9 Comments on “Delete Game Center Account
  1. I cant create new game center account,when i fill out my region,and birth it just brings me back to what region i am from pleaze help!!!!

  2. I’ve got a Game Center account that I used to use on my old phone but I used my mom’s apple account for. Then I got a new iPhone so I made my own apple account and then a new Game Center account, then I realized I could change the apple ID of the first Game Center account. So now I want deactivate my new Game Center account so I can use my new apple ID with my old Game Center account because I can’t use it for both. Help? Plllzzz!!!

  3. This method does not work for I can’t delete Apple ID, everytime I download something from iTunes, it’s back!
    And the scary thing is that it signs on automatically!

  4. I don’t want to delete my account, the problem I have is that I have 2 users on the 1 account and I can’t switch between them or delete the 1 I no longer want? I can’t log back in to game centre on the user name that has all my game progress, I will lose all info and have to restart all games if I can’t get around this???

  5. creepy. Even after deleting it reappears. Then very quickly hides. My email name pops up for a second then hides…giving a FALSE appearance you are no longer being stalked I must cancel my email accounts to feel secure on apple …Making it less likely I will remain a customer. Choice is important and fibs are not promoting a good corporate reputation.

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