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    How to Cancel Service

    Weight Watchers is a weight loss support group and program known for weekly meetings that cost money to attend. Dieters can choose to pay for the weekly meeting on a week to week basis without signing a contract, but there are also monthly passes that are directly charged to your checking account or credit card. If you wish to cancel your account, Weight Watcher is more than willing to support your choice and they even give you three options for cancelling.

    Cancel Online: You can log into your Weight Watchers account with your user name and password to request a monthly pass cancellation at any time. Log in to your account here http://www.weightwatchers.com/index.aspx. The cancellation is immediate.

    Cancel by Email: If you wish to send an email request for cancellation, you can do so by sending an email using the online cancellation form at http://www.weightwatchers.com/help/cancel_viaemail.aspx. The form takes a bit more time to fill out and there is a processing time before the cancellation will occur.

    Cancel by Mail: The slowest means of cancelling your Weight Watcher subscription is by mail. There is a link to the cancellation form here http://www.weightwatchers.com/help/index.aspx?pageid=1031691, but the link is not working at this time. You may need to contact customer service to learn more about how to cancel by mail.

    Is There an Early Termination Fee?

    There does not appear to be an early termination fee associated with cancelling your Weight Watchers account. According to the website, dieters have the right to cancel immediately if desired.

    Early Termination Policy

    All Weight Watchers programs are on a month-to-month basis. If you cancel your membership before reaching your goal weight, you will not be charged an early termination fee. However, if you reach your goal weight and maintain that weight for a certain amount of time, you will be granted a lifetime FREE membership to Weight Watchers.

    Will They Work With Me to Avoid Cancel Fees?

    Weight Watchers will work with you to avoid cancellation fees because there are no cancellation fees associated with your account. You can choose to cancel at any time and still attend meetings as long as you pay the fee at the door. Should you choose to resume your membership, simply log back into your account and restart a new Weight Watchers membership. In some cases, there may be a fee associated with starting a new membership.

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    34 Comments on “Cancel Weight Watchers Membership
    1. Please cancel my membership
      Normally you charge on the 15th
      For the following month so I believe I have until the end of this month?
      Thank you Debbie

    2. I first joined on line on 12/27/2013, I used my Visa card to pay 56.95 for 3 months. Meantime, I decided to change my membership to meetings, not on-line. I attended a meeting on Germantown Parkway at the Presbyterian Church and tried to explain, but since I did not have a receipt, they said I could not do this. I was allowed to attend the meeting, but said they could not do anything if I did not have a receipt. I would still like to transfer to a meeting, but cannot find a way to do this. I will not go to this meeting again, it was very unprofessional, the speaker did not introduce herself and the meeting lasted all of 10 minutes. I have been to meetings in other states and have found the ladies very professional and cordial. Not the case here. Anyway, I would like to info on how to change my membership, or a refund. Thank you, Marian Brittingham
      7131 Bryan Station Road, Cordova TN 38018

    3. tryed very hard to cancal my monthly by online no luck,by e mail no change, fill the form it???no change ( to amerianised)so in the end l did it by phone NOT PLEASED.

    4. I canceled my membership the next day but I.m still charged42,95 on my card
      I called weight watchers and the lady canceled this charge for me
      Please tell my why I got charged

      • I am trying to cancel my husbands contract.I can’t find a number other than for magazines and I don’t know how to talk to some one..He has been to one jetting. I have to 5,I really enjoying it but my husband the way he is working will not get to come I need to cancel his contract I talk to someone in New York last week and I think she was for magazines I couldn’t hardly understand her on acc of her accent..I told her what I wanted she said she
        Would cancel but I didn’t understand …I realize that on our bank statement I was charge 1 on 5/21/14, 6/2/14 and and again on 6/6/14. Mine would be is 6/21/14 My husband would be 6/2/14. 6/6/14. So please get this charge off. We don’t owe for only mine the 21st and my husband joined the following Friday. So we do owe for 1on the 2nd and on
        the 6the we do not owe !! He cannot come anymore on account of his job. Only came 1time and that’s all. Need refund and reimburse our credit card the extra $42.95 !!

    5. Weight watchers is an excellent program that works–you have to be committed to it. It is a choice to be a success or not. Hope to use the knowledge that we have gained while using the program. We feel that our time is so limited right now that we have to cancel our membership as of now. Thank you!

    6. have been trying to cancel my membership on line and it IS impossible tried calling the 800 number and their computers are down for 2 days whats up with that guess I just need stop payment at the bank this is just crazy

    7. I joined weight watchers online in January of this year -paying the monthly fee of $18.95 – I had to cancel this past month due to finances – can I rejoin at $18.95 per month and have the membership fee waived

    8. I have decided to cancel my membership as of now. I thank you for this time we have had but right now I need to make changes and this is one of them.

    9. I cancelled my membership during the first half of the month. I was told my new card was already sent( although it didn’t come for more than a week)and that I could follow the online information for returning it and getting a refund. I have been unable to find information on how to go about this. Thank you for any help you can give me.

    10. After 10 minutes trying to cancel my membership on weight watchers site I found your web site and used your link. 30 seconds later canceled,I hope. Boy you really made it easy. Good info,Thanks.

    11. I would like to cancel etools, not my membership. I am a lifetime member and would like to continue weighing in every week or two as well as go to meetings. I do not use etools and don’t want to worry about renewing every two months.
      Would appreciate you letting me know how to cancel etools, if possible on your website.
      Thank you,

    12. My 3 month trail period Oct 13th 2014 – Jan 13th 2015. I discarded my login inforation. I have sent email trying to get this cancelled
      My credit card is still being charged. I am very upset.!!!!!
      I want my membership cancelled !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      also have sent email to main office. nothing has been done.
      Please cancel my membership!!!

    13. We are moving to Kenya East Africa to be Missionaries to the bush area. We will have no electricity or running water. I do not need weight watchers there. We will live there and come home each year for about a month. I began the weight loss, kept off what I lost and will continue to lose while we work hard overseas. Your program is awesome, your councilors amazing, thank you, Kathy

    14. just did not work for me this time…people at the oak park office were very good… it was me that could not keep on schedule… please confirm that this membership is cancelled

    15. We created two accounts in my name which I did not approve. They changed their security and my password didn’t work anymore. I emailed several times and call led 5 times and it never got fixed so I wasted a whole month. I do not reccomend joining online as they do not work with you. I do miss the friends I made but we is a bunch of BS

    16. Ww created two accounts in my name which I did not approve of then charged me for both accounts. They cannot be trusted as they are a bunch of BS

    17. I will be out of the country and back to ca. and then to ariz. I am paying and can not get to meetings. I need to cancel my membership until I join again in winter

    18. I am so upset! Talked to a live person with weight watchers and he could not give me an address to send my monthly pass back to. I cancelled my membership so i should get a refund on my unused pass! What is going on here. This should not be so difficult!

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