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    How to Cancel Service

    Verizon Wireless is not the only company operating under the Verizon umbrella. Verizon FIOS, a television and Internet company is available in some areas. As is the case with many cable and Internet companies, there is an early termination fee when some services are cancelled before the end of the contract period. Before signing up for service at that special introductory price, make sure to read the fine print. There could be a contract period of one to two years that you agree to when placing the order. If the price goes up – you have to maintain service or face the early termination fee.

    According to the customer service page, customers who wish to cancel service must call 800-VERIZON to do so. There is no mention that Verizon FIOS services can be cancelled in a Verizon store, so calling customer service before heading into the store is the best bet.

    You can read more about how to cancel Verizon FIOS service at:

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    The early termination fee for Verizon FIOS is $360. This information was not found on the Verizon FIOS website as it appears that Verizon is not keen on sharing tons of contract information with non-customers. However, there are tons of informational articles from trusted news sources commenting on the huge early termination fee change that occurred in 2010 when Verizon FIOS upped the early termination fee from $179 to $360.

    Early Cancellation Policy

    There is a 24-month contract requirement for most Verizon FIOS services. Customers have 14 days to review the services and decide whether or not they wish to continue with the contract. During this grace period, if the contract is cancelled customers are not responsible for the early termination fee. However, if that grace period expires, the customer must maintain the account for two years to prevent paying the early termination fee of $360. Each month the customers pays for the service, the early termination fee is lowered by $10.

    According to the changes made to the cancellation policy in 2010, customers who move out of the Verizon FIOS service area are still responsible for the early termination fee. This has caused quite the uproar in the customer community.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    We read through a few of the Verizon FIOS customer service threads and found out quickly that the customer service department changes from supportive to downright rude if a customer wants to cancel the Verizon FIOS service before the contract is up. However, one customer suggested if you catch a supervisor on a good day, you may be able to get the fee waived.

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    27 Comments on “Cancel Verizon FIOS
    1. Just disconnect your equipment and drop it off at the Verizon Store – at that time your order will be cancelled.

      • Verizon fios and verizon mobile are separate entities. Do they have fios stores? Has anyone tried this, just dropping it off and having it cancelled?

    2. Verizon sucks,, i got ripp off,, i was told by agent at walmart that my bill including all tax n fees will be 134 and i will receive 250 visa gift card. I cancel y dish service and paid cancelation fee thinking that i am getting 250 from verizon. first bill was 170, second was 135, third and onwards 178???/ WTH ….never got my gift card. Called customer service n was told that gift card was never authorized , n my bill is 178 not gonna be lower. So please make sure especially at walmart if u encounter by VERIZON rep,,don’t sign up with them,they give false info just to get ur business n they only care about their commission. I can’t wait to be over with my contract ,so i can go back to dish n time warner.. Thanks Verizon ,,

    3. My girlfriend and I are moving into a new Townhouse. We currently are a customer of Verizon Fios and subscribe to internet and television service. We are moving in a few days to a location that Verizon Fios does not support in terms of television and internet. Since they can’t support us in the new location they are requiring us to use a partner Direct TV so we are not in breach of their contract. Unfortunately, the property manager does not allow Direct TV on the premises. Without support we are forced to discontinue service and choose another provider. Now comes the nasty early termination fee. Verizon Fios is telling us we are on the hook for $150 to terminate the contract early. They can not support the area we moved to yet we are on hook for the contract. The only option they provided us was that we can spend $30 per month for the remaining 12 months or $360 dollars total and avoid the cancellation fee. We have no need for a LAN line, was not contracted for a LAN line at our current address, and the $30 monthly fee is outrageous as it only cover local calls within a few miles. The customer service agent was rude and the same with his manager. I question the ethics of this company and do not feel they do good business. Hopefully, someone with better ethics will act in good faith and resolve this situation and restore my confidence in Verizon Fios. If not I have no choice but to blacklist this company and voice my thoughts and concerns on forums and chat rooms.

    4. I had bundled service with Verizon for several years. While under contract, I moved to an area where they did not offer service. I was told, and have been billed for a $200 cancellation fee! I was told that even though they do not offer service in the area where I moved, I still breach my contract and will be charged a fee. I am looking for a class action lawsuit to join. Thank you.

      • Nancy, I’d love to know if there’s any kind of class action lawsuit against these Verizon bums. I used their cell phone service for seven years and recently switched over to Consumer Cellular. Now Verizon is trying to charge me $70 for early termination.

      • Nancy. Count me in the class action lawsuit. I was with FiOS since January 2010 and I was told when I renewed my contract twice that my ETF would be waived if I move to a area not serviced by FiOS. I know of this because I would just call their retentions department to get a better deal and they would give me good rates with 2 year contract (at first, I would just hesitate and tell them about the ETF if I move to a non-FiOS area). They would just say my fee would be waived. Long behold, I am moving at the end of June and I have to pay $120 ETF.

    5. Verizon is accusing us of copyright infringement and slowed our internet until it is unusable. I have been on hold for the last 19 minutes waiting to cancel service. So disappointed in the service.

    6. I just cancelled fios 6 months early,Because they do not have service where my wife and I are moving,Somewhere in their service contract,Is hidden a termination fee even if they are breaking the contract by not giving you service. Verizon brags about their cell service,But stay clear of their Fios service!! I bought the 50meg service for a starting price of 59.00,then after the first year,it goes up to 69.00..Really expensive! But I thought it would be fast..NOPE!! I do a speed check and the fastest it goes is 17 to 19 megs..Total rip off!! Yet they don’t have to guarantee it,Your congress getting greased once again! Verizon is turning out to be the worst company in the internet market! STAY CLEAR!!!

      • Don’t waste your money on their cell phone service either Paul. I signed a one year contract with them seven years ago. I recently switched service to Consumer Cellular and now Verizon is trying to rip me off for a $70 early termination fee. Bunch of crooks.

    7. I just got Verizon Fios two days ago, and already hated. I use to have Time warner Cable
      they were bad, But i’ll probably go back to them. Verizon is so expensive not worth it.

    8. Hi Everyone!
      I can’t stand Verizon Fios! I regret leaving Comcast everyday, I have internet/tv for thirteen months. I’ve never had a good experience with this rip off company. I want out so that I can not have cable,but stream my tv shows!!It’s not right, something needs to be done asap!

    9. Fios is a rip off. I have had them for 1 1/2 years I have 75/75 internet more like 65/ 40 speeds. RIP off.. Then I have the ultimate package and the service sucks.. All pixels fuzzy on some channels, I know how to troubleshoot and restore connections. I tried 5 different times and knew the box was bad. I called (on hold for 45 mins) then a rep gets on the phone wanted to TEACH me how to manually fix the issue I told the idiot I know how to do it and tried 5 different times please just resend me the box. He refused and wanted to try to trouble shoot. Was on the phone for 65 mins then he concluded the box is bad, I will resend you a new one. What a total waste this company is. I am ready to cancel everything internet and cable companies.

    10. this was simple… the lady I dealt with was professional very outgoing and LISTEN! otherwise this was the worst provider I have ever dealt with only the cancelling was short and to the point

    11. I signed a contract with Verizon in Jan. 2008. I recently cancelled service with them and now they’re trying to rip me off for what they call a $70 early termination fee. Can’t get a hold to these jerks on the phone either. I’m tempted not to send them anything. I won’t be buying anything from them again anytime soon.

    12. I had verizon fios and then i moved to an area that doesnt have fios. My options were to get dish and a low quality internet. Now I was forced to pay a early termination fee.It was not my fault that verizon couldnhonont offer me wahr they promised and why should I be held responsible for that. I was a happy verizon customer and I think that it is wrong for verizon to try ti force us to get services that dont nearly compare to what fios has to offer or pay an early terminatio. Fee. Im interested in joining in on class action suit against the. Does anyone know anything about that or what to do?

    13. I am moving to an area which does not have FIOS (only 1.38 miles from where I am at now) and they are telling me I have to take what they offer. If I wanted DirectTV I would have it! And DirectTV is a Mandatory 2 year contract, none of the rest of your current contract. So this is not right. You do not offer the service that I have now so you are in default. I guess I am going to pay the early termination fee because I hate DirectTV!
      There needs to be a class action suit going!

    14. I actually liked my Verizon service. I moved to and area which doesnt offer Fios. I was forced to pay ridiculous termination fee because they did not offer service where I live and trying well stronged armed me into paying 360 fee because I wouldnt accept DIRECT tv and a super low internet fee. Im also interested in joining a class action lawsuit.

    15. I cancelled my Fios contract & was off by one day , instead of 14 days the company I switched was coming on the 15 th day’ so Verizon is saying it is beyond their 14days grace period so I will have to pay early termination fee. They count Saturday & sunday as working days . It should be 14 business days . I will never recommend Verizon to anyone

    16. My friend is catching hell trying to cancel FIOS that she never order. I told her take their ass to court and make hem pay her for her time.

    17. Just cancelled a BUSINESS FIOS contract 14 months early and were slammed with a termination fee of ONE THOUSAND AND FORTY ONE DOLLARS! After I regained consciousness, I asked the operator how that’s calculated and apparently it represents 35% of the value of the remaining unbilled contract. Anyone have a portable defibrillator I might borrow??

    18. I had Verizon for years, landline, email, DSL. I was told I had to change FIOS because DSL was not going to be offered in my area. I am moving about 45 miles from when I currently live, where I use to have Verizon, phone, DSL. Now the person on the phone said Verizon is not in the city any longer where I am moving, so I will need to cancel my phone and FIOS. They want to charge me $500 when I move and cancel. This should be on them. I have moved in the past(long time ago) and never had a cancelation fee.
      I am ready for a class action lawsuit.

    19. So about 3 weeks ago my roommate and I ordered Verizon Fios triple play, I clearly asked for a no contract service because we wanted to have options of cancelling in case of anything, sales person kept suggesting for us to do a 2 year contract and I kept saying that no no contract for us. I am moving out next week since things didn’t work out with roommate, I contact Verizon to let them know of me canceling service and now Verizon claims that I have a 2 years contract when clearly said at the beginning I didn’t want that. I told them to review the phone conversation I had with the sales person where it clearly stated my point, it has been 3 days and still they haven’t got back to me, why would they put me as a 2 year contract when I clearly said no? Can’t stand that

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