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  1. i no longer own my iPhone 4 however on my macbook the icloud tab still shows the iphone 4 open safari sites. how do i remove it?

  2. Ridiculous – I never wanted a bloody i-cloud account but it was automatically installed with my last software upgrade. Now I get regular &#@!(*&%%^& prompts and I can’t delete the )(*&**^%$##%&^&* bloody thing. Why do you do this!@!!@@!

  3. I have my phone stollen and as soon as i log in my i cloud account the other people get to download app and are able to change my inf no kidding.. Apple needs to create a way for users to delete one account and create a new one or a way so the real user can change the icloud.com email addres.. It happen i did not know i cloud will give you an icloud account but the people that stole the phone did and they enter that email on the account and from then on they started using my account and i could not do anything to stop it.. Apple need to take this issue more serious..

  4. They are charging me for a 10 gig account. A yearly price. I do not want it how do I cancel it. This is a disgrace – soon as premierre goes to a one line time line I am outta here good bye apple.

  5. Who reads the T&Cs? Certainly not me and, I would guess, not the people at Apple. I did this time. They say:-
    “You may terminate your Account and/or stop using the Service at any time.” and then mention how to delete the account on a device as described above. They go on to say “To terminate your Account contact iCloud Support at http://www.apple.com/support/icloud.” Unsurprisingly, terminating your account is not an option in the list on the page. When you type it in, you get asked to phone them or schedule a call. I will do this later and repost.

    • Just spoke to a guy at Apple who said that he could terminate my account with no effect at all on my apple ID, itunes account or anything. He did explain some benefits to it which have made me think – a bit, but technically, it can be done, apparently. You just need to call them

  6. When I first got my IPad, I didn’t wanted it to be connected to my phone or laptop. When I started setting the IPad up somehow it got connected to my laptop and cell phone. The problem is my laptop has crashed and my cell phone has been disconnected for a while now. Have down load two apps on IPad, FaceBook & Twitter. Since then people has hacked into both accounts. On Facebook, I will post a comment & within minutes it would disappear. Posted a picture of my dog on Facebook & that disappear too. My friends will ask me why you post me a mean comment & I will tell them, I haven’t been on Facebook today. But yet it shows the mean comment coming from me. I have also noticed that my profile pic will also change by itself. Have change my password way too many times on Facebook and now they saying can’t change password anymore. With twitter, it’s the same problem all over again. Also with twitter, my tweets would get deleted and plus someone click on a lot of people to follow and the problem is I never click on those people to follow. Change password with twitter a lot to but still don’t help either. Have been told by friends because you can’t delete ICloud app from my laptop and cell phone that’s how they are getting in and causing me a lot of problems. Have change all passwords on my IPad but still don’t help either. Somehow they are able to tell when I change my password and able to see the new password as well. On Facebook change password once & two days later someone change my password automatically for me and the same problem with twitter too. That ICloud app is nothing but a migraine headache for a lot of people. Not everybody want their IPad connected to their laptop or cell phone. Thank you so much Apple Store for this big migraine headache everyday. For a long time now, I’m been trying to disconnected my IPad from laptop & cell phone. The ICloud app totally sucks. Have a lovely screw up day, you stupid people. Anything to make money and screw people over. That’s the Apple Store for you. I will never recommend anyone to get an Apple product. I don’t care if you like what I say or don’t. I’m the type of person that is gonna speak what’s on my mind right then & there. Don’t care if the whole world hears my mouth.

  7. I hav 3 exesting email accounts. I waz unaware tht the same email can be used on different products n web sites I’m trim to delete accounts that I dnt need so I can use same email and passwrd make it easier for me

  8. I have made more than 1 iCloud account and I have gone into the vodaphone shop for help to make a new 1 which will let me long in, I have done this and went to log in but it says I have made too many iCloud accounts. How do I delete the ones that I do not wish to use?

  9. I have a iCloud acct. someone used my iCloud to back up his iCloud. Now when I send him a text I get the same text from him its duplicate.y contacts are
    On his phone n his are on mine. How do I get my phone where I get my own stuff. I get texts that he sends to people n he gets my texts that I send out

  10. I have iphone 5 when i turn find my iphone on they asked me about i .cloud accout but l havn t yet an about tell what i can do please

  11. I no longer have my Iphone but yet I am still getting billed for my Icloud account. How do I get out of paying it since I no longer have it?

  12. I am having a lot of problems with the iCloud mail for long time now. I have changed my pass but if westing time because not work either.
    I do not want the iClour mail in my iphone COULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME TO REMOVE IT!!!!!!!

    • i want to delete my accont in icloud,,because i forgot the password,,and difficult to remove because its open the find my phone,,when i try to remove the account to i cloud they ask me my password,,,so have open many account,,now i dont know,,its lost,,

  13. ICloud account. took the intro version. several months later i was charged $89. Called i cloud and was told several excuses. Finally the operator agreed to a refund in 10 days. Waiting.

  14. What Apple has done in not allowing one the ability to delete an iCloud account is Communistic. Not only do they force the app on people, but they force them to keep it instead of allowing them the free will to delete and remove it if they wish to do so. It’s a perfect example of Dictatorship.

  15. I want to delete my icloud account from my ipad but forgotten with
    password. I can not delete on several times given with incorrect
    password of icloud account.

    I have already changed my Apple ID on my ipad but different address
    with icloud … Please enlighten me

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  17. No one has ever given a clear answer to — if you have forgotten your icloud password that is not your Apple ID password how can you sign in ti your icloud account.this question has been asked thousand of times and still no one seem to no.Thw only advice I can give is do not sign up for anything unless you are allowed to change it or told a way for you to recover your password

  18. I Can’t log onto my I-pad, its stating I need to Re-activate, because I forgot my I-cloud password. and APPLE will not allow unless I can Remember, but I suffered a concussion in Dec 2013…I can’t get into my I-pad for security reasons, unless I can Remember or the bill of sale. it was a gift’…HELP Someone’…this did not happen until I hooked up to WI FI, I hardly use my IPAD-2 it was always my laptop, but I’ve had it since 2011, and never ever had this problem until 2 months ago.

  19. After buying my iPad, I downloaded several ebooks to take on holiday with me. Although I didn’t know it, Amazon set up a Kindle + iCloud account. I didn’t think much about it. However, when on holiday, I could not access one of the ebooks I purchased from Amazon Kindle; it stated that I needed to be online to access the ebooks!!! WTH!!!. I have come to dislike iCloud very much, it has taken control of all my other Apple devices. Think I’ll have to go back to buying paperback books again!

  20. Could an app I downloaded onto my iphone delete everything off someone else’s iphone and iPod without meaning it?

  21. I keep getting charged for iCloud storage. I have not had Apple products for 2-3 years, do not have iCloud on my PC, I don’t want to install it – really trashes the PC, nor do I have any passwords/IDs. How do I stop the automatic billing without canceling my credit card? I have contacted Apple support and the ‘Genius Bar’ – no help.
    Tip – Have these type of automatic bills go through PayPal – you can go into PayPal and stop them at any time – too late for me for this one. :-(

  22. u are the worst pop ups every time i try to use my computer u pop up.i bought al this apple stuff so that would,apple mac book pro apple mini ect.and yes i dont spell well i am 67 years.my first computer i had to learn dos.pleae just please stop with the pop ups please-

  23. I am having the same problem I want my iCloud email address unlinked from my apple id because I am using a gmail for my apple so why do i need the stupid messed up iCloud what ever it is anyway

  24. Icloud resulted in someone being able to hack into all the information stored in my phone, including pictures, emails, and passwords, thus resulting in a restraining order and other charges. I thought apple products were supposed to be safe. I’ll be going with another brand now.

  25. Having problems trying to cancel the update to I cloud I want to keep I cloud just not the $.99 a month update. I getting no where and no help. It says you can cancel but there’s no way .

  26. ” I DO NOT WANT I CLOUD”. I never had any trouble with storage or e-mail until I CLOUD. I think it’s just another way for Apple to make money, what a shame! Apple did have a good reputation,but I bet people will think twice now, I KNOW I WILL!

  27. When setting up an iCloud account for my husband on his iPad I accidentally spelled “oitlook” wrongly. Consequently it has never worked, and insists on my contacting that account before I can delete ite it. I cannot even reset the iPad and remove its content without that non address working! Please, what can I do? The whole iPad is useless because of it. There should be some way to delete and start again.

  28. I was under the impression Apple products were the top of the line,this is not true my system has been hacked,leaving me with no control over my account. 12-01-14 Apple products were to be hard to hack & hard for a virus to be installed,Now I want my icloud account to be closed.You’re not allowed to have anything for thieves have nothing better to do !!! Apple corporation needs to be put on. Blast for I believed I was with a safe company.So I am not allowed to have and iPad mini or a laptop. Miss Deputy.

  29. A friend of mine purchased a new IPhone 6 and gave his old IPhone to me. As soon as I switch this phone on it asks me for the I cloud password. I went back to my friend and requested for his password. It appears that he has forgotten his password. I sat with him for an hour and he tried all the passwords he thought he would have given this particular account, but it never helped.
    How do I now delete this account in order to be able to use this phone. The delete I cloud account at the end of the I cloud feature does not work. It always asks for the password.

  30. I loaned a phone to someone not knowing when he set up iCloud acct it would automatically be adfded to my acct. he has tried his best to remember his password but he can’t . He even forgot his password for an email acct he set up . He can not log into that Account to retrieve iCloud pasword so I can delete it . So I went and bought a brand new iPhone 6 plus, his iCloud keeps popping up on my new phone. I do not want iCloud period I have had so many problems. I have been hacked I have someone else’s account iCloud I have gotten viruses on my computer. Please delete iCloud from everything I have. Needless to say having spent $1,000.00+ on this phone, PLEASE I DO NOT WANT ICLOUD CANCEL THIS APP FROM MY NAME PERIOD.

  31. I no longer have an iphone, and I’d like my icloud account deleted. I’m still getting billed. Can someone from apple please respond to these? It seems I am not the only person having this issue, and it is completely unacceptable that I or anyone else should have to go through all this just to delete an account. It’s not right that my bank account be held hostage. Make it easier for people to cancel, Apple.

  32. I want to deleat my i cloud account but it show me incorrect password so plz help to deleat my i cloud i hv iphone6 version8.3

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  34. hey…!!
    my iPhone is lost nd I want to delete my icloud id nd PASScode from my phone so the person who have my phone can easily use that phone , can u please suggest me any option for this..

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