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    How to Cancel Service

    Verizon Wireless is a cell phone company that offers traditional cell phones, smartphones and mobile Internet. When you purchase a Verizon cell phone and plan, you sign a contract that says you must maintain your account in good standing for one to two years, typically. What happens when you want or need to get out of that contract before the time has expired? You may find that the same helpful representative that fawned over your calls before is now a nasty person claiming you’re stuck in that contract on the other end of the line.

    If you wish to cancel your Verizon contract, you have three options. You can call customer service at 800-922-0204 or by dialing *611 from your cell phone. You will be connected with the service department. Tell the representative you wish to cancel your contract. You may be switched to a different representative in the retention department because they don’t want you to cancel service.

    If you’d rather talk to someone in person, visit your local Verizon store and ask the representative there to cancel your contract.

    For more information on how to cancel Verizon service visit:;i=1;market=24212;q=early+termination;ss=null

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    Yes, there is an early termination fee to cancel Verizon service before the end of your contract period. The amount of your early termination fee will depend on how long you’ve honored the contract and what type of contract you hold. You will be charged a larger early termination fee if you own an “Advanced Device.” The definition of “Advanced Device” includes smartphones, laptops (netbooks) and tablet computers, but Verizon can change the exact list of devices at any time.

    • Early termination fee regular phone: $175
    • Early termination fee advanced phone: $350

    Early Termination Policy

    According to the Verizon website, customers have 14 days to decide whether they wish to keep the Verizon phone (or other equipment) and plan they have chosen. If the customer chooses to return the equipment they will not be charged an early termination fee, but they will be charged a restocking fee of $35 for phones and $70 for tablets and netbooks. The customer is responsible for all charges, including minutes and data used, at the time the contract is cancelled.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    According to Verizon customers, it is not easy to cancel a contract once the customer trial period has expired. Sure, if you are willing to pay the early termination fee, which is a fee that is charged per line, you can cancel any time you want. If you need to cancel the contract and don’t have the money to pay the early termination fee, you could be stuck with that phone for a couple more years. On a slightly happier note, Verizon does reduce the early termination fee by a small amount each month you maintain service.

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    16 Comments on “Cancel Verizon
    1. What about if I switched my hardware from a smart phone to a regular plain ol cell phone and then try to cancel. Would the ETF bee $350 per line still?

    2. trying to cancel goast phone nos. off your Verizon acct. is impossible I just about got kicked out of the Verizon store worst cell phone company wouldn’t recommend them to anybody

    3. Verizon is the antichrist. They lied to get me to sign up about monthly costs, and they screwed me out of my phone rebate. They also refused to honor the 14 day return policy. I hate their service and am going back to US Cellular the first chance I get. DON’T GO WITH VERIZON!

    4. OMG I have spent endless hours on the phone & in stores for 3+ years. Just because my ex kept tampering with my account. I did not have a cell phome that worked for over a year and still paid my bill monthly. Finally my cell was lost or stolen(most likely by my ex). After 2 months of no cell-I went in to get new phone as a rep suggested. BIGGEST MISTAKE of my life!!!!! The employee who got me a new phone was only concerned about his commission and neglected to tell my by getting a new phone I would no longer have unlimited data on my plan. Suddenly I get a email a few days into new phone saying “you have used 75% of your data”???? I called to find out what this meant and then I am told “you no longer have unlimited data”. They would and have not listened to me since my call days after getting the phone. I have called so many times spemding hours trying to get data reinstated. It can’t be done. Verizon, I am so tired of uour customer service when it comes down to it. I have been with your company 10+ years. But to you I don’t matter. Do not go with this company yoir account is not safe not to mention how they trap you into a contract.BEWARE

    5. Verizon has the best coverage in our area, which is the main reason we switched to them years ago. The best way to get good customer service from Verizon is to go to someone OTHER than Verizon for such. If you live near a Costco, there is a third party cellular kiosk (can’t remember the name — sorry) that is there for Costco members. They represent AT&T, T-mobile and Verizon. They are only vested in happy customers – not how many fancy phones they sold. They are amazing!! I had Verizon before I became a Costco member but I’ve used them for every upgrade and line addition we have had. In addition to getting extra accessories for free when you get a new phone, they often have promotions where you get a check as a rebate for a new line activation (not a prepaid VISA that you can’t use everywhere). And the best reason to go to them is the know the voodoo to keep you and the best plans (like your unlimited data) – even when upgrading phones.


      I spent 45 minutes talking to 6 different people to cancel. They still got it wrong and continued billing me. After three years and three different collection agencies, I finally won the fight and was assured by the collectors that my credit score would be unaffected.

      Verizon is the spawn of satan. If it were them or nobody I would gladly choose nobody.

    7. My husband ( bless his soul) for some reason thought i would like a samsung galaxy.I know nothing about tablets and did,nt like it.Because he bought it early i,m out of the 14 day return but i,m still trying.It will cost me $170.00 to cancel which i will do else it will be $300 to wait till next Decemeber.No one at the store warned him about “contracts” which makes me angry.So anyone in need of a samsung galaxy 10.1 email me at skootch 11 “tablet”..never again.i,m not a tech type of

    8. Hi my name is Amanda i just got on verizon wireless contracts and they are charging me 2 times in one month and its expensive and bs I just got my plan I just want out but id rather be on a 50 dollar unlimited plan a month

    9. I can’t stand Verizon I have them rite now and I get charged for anything I do or don’t do. I want to cancel so bad but I can’t afford the early termination fee.

    10. I want to and my contract. And I want to send payments because I won’t have the money to pay it All once I cancel it.

    11. Verizon wireless is the worst cell company, with the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. It also seems like no matter how they brake the contract you are still held accountable. They have sent me 4 HTC M8s all for the same line with the same problems. Now I’m ready to council all 8 lines of service I have with them.

    12. I cancel my account in November ,2014 after switching over to T-Mobile and my contract has expired with them and has been for 6 years and they still want to bill me and they won’t stop any advice help

    13. My contract expired on 12/2009 and I finally switched to T-Mobile so I cancel my account in November,2014 and they claim not to have record that I cancel or called them and they want to continue billing me. What can I do help!!!!!

    14. I have not updated my phone in several years and am out of contract with verizon. I want to cancel my jetpack internet because it’s very costly and it has limited internet but verizon is telling me I will have to pay a $175.00 cancellation. How is this possible if I am out of contract?

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