6 Comments on “Delete Dropbox Account
  1. I thought I had a free account. I no longer and never wanted the account especially with a fee, how can I get a refund ASAP??? My number is 225-937-5413,
    Lacey Darbonne

  2. I am in 14-days free trial for dropbox and I want to cancel the free trial and future subscription. How to do it? Thanks.

  3. I did not join drobbox I was sucked in by a friend who shared a picture. I am semi happy with dropbox but when I got the email to collect my extra gigs that was given to me if I followed instructions which I did . Was not given to me I have tried to get in contact with you but to no avail. It was around 60 gig that was promised to me but no go . So now I am thinking about deleting my account because now you want money so I would like to know if I delete my account will my pictures be safe and not deleted from my computer . please reply to my gmail account thankyou .PS I only found this when I looked into cancelling my account when reading other peoples reviews and complaints you guys need to be more excess able

  4. Hello, I’m taking over for a former employee. We’d like to keep his dropbox active, but not have it come up as the default account on my computer, which was his previously. Can you please help?

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