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    How to Cancel Service

    Time Warner Cable is a cable, Internet and phone company offering individual, residential, business and bundled services. Customers often sign a contract to lock in lower service rates, but they have no idea that the contract comes with an early termination fee.

    If you have a contract with Time Warner Cable, contact the customer service department at 855-820-9903 or the number listed on the back of your cable bill. If the grace period has expired, you will be responsible for the cancellation fee.

    Read up on how to cancel Time Warner service at: http://www.timewarnercable.com/Texas/learn/bundles/plgterms.html

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    Time Warner Cable charges an early termination fee for contract accounts, which may include cable, Internet, phone or a bundled offer. The early termination fee is $175, but customers can decrease that amount by $7.50 each month they maintain active service under the contract. Typically contract lengths are two years, but there could be other types of contracts offered from time to time.

    There are some services provided by Time Warner Cable not associated with a contract. These services can be cancelled at any time without an early termination fee.

    Early Cancellation Policy

    Time Warner Cable offers customers a 30-day grace period to decide whether they want to keep the selected service or not. During this period, customers can use the service to the fullest without additional costs. If the service is not acceptable, the customer simple calls the service department and cancels during the grace period and no early termination fee will be charged.

    After the 30-day grace period, customers are responsible for maintaining their account in good standing for the length of the contract. Cancelling early will result in having to pay the early termination fee of $175, minus $7.50 for each month of service.

    Time Warner Cable does not force customers to pay the early termination fee if they move into an area without Time Warner coverage. The customer simply has to put in a move form with the new address. A Time Warner representative will review the request and when the service address is not within the service area the customer account will be cancelled with no early termination fee.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    Customers may be able to work with the customer service department to have the early termination fee waived in certain cases. For instance, we read one customer review that stated Time Warner cancelled a two year contract because the account holder was deployed to active duty in the military.

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    34 Comments on “Cancel Time Warner Cable
    1. I had your services since 2009. I lost the package rate in 2011. Now because of a job loss, I needed to down grade my bundle but was told I was under a new contract that I never agreed to. I had no special rates any longer. I have been your customer for over 10 years. I never missed a payment and was never late. I never agreed to a second contract once my original bundle expired. When I tried to talk to someone in your store and on the phone they insisted I was under contract and could not get any type of downgrade. I insist you send me the new signed contract that I agreed to contine at this crazy rate for another 2 years. a contract is an offer and an acceptance. Just because I continued to be a good customer and continued to pay that rate is not an acceptance.

      • Your absolutely right. I have the same problem, and I wont let it go. If they wont work this out with me, I’ll cancel whole subscription, and they wont get the penny from me. This is totally B.S. They’re bunch of greedy, blood sucking creatures, who can’t solve simple problem with valuable costumer. Don’t give up, and good luck.

      • We cancelled 2 months before our 2 years was up. They just sent us a bill for $4K. Good luck seeing that! The data rate was way below promised and every time we called tech support a guy in India was telling us to reset our box. We told them they are the ones who defaulted on the contract.

    2. I am sick and tired of TWC!!!!! I have a bundle Package and have had this service for 8 years. There is always something wrong with something!!!! If it’s not the phone, it’s the internet, if it’s not the internet it’s the DVR!!! What the hell are we paying for people……bad customer service????? Because that’s about all you get!!! Oh and I love this one….how about when you call to order TWC services they pick up the phone in less then a minute….but if you are an existing paying customer you have to wait over 30 minutes to get someone on the damn phone!!!!! What a bunch of CRAP!!!!! I want my services cancelled!!!!

    3. I am having the same problem with Time Warner. They say I agreed to extend my bundle package until Nov of 2013. I did not agree to this. They said they sent us a flyer in the mail and because I did not respond they locked us in. I think to be a valid contract I needed to have signed this lock-in agreement. I asked the manager on duty to return my phone call but this has not happened. What else can I do?

    4. Actually, if you want to cancel your TWC Internet service, you have to actually pay the entire amount that is left in the contract. So, if you have 15 months left on your contract and you pay $100 per month, your early termination fee is $1500. Ridiculous.

    5. Time Warner did the same thing to me on the price lock guarantee. They automatically signed me up without my consent. They tried to tell me they sent me an email, but I never received one.
      I have called my lawyer and we are in the process of writing a letter of termination with TWC. I sure hope they try and fight the termination as it will cost them more the termination fee they try to charge their customers.

    6. I hate twc. they are a multi-billion dollar industry and the biggest rip off I have ever seen. the scramble tv stations to make you buy twc cable. How crooked is that. I just upgraded my package to to the one above the basic. they told me it was $40.00 a month. I get a bill for each month. I now have to pay $147 because they billed me for 2 months all at once. They are blood suckers. I am not made of money and I am surely not having all of my disability check going to them. research their history of how they got started. I did and was blown away by their greed. I wanted to get a dish but I didn’t have credit either. go figure on that one. why would I want another bill to get a dish and another bill. do the research before getting a dish. they rip you off too. I am returning my box. they will probabll7y charge me for that too.

    7. I just experienced similar issue. I have been a loyal customer of TWC for as long as I can remember and I just finally became fed up with their rising prices and thought 168 dollars for their basic cable, phone and internet was outrageous…it slowly increased from my 99 dollar triple bundle I first started out with. So to save myself money I called to cancel my services and was informed of this bogus service contract agreement renewal crap and that I have to pay a termination fee. I argued with sales rep stating I never asked for and never received this so called price lock guarantee she claims that renewed my contract that the fee is deriving from. Needless to say I felt bad for going off ob her the way I did but now I don’t after reading others reviews and having same experience. I for one will never be a TWC customer again and I will be referring everyboday I know to switch to satelite tv.

      • I just had the worst experience in my life with time warner cable. I just got their triple package last week and they are trying to play me already. I AM SO GLAD I AM IN THEIR 90 DAYS TRIAL PERIOD. Because I am soooooo ready to cancel it and WILL never pick up their calls offering me better deals. When I called to purchase the service from them; they told me a fixed price but went on sending me a bill almost double the amount. I then called them to cancel which they did. Then they called back the next day offering me an even better deal which I fell for, but they did the same thing again by telling one thing over the phone and then overcharged me later. I called a second time to cancel and now they tell me the only way they can cancel the account is for me to tell them the pin # that I set up on the account WHICH I NEVER DID. Then they said may be my husband did it. I asked my husband and he said he “NEVER TALKED TO THESE PEOPLE”. I called them several times and they told me the same thing over and over again. I leterally argued with these people about me or my husband not setting UP any pin # and they insisted that one of us did and therefore cannot cancel the account. I spent more that two hours arguing with them for the same thing: THE PIN # THAT WE DID NOT SETUP ON THE ACCOUNT. The worst PART OF IT, is sometimes the phone would just disconnected without any reason and when I finally reached them they would tell me the same thing that they cannot cancel the account without the pin #. I then asked them what about the account number. CAN YOU BELEIVE THAT THEY TOLD ME THEY CANNOT CLOSE THE ACCOUNT USING MY ACCOUNT NUMBER. I asked myself: “what company cannot close an account using the account #. Does that mean that the account number is useless or does it mean that it’s a scam. And when I looked at the bill paper they sent me, I saw that they set me up as an AUTOPAY costumer meaning that they will charge my card automatically every month which I never agreed with and never told them to do. I finally realize that this COMPANY IS A SCAM TO ME AND i DO NOT WANT TO EVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM. i WILL GO BACK TO VERIZON. VERIZON IS SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH BETTER BECAUSE THEY DON’T TRY TO DO ANYTHING LIKE THAT. you want to cancel your account, they will do it right away with no question asks and you will be charged what they tell on phone monthly until you decide to cancel or not with no extra charges. SO ANYONE WHO IS LOOKING FOR CABLE, INTERNET,AND/OR PHONE SERVICE, IF YOU ARE READING MY COMPLAINTS AND THE PREVIOUS LONGTIME-CUSTOMERS COMPLAINTS BEWARE OF THESE UNFAIR TRICKS THAT TIME WARNER CABLE IS DOING to THEIR CUSTOMERS. BECAUSE IF YOU BECOME A VICTIMS THEN YOU KNOW THAT YOU KNEW ABOUT THEM BECAUSE I DID NOT AND I WISHED I DID.

    8. Iam on a price freeze of $133.66 till 12/2013 then i got my bill it was up to $138.75 how in hell can they rasie it with a price freeze for 1yr they suck!!

    9. Hi HATE TWC and Insight. The transition from Insight to TWC caused unnecessary delay and traffic interference. I know when switching settings or signals there will be problems but my problems escalated and only $35 credit was applied. What is that going to do? The internet package went up alone and from $35 to $45 for 10.0 and now $60 for 20.0?! What the hell? I was paying $45 for 20.0 and the problems never stop. Customer service does try to help but I am frustrated with the signals especially what I have to pay. Hopefully they can get up to par with Uverse since I hear great things. I started initially with a TV Internet bundle, then removed TV because the signal did not work at all and couldn’t watch any subscriptions. They tried to charge me because I was ‘breaking’ my initial contract. WTF grow up. Quit worrying about money and fix my services before you ask to be paid.

    10. Tried to cancel was on hold waiting for a operator for a hour still no one. Made me more upset every 5 min a fake person would come up and say “We know your time is valuable and we will be with you as soon as possible.” I know from my job that it doesn’t take a multi billon dollar company can not answer the phone with in 10 min of me in a que.

      • Soooooooo over TWC! I had the identical experience as John from above:

        Tried to cancel was on hold waiting for a operator for a hour still no one. Made me more upset every 5 min a fake person would come up and say “We know your time is valuable and we will be with you as soon as possible.” I know from my job that it doesn’t take a multi billon dollar company can not answer the phone with in 10 min of me in a que.

        They obviously do NOT value my time or they would hire more customer service representatives in order to accommodate all of the cancellation requests!

        I have been on hold for an HOUR – Reeeeeaaaaallllly? Direct TV was on the phone w/in 5 minutes! Buhhh Buy!


    11. I am trying to cancel my service with TWC and have been on the phone for an hour getting transferred all over and hung up on. All I want to do is cancel and they won’t get me to the “right” department and no one can help. How do I get this done?!!!

    12. Your company is horrible. Bad reception, horrible customer service. Been on the phone for 2 hours tonight…I have waited at home 2 days for them to come to my home to fix my service. Each day…NO SHOW! Horrible!

    13. I have been on the phone for 1 hour with customer service. I want to cancel my tv service, but keep internet. If someone answers they transfer me. I predict a class action lawsuit/settlement coming…waaaaay to obvious what you are doing.

      • I called over the Summer to “downgrade” my service. Just wanted to get rid of the cable and keep the internet. The customer rep BELCHED in my ear and told me there would be a $40 cancellation fee. Stay classy, TWC!

    14. When I am finally able to get thru to someone, in their retention department, they tell me that they can not access Texas accounts because their system is being upgraded and I should try back in an hour. I’ve heard this same excuse for two days now, after numerous calls.

      I think I’ll pack up their equipment and drive to their offices, even though it’s 17 miles away, and turn it all in and cancel in person.

    15. why is it that when I called about my phone they wanted me to be able to understand the person with all the background noise. he told me that you would walk me through identifying the problem but I need to log on to my computer etc..so let me this..i pay for a service but im respons for repairs..horrible!!!!

    16. I had it out with a rep…I wanted to discontinue service and she kept insisting to know why…I have been a customer for years and always paid on time. I did not want to disclose my personal info and did not need any further service. I made up things…I was terminally ill, going to hospice, she kept pressuring me for info. It was none of their business! I finally said that I threw my TV out the window…She took that. Yuk. Ugly to deal with!

    17. Time Warner reps are ALL RUDE!! If this is part of their training, I am just going to go with Netzero for internet, and Dish network for cable. It’s just a shame that AT&T is not offered where I moved to. Time Warner, please get some etiquette training, because you truly need it!!

    18. I had set up a recurring payment plan which without my knowledge got suspended for no reason known to me and now I owe late fees on my bill for last month. What kind of horse shit is this TWC? Seriously wtf is wrong with your business plan and customer support. For the first few months I had to pay late fees due to not knowing my account info and never recieving a bill in the mail or as an email. Complete lies and lack of customer support

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    20. I believe it’s time for a class action lawsuit. Then TWC can simply pay ALL their customers billions of dollars in settlements for unethical practices, instead of cancelling the few that request cancellation. I want to change to internet only and I best get some cooperation better than noted above!!

    21. I am trying to downgrade because of financial problems I agreed with the customer service representative that I get internet and cable for 93.00 monthly. Today I went to the cable store to ask about my bundle the amount that I am supposed to pay is 114.00 plus tax and I asked why couldn’t give me an answer. I just hate these company!!!


    23. So unfortunately I live in an apartment building in NYC where only TWC is allowed. I’ve been a TWC customer since ’09. My service is ONLY INTERNET and my bill is 81.94!!! If im paying that much for internet alone, I may as well add some type of tv package for the same price. So I was thinking of cancelling my internet, and starting over…Picking a tv+internet package for the promotion. Here’s my question though, how do you know if you are in a contract? I’ve been doing some reading on here and I don’t want to end up paying a termination fee. I cant afford it, being unemployed and all…

    24. Cancelling seems easy enough if you move to a location with no TWC service.
      We live in two places. Each place for 6 months. TWC is only available at one location.
      It will be interesting when this location change pattern becomes evident to them.

      Time Warner Cable does not force customers to pay the early termination fee if they move into an area without Time Warner coverage. The customer simply has to put in a move form with the new address. A Time Warner representative will review the request and when the service address is not within the service area the customer account will be cancelled with no early termination fee.

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