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  1. I cant create new game center account,when i fill out my region,and birth it just brings me back to what region i am from pleaze help!!!!

  2. I’ve got a Game Center account that I used to use on my old phone but I used my mom’s apple account for. Then I got a new iPhone so I made my own apple account and then a new Game Center account, then I realized I could change the apple ID of the first Game Center account. So now I want deactivate my new Game Center account so I can use my new apple ID with my old Game Center account because I can’t use it for both. Help? Plllzzz!!!

  3. This method does not work for I can’t delete Apple ID, everytime I download something from iTunes, it’s back!
    And the scary thing is that it signs on automatically!

  4. I don’t want to delete my account, the problem I have is that I have 2 users on the 1 account and I can’t switch between them or delete the 1 I no longer want? I can’t log back in to game centre on the user name that has all my game progress, I will lose all info and have to restart all games if I can’t get around this???

  5. creepy. Even after deleting it reappears. Then very quickly hides. My email name pops up for a second then hides…giving a FALSE appearance you are no longer being stalked I must cancel my email accounts to feel secure on apple …Making it less likely I will remain a customer. Choice is important and fibs are not promoting a good corporate reputation.

  6. I had an account iphone. When I got my new phone, ut prompted Md to set up a new username. Now I have lost all my progress. I just want yo delete the new account and go back to using my old account and resume my games from where I left off.

  7. The information provided here is incorrect. Step three is impossible. There is no way to ‘View Account.’ That option is not given. There is no apparent way to log in or log out once they’ve got you.

  8. All of are problems are the same. I had an iPhone 4 for right I bought a iPhone 6 and I tried to connect my Game Center to my new iPhone but it’s a different account and now I’m mad and stuck. Sometimes I don’t even want to play on my iphone6 I just go back to my 4 I am really frustrated with this. I lost everything and now they said to delet it WHAT how can u delet something when it’s built to be there. And I wish there was a sign hot button that would really make me happy plzzzzz help me apple or somebody

  9. One day I could not get on game center. It was telling me my acct name was incorrect / not recognized.
    So, I had to make a new account. Then a month or two later, I tried my old user & password & it was working again. Now I want to get rid of the new acct & keep the old one since it has all my game saves, achievements & friends. But I cant find a way to truly do that.

  10. That worked on the older version of game centre but I have the newer version so how do you do it on the newer version?

  11. I accidentally created a game center account using the same email as my first one but now I can’t get back into it because it only loads into the new one and iv tried every thing to deleat my account but can’t, I need help figuring it out iv followed what iv read online but it doesn’t help it’s still there and I can’t get my old one back please help

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