3 Comments on “Delete Google Voice Account
  1. Since i have been using Google Voice when im in a roaming area i cannot call out. Tried to cancel but must change my number which i cant do without changing business cards and inform my cust. Very inconvenant.

  2. I added my sprint cell# to google voice, then changed my mind and canceled it. Now I can’t make phone calls from my phone????? I get a message saying press 1 to make a collect call! WTF

  3. I have a girlfriend who put my phone number on google voice so she can call other people off my phone, but thru her number. We broke up now and I no longer wish to have her continue using google voice on her account with my number. Is their a way to disable my number from her account without having them do it thru the settings on their google voice account ? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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