How to Cancel Your Email Service

With so many different email providers out there, all vying for you to use their service, it can be hard to choose the right one. When you finally make a choice, you may realize you do not like the service and want to use another one. Rather than have multiple email accounts to keep up with and sort through every day, many people opt to simply cancel their email accounts, but depending on the provider, this process is often easier said than done. Some services, such as Yahoo and Gmail, will allow you to delete the account by simply following a few steps, while others, such as AOL will require a bit more legwork. No matter the case, customer service will make their best effort to solve your problem before you cancel the service, and if they can help you resolve your issue and keep your account, then both parties are happy. In cases where customer service cannot solve the issue, deleting the account will dissolve the relationship between you and the company.

That is why the people here at Cancel Help have compiled a list of email providers and instructions on how to cancel your account. For AOL users who still pay a subscription fee, calling customer service is the place to start. For non-paying subscribers who still use an email address with the service (through AOL or AIM), must not login to the account for a period of 60 days before the account is automatically deleted from the server. We’ve taken the pain out of understanding how to cancel your email accounts and services. If you do not see your provider on this list, come back soon, because we are constantly adding content to ensure we can help everyone regardless of who their service provider may be.

Delete AOL Account

Delete Yahoo Account