’t get any. Also no service in the small towns that I sometimes travel to.
      Just not happy with the coverage, missed a family event today becasue there I did not cell service in a small town with no pay phones.

    20. Oh I got one or you guys!!! I early terminated my service with tmobile of 10 years. I had to pay the early termination fees of $600.00 because my daughter was on it with me…also my DECEASED husband use to be on it also. I went with Verizon. to get better service. Well a few months later I received a new bill!!! Tmobile had setup this bill under my DECEASED husbands old phone no. The bill was $100 some odd dollars. I called Tmobile to that this was my late husbands old # and that I didn’t even set it up!!! They said I would have to pay the bill amount and $666.00 for early termination!!!!! I was appauled!!!! They told me I could send a death certificate to avoid any cost!! I did this and they sent me a bill stating that if I didn’t pay this amount that it was being turned over to collection agent!! How sorry can you get!!! I suggest to anyone out there do not even get associated with this company….

    21. I cannot stress this enough: Don’t trust their coverage map. In fact, let me just go ahead and say that again, in case you scanned past it the first time:


      I signed up based upon their (supposedly) lower prices and based upon a coverage map that showed good coverage in almost my entire region… and then I cancelled fourteen days later, because reality did not even remotely match up to the coverage map.

      Beyond that, the difficulties involved in extricating myself from them once they had my money, were positively mind boggling. It was at least a couple of months before they finally shelled out the refund for the two iPhones I had purchased for my wife and I — and like the very first commenter in this thread, they actually sent me a bill in the interim! I never told their reps this — perhaps I should have — but I was getting pretty darned close to consulting a lawyer, right before they finally got around to issuing the refund. Frankly, I’m still not entirely convinced that I got back all the money that I was due, but I’m out now, and I’m not looking back at this point.

      Bottom line: Something is clearly messed up with their billing department. I won’t be doing business with T-Mobile again in the future.

    22. well i have been a T-mobile customer for 4 years and i can seriously say that i have never seen such a horrible phone company in my life. First of all the keep extending my contract and second the phone service sucks… I have to end up using my friends At&t cell phone at work to make business calls because at my job i have no signal with Tmobile… this is a warning for all who are thinking to switch to T-mobile… do not waste valuable time with a company that is simply not worth it.

    23. T mobile so many idiots under one roof.
      I plan to sue them .the covarege map is good to use it as a diper.

    24. i tried cancelling my number… because i’m in mexico city and i am not going to be able to use my phone with this service.. so i tried calling to pay what i owed and tried to cancell but some jackass told me i had to be at the store in order to do that, i really can’t go there since i can’t effor going back and all i want is to pay my bill and cancell my number

    25. I was in T-mobile’s prepaid plan.But I left United State now. Do I need to call them to cancel my account or they will just automatically closed?Thanks!

    26. I have the same problem with T-Mobile – they are total crooks – I went over my minutes because my Mom transferred her home phone to her cell – when I went in to pay the bill they told me I should up my minutes and it would cost me less – they didn’t explain that I was renewing all 4 lines for two more years – and they cant seem to come up with a copy of the contract – I really hate this company

    27. Tmobile sucks because they make it impossible to pay your bill online so you get charged for late fees after a day. They also add on secret charges on your bill with codes and numbers. Horrible!

    28. Have had t mobile for quite some time, we moved, and shortly after we moved in to our new house the phone,s we, re starting to act up, dropping call,s bad connection,s,all the time, we would call t mobile, but they would not help, in fact we would talk to multiple people and get different answered,s and some people would tell us the last rep.Was not telling the truth.I had never seen such garbage, and that continued for over a year, will never go with t mobile again but as I tried to cancel the rep. Gave me the wrong e mail address, what do Ta know, wasn’t surprised but this time, I was so mad I couldn’t stand it, and everything had been noted for over a year. r e d I c u lo u s. never again

    29. Just horrible. Never be with them! I hate T MObile!
      I am very friendly and overall calm person, but they are driving me insane. I cannot cancel my account. WTH?????
      They would not cancel it! DON”T USE T MOBILE!!!!!!!!! EVER!

    30. I like at&t better, we switched thinking it would be better and cheaper, but t-mobile service is horrible. I barely get service in my own house and I pay about the same. I may have paid a little more for at&t but at least I got fast service that was more reliable.

    31. I have been with theese idiots for 12 yrs. I went to cellular one and they told me that they would cancel my 2 lines with t-mobile! Well,they cancelled one but NOT the other!!I paid my bill in full with t-mobile and thought that was the end of it!! Ha Ha NO WAY!! This month I get another bill! I call them and they tell me that the one line was NOT cancelled, but they NEVER asked cellular one when they cancelled the other line about the SECOND LINE!! They could have asked them to check and make sure that the other line needed to be cancelled but NO that would have made some common sense!! Now they say that I can’t keep my old number and that even though I thought that I had no service with either line since they didn’t cancel the one I STILL have to pay the bill!! I didn’t use 1 minute!!They made it a point to rtell me I have been with them for 12 yrs. and they can’t imagine why I would leave!! yet before I cancelled I called to see if they would let me out of my contract 2 weeks eatly? NO was what I was told!! BUT,they say on tv that they will pay for a new customer to break their contract with someone else to come to t-mobile!! What a bunch of hippacrits and die hard CAPATALISTS!! The FCC and ICC should put theese guys OUT of BUSINESS,ONCE and FORALL!!! C.Brooks

    32. After reading all 34 comments my comment is 1-34. I’ve been with them for years with not a whole lot of issues but this past few months the service has been horrible. Even with the bars that indicate reception, there’s no reception….I’m done! If I have to pay the early cancellation fee I’ll pay for the cost to be done with them.

    33. how do i cancel my t mobile account I’ve been canceling for 3 months now already paid my last bill here comes another bill current charges how good this company ripping you off thinking they already know that you’re not using their lines transmission they just looking to get some of your hard earn money on their own changing TOA without you noticing it. play by the crooks rules….

    34. I was with AT&T for 18 years and was unhappy as they kept going up and up on the monthly fees. So when T-Mobile said just bring your I phone and get a sim card we will give you great service at a great price. I did and what a mistake.!!!!!! Had problems from the start , was told they were updating the towers and it would get better very soon be patience. Then they said as soon as they starting selling the I phone that it would get better it didn’t!!!!!!. Than finally after 6 months they said my service was never going to get better unless I purchased one of their phones that my I Phone 4s was never going to work properly. They would not let me out of my contract , I tried at least 10 times but they did not care. I would have to pay a $400 termination fee for my 2 phones or pay $1200 for2 new phones thru them. They lie, lie, lie. I ‘m a real estate broker in Texas and would have brought them more than 200 new clients but it did not make a difference. Horrible service, 50% of the time the phones are searching for a signal , rarely can you text a pic and never get an e-mail unless your on Wi-Fi. T-Mobile should be ashamed! False advertising!! Shame on you T-Mobile! Cant wait to get done with this service.

    35. hello,i been trying to cancel my automated payment for the last 2 days.i call every number and nobody can help me.every time i get into my account the page freeze up on me and i can’t do nothing anymore.I,lost my phone cancel the phone.I,need to cancel my automated plan.Thank you

    36. I am writing to request that my service be discontinued and that the final bill be sent to me at the address you have on the current account at 1537 NE village St Fairview Oregon. I do not wish to arm wrestle on the phone over this with your deplorable and contentious sales and service department. Respect my wishes and do this please.

      Thank you
      Shauna Harbison

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